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    Three dream fragments

    by , 07-26-2015 at 07:54 AM (376 Views)
    Watching the sky

    I was outside my house. I went to the backyard, and lied on the ground, looking at the sky. There were lots of stars, I watched meteorite rain, and then the sky started to turn around. I standed up, and wandered for a while. I found my younger sister sleeping in an igloo, and then went back into house.

    Undead army

    I saw everything from top-down perspective. It was inside some poorly lit, cold catacombs. There was gathering an undead army, risen by dark forces. I was risen as a skeleton too, but something thrown me into webs so strong, that I couldn't do anything. I looked to the side, and saw a giant octopus. Suddenly every undead starts to fall apart. A strange voice said "Only you and the octopus survived!" The octopus started to dance.


    Warm evening, I was rowing on a small boat to unknown island. I was a survivor from a ship that sank. I took a phone out of my pocket. It had a built in front and back cameras. I used them to check how I look - I was a girl, somewhat similar to me. I stopped at a beach and wandered the island for a while, and noticed group of three women - a pregnant blonde, redhead, and brunette. All were quite pretty. They told me that they are looking for a special cave, where the baby can born. We wandered for a while and found it, and the women told me that I should stay with them and serve the new born god.

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