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    Non-lucid school + Lucid [DEILD] Failed ToTM

    by , 02-04-2015 at 09:28 AM (369 Views)
    First dream

    It was during three days. The first day I was ill, and had to stay in home. During that day I was lying in my bed. Second day I was feeling better, and started to work on a mod for Half-Life. My younger sister told me that I'm going to school next day. The third day I was in school. I had to clean a classroom with other chosen students. When I started to do this other students criticised me. Then a teacher came and told me that I clean the wrong classroom. We went to the right one, and started cleaning.

    Failed ToTM

    When the dream about cleaning ended I DEILD'ed to this dream. I found myself in an industrial area. Suddenly I became lucid. I try to recall the ToTM page, and see it. I saw that they were changed, but I wasn't sure. I did what I've seen. Basic task I - super high jump. So I jumped, and looked at the second task. Basic task II - teleport somewhere. I did it, and found myself in the Age of Empires III colony. I look at advanced task I - make something disappear. So I pointed at some buildings and they disappeared. I looked at the advanced task II - make a fire tornado. I saw a DC running twards me. I make a gesture as if I was to hug him and say Inferno! Sky turns red, and everything gets an orange glow. Fire tornado was quickly coming to me.When it touched me and that DC I woke up. I was mad, because I realised that those weren't the tasks for February, but my mind made them up!

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