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    by , 04-05-2015 at 01:27 PM (319 Views)
    I was in school. I had maths lesson with my teacher from previous school. Slim, tall, brunette woman with dark complexion, and ugly face. She was mad at students. She was shouting and taunting them. I feared that she'll check my homework, which I haven't made.

    Later that day, when I was in home I tried to do the maths homework. I had to create a symmetric copy of a shape, and use trigonometry to count something. I surfed the web and asked my sister, but it wasn't of any help.

    Next day, during the maths lesson the teacher asked if we done our homework. Suddenly I realised how to do this, and started to write. She was mad, and I couldn't finish the homework on time. The teacher wanted to give everyone a 1 because of it. Then she told that I won't get 1, because I've made an orc head 3d model. Suddenly my mother appeared in the classroom and told something to the teacher.

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