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    Port forwarding, german lessons

    by , 03-15-2015 at 10:37 AM (726 Views)
    First dream

    I was in my home, messing up with router port forwarding settings. I couldn't get the forwarding done.

    Second dream

    I was in my old school. I was sitting on a bench and drinking juice during the break. The break ended and I had to go to the classroom. I entered it and looked for a spot to sit, but I forgot my backpack. I went to the corridor, left the juice under the bench and took my backpack. I sat on my place, in front of the class. We were just about to have a test. I saw persons from my new, and old school. The teacher was a female in her late thirties. She had a brown hair, and wore pale blue shirt, and jeans trousers.

    In the last moments I looked through the book and notebook, but teacher told me Why are you learning now? I can add everything to the test! I stopped to look through them, and waited. The teacher told that we're not going to make the test.

    She told me to go and sit in the back of the classroom. I went straight to the corridor, to take the juice. There was a security officer, who looked like Caesar. He was watching me, so I couldn't pick up the juice. I went back to the classroom.

    It was the second german lesson in the row. The teacher was shouting at me, telling that I'm not gonna pass to the next class. She checked work of everyone except me. When she asked about one specific word, I replied. She wasn't impressed.

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