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    Stealing a car, a boy in a hospital

    by , 02-22-2015 at 10:15 AM (370 Views)
    First dream

    I went out of school with classmates, and we took my sisters car. I was a passenger while one of them was driving. He barely missed all those cars on the road, and police quickly reacted, and stopped our car. Then we were interrogated. The policeman was reading our notebooks from school, and asking questions from them. When it came to my turn I, quietly as always, said:

    - Amsterdam is a capital of Amsterdam!

    Then the policeman said:

    - I thought that it was a capital of Austria!

    Then another policeman came. They both were taunting us. I jumped mad, and told them that I have some random spinal malformation. I then said: Surprised!? They both nodded their heads simultaneously.

    Second dream

    It was in a hospice. Art exhibition was arranged there. Ill kids were making their own art, which later would be shown in another exhibition. Visitors were allowed to contribute in their art. After a small walk, I decided to take a pencil and draw some darker shades on one of the works. They were fitting to the composition, but the kid painting it was dissapointed. A few months later we drove with siblings to another hospice, where that kid was placed after the exhibition. My sisters were touched by the look of this small, ill child. I stood expresionless, even when the child was staring at me and crying. I was visiting it through the whole years, and he became some kind of brother to me. I was giving him advices, and telling him what awaits him beyond the walls of the hospice.

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