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    Steam powered bus, tunnel ,game development

    by , 02-13-2015 at 10:03 AM (356 Views)
    First dream

    I was in Warsaw with my older sister. We were waiting for a bus to home. In the meanwhile I wanted to get a PC game, but I couldn't find it anywhere. After a while the bus appeared, and the drvier was a biology teacher from my old school. He was sitting in an armchair on the bus's roof, and steering it. We went inside the bus. It looked like a submarine inside.

    Second dream

    I was going for a walk from my home. I was wearing sport trousers, a hoodie and sport shoes. I walked from my backyard into a tunnel carved in ground. It was just a few steps and I've found myself in the suburb. I decided to go back. I met my brother and my pal in the backyard. It was midnight then. We were watching TV show on gigantic TV screen, it was taller and wider than my home.

    Third dream

    I was lying on my bed, when my younger sister entered the room and said I want to make a video game! I replied Uhm.... OK. What would you name it? She said I don't know. I quickly told And what about the games theme? She didn't replied so I started to help her. Maybe Rivers of Fire, or Rivers of Gold would fit? She was considering those names for a while and said No, we would need a different name. I asked about the genre and she said First person shooter. Suddenly my perspective changed, and I saw an arabian investor that wanted to develop his game. He ran into some kind of government building, and started shooting with shotgun from one of the windows shouting That's how my game would look like! It all happened as a weird guy was writing down all the ideas for the game.

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