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    Satying at friends house, traitors

    by , 07-25-2015 at 09:47 AM (344 Views)
    First dream

    I was staying for some time at my friends house, a small building. Inside it was cluttered with silverware, clothes, furniture and other stuff. For whole week we were playing HoMM3 on his laptop. One evening we were preparing to go for a mass. For this whole time, foster parents of my friend were rude and mean to us.

    It was like three hours before the mass. I wanted to go jogging, so I said them that I need to do something in a city. They told me that if I don't go to the mass, they'll beat me black and blue. When going down the stairs, I met two men in grey suit. I asked "Are you the bailiff?" He replied "Yes, I am." and entered the house.

    It was dark night, one hour to mass. I was just running on the sidewalk. I saw that a girl was running from the other side. I decided to turn around, and run in opposite direction. When I ran back to friends house, it was early morning, long after the mass. Their house was a burning ruin. I saw my mother helping my friend. She got hurt, and I had to help her.

    Second dream - fragment

    I was a black man with dark hair, wearing purple suit. I was a footballer, and had friends in the sports league. One day, we had a horrible argue. I drove away from the sports hall to a house in the countryside. Week later I was back at the hall, sneaking inside. The only things inside were lockers, showers and benches. I sneaked like a master thief, and saw that they have planned everything to get rid off me.

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