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    Unfinished mod, research facility

    by , 12-20-2014 at 09:45 AM (452 Views)
    *It was lengthy, non lucid recurring dream. Only the first part with playing games and presence of my classmates is new.*

    I was playing Baldur's Gate on my PC, but I get bored after a while and turned it off. Then my friend appeared, and wanted to see the mod for Half-Life I'm working on. First, I looked at textures first, and they were quite good. Next I turned the mod on. I saw everything from the mods hero point of view, and felt everything he felt. I started underwater, and swam up to the surface. It was cold and dark. I got out in some kind of lab, the alarm was turned on. I went to the corridor, turned around and frightened escaped from zombie. I ran until I found myself at the edge of enormous pit, filled with water. Without hesitation I jumped in, diving into water. I turned the game off, and looked into the level editor. I saw lots of errors. I thought that I'll finish the mod later.
    I turned the PC off and went through the door. I found myself in some kind of research facility. One of its rooms was placed in the outer space. I saw a man opening the gate to the space, and women in the astronaut suit. She was afraid to go out there, so I tried to push her inside. For a while I was her. I was afraid of going into the void. I felt that the siut is slightly bigger, I was really slim. I went back to my perspective. I wasn't forcing her to go there anymore. I stepped back, but the void started to suck her inside. I tried to help her a few times, and I made it. The man closed the gate, while another one wanted to go into the space. He was wearing the astronaut suit, and went outside. Next I saw a woman, who is working in the labs. Tall, slim brunette with slightly dark carnation. She entered her room, and showed me a sign to come with her. Suddenly I felt that I love her. I went inside. There were lots of laboratory equipment. She called also another man, and I escaped, feeling that she will dump me for another. I was running away from that room, and chosen the doors to warehouse. I saw a few classmates there, but didn't wanted to talk with anyone. I wandered the warehouse area for a while, then one of them wanted to talk with me. She was a little higher than me, brunette with dark carnation. I know her a bit in reality. I ran towards the stairs again, and went through the doors.
    Suddenly I found myself at the rooftop in some kind of city. It was late afternoon. Everything was dusty, like there was lots of air pollution. I couldn't smell anything. Everything i saw was a little distorted, and had a film grain like in old movie. There was a man with a rifle on the nearby rooftop. He was wearing dark green t-shirt, and jeans. His hair were dark brown. Two more men joined him. One was a policeman. The police officer took the rifle, but he couldn't resist and shot. Another policeman from the city shouted at him, he was mad. Suddenly, the bullet ricochet and hit the policeman in the torso, but nothing happened to him. All of them went somewhere, out of my sight. I grabbed the cables to slide to another rooftops. I felt the heat, my hands hurt. Eventually I found myself on the road. Whole city was empty. Then I found myself in my room, lying in bed. I changed the TV channel, and saw some kind of a movie for childs. Without any additional thought, I changed the channel again. But before I could see anything, the dream ended.

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