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    Liberal Crime Squad, False awakening - DILD,

    by , 01-26-2015 at 09:27 AM (254 Views)
    First dream

    I was a Liberal Crime Squad leader. Our goal was to take over the U.S government, and make each law liberal. I have gained more leaders that were responsible for recruitation and other operations. They recruited a few sleeper agents, and we started to build our safehouse. We've bought a press and started Liberal Guardian newspaper.

    False Awakening - DILD

    I woke up in my bed, and went straight to the bathroom. I thought Why It's so dark here? I tried to turn the light on, but the lightswitches haven't worked. Suddenly I realised that it's a false awakening. I did the nose plug RC and went back to kitchen. I thought Well, I've never reached the bathroom in a false awakening before. Tried to turn the kitchen lights on, but lightswitches still weren't working. I clapped my hands, and lightbulb blinked giving a little light. It stopped blinking when I stopped clapping my hands. I pointed my left hand at the light bulb, and made a gesture showing that I grab it. When I've finally got some light, I've lost lucidity, and it all went into a non lucid.

    I was in the bathroom. I was taking a bathe in my t-shirt and underwear, while there were three more persons in the room. I finished taking a bath. My clothes were dry. I went to the living room. My siblings were there. I had to check something on younger sisters PC. I asked why it's turned off. They told me to turn it on. I did it and sat on a wheelchair. Suddenly my teacher arrived there and asked me Hey?! Are you sitting in a hotel room! No! I sat on a nearby sofa, and the teacher sat on a wheelchair. He told me that he has plugged his PC to our, and he had to do something on his PC first. Windows XP intialized. He had a picture of wood as a wallpaper (he's a forestry teacher). I went outside with a wooden piece in my hands. I was hiding it, as if it was something I wasn't supposed to see or have. I went back to home and thought I have my own laptop, why have I wanted to use sisters PC? Dream faded to darkness and I woke up after a while.

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