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    Bloody Mary and bully

    by , 12-24-2014 at 01:40 PM (283 Views)
    In the darkness

    I was in some kind of a hotel. I was walking through the dark hallway. My flashlight gave faint light, and I could see only blurred, dark shapes in front of me. Then, I saw Bloody Mary standing near the doors, and staring at me. I was afraid to move closer, but I did it, and saw that it was just a confused girl. I asked where my room, number 182 is. She said that it's right here, but when I looked at the door it was 246. We were frightened, as someone changed numbers in each room.

    Fighting the bully

    I went to the car sale. There were many vechicles, new, old, even those I seen before. When walking slowly, watching it all in awe, I was attacked by my old bully. He insulted me, and then a strange man appeared from the wall and punched him. He wasn't hurt though. I started to fight, but my punches were really weak. I then chosen to hurt him by scratching, but then I felt the scratches, and saw that in fact, I was fighting with myself.

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