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    by , 04-29-2015 at 09:09 AM (473 Views)
    Stolen wallet

    I was on a school trip to a huge metropoly. On the spot, I saw that it was only one shopping mall surrounded by wilderness. I could see huge mosquitos flying all around, and there were other animals too. With group of classmates from previous school, we went out of a bus, and headed for the shopping mall.

    I went there with my friend. We took some baggages, as this was a trip for a week. We entered the shopping mall, which was relatively small place. We walked the stairway, it was really crowded. Suddenly I felt that something is not right. I put my hand into the pocket and saw that I have no wallet.

    I told my friend about it, but he told me that I surely have it somewhere in the baggages. We went to the meeting spot. We waited for someone to tell us what to do next. I looked at the classmates, they were watching us and laughing for no reason.

    I went outside, and saw my wallet lying in a little valley. I took it, and checked if something was taken from it. There was a picture of an ugly woman inside, and all the documents too. I checked if I still have my money, and someone took it. Suddenly two of the classmates appeared, and told me who did it. Angered I went on a rampage against the thief.


    It was during some kind of a holiday. Everyone was celebrating. I went to the kitchen and saw some pies and bottle of wine standing on a table. There were also some fruits. I took a melon with a hexagonal shape, and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and ate it while friend of my brother was preparing to go. He looked a bit different, and was wearing black suit.

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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      I *hate* those stolen wallet, "my life is ruined" dreams (like losing my passport, ugh!)
    2. Snehk's Avatar
      Yes, they can be really annoying. Luckily this happens rarely. I would be really mad when I'd have a long, epic dream only to realise that someone took my wallet in the end.