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    My sisters and skyscraper

    by , 03-04-2015 at 05:24 PM (290 Views)
    It was in Warsaw, evening. I was in some kind of a internet cafe. It was modest, with wooden furniture. I was there with my older sister. She was surfing the net, while with a classmate we were looking through the window. I was looking at a skyscraper. It was gigantic, the tallest building I ever saw. It was all new and modern. On the top there were words "ICAN Institute". I told to the classmate This is where my older sister works. I told it with pride, and awe in my voice. After a while of looking I told him I'll never go up there! How they can be there? Then my older sister arrived, and took us to their home. The whole place was weirdly changed. I saw some asian ornaments, and the place was dark, with antique wooden furniture. I waited until my sister went out of the bathroom, and then entered it. Upon entering my clothes have disappeared, as if I was already naked when entering. The water was pouring from the shower and there was no way to stop it. I took a towel to wipe myself and take clothes on. Then I go out of the bathroom.

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