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    School, party in a park & fight

    by , 07-23-2015 at 04:55 PM (381 Views)
    First dream - fragment

    I was in my old school, though with the current class. I walked crowded corridors, looking for a teacher. If she was absent, we could go back homes.

    Second dream

    It was dark, cold night. I was in a park with group of five dudes from my class. I had a backpack with two bottles of Coca Cola inside. They were drinking in park, one of them had a baby with him, and he had to change his diaper a few times. When the whole alcohol ended, they started to walk around the park, screaming and singing. This attracted two girls to join us - both brunette, one with short, and the other with long hair.

    I was the only one sober, so I had to lead them through the darkness to reach a bus stop. As we entered it, we got teleported to my barn. One of the guys - a tall, blonde dude tried to enrage me. I punched him a few times, and this made him really mad. He charged at me. We fell to the ground, though I managed to use the force and push him away. He bumped with his head into some heavy, metal object, which caused his instant death. I just standed up and went inside my home.

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