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    In the motel

    by , 03-03-2015 at 04:40 PM (326 Views)
    With mother and younger sister we were taking our stuff, and get inside a bus. It was sunny afternoon. We were driving through a city. On the way I saw a strange bus, that was moving on the road sideways to how it should drive. I saw some persons through a window. Chubby, brunette man with glasses wearing, grey sports clothes and young woman with brown hair, wearing black jacket. I don't know why, but they received my biggest attention. We drove to the hotel. We took our luggage, and gave it to the service. I then went to the toilet, and entered a cabin. It had two doors, and a huge mirror. I couldn't see my reflexion in it. I thought And it would be best if they won't disturb me. I hear someone going inside the room. I went out to the corridor, and saw that everyone was bashing the door to living room. I don't even asked why, but I came to my younger sister and asked where my stuff was placed. Next I go to my room.

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    Tags: bus, mirror, motel, toilet