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    Snehk's Dreamlands


    by , 03-28-2016 at 10:39 AM (333 Views)
    I was in school, at usage of wood resource classes. I felt ill and almost slept on a table. The teacher mentioned incoming vocation exam. I took a pillow and a blanket from my backpack and tried to fall asleep while teacher said that me and two other people should stay in classroom, while others must go away. He was mad for some reason. I looked around the classroom. One dude have lost his hand and was changing bandages, while his pal was jus lightly injured. Other guy made his pal a prank, which enraged the teacher. He yelled at everyone, then took me for an exam that I still had to pass. I was highly unprepared, so I said that I'll finish it another time.

    Later on during another lesson I was called to help some teacher, and when I wanted to get back to my current lesson, one of the teachers closed the doors. Luckily she opened them and I went to the classroom - it was somehow empty, with only few people inside. I took a seat and then teacher showed us movies with random creatures and their lairs, and we had to draw them in our notebooks.

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