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    Vomiting baby - a false awakening

    by , 06-21-2015 at 10:53 AM (372 Views)
    I woke up in my bed, went out of it and took my clothes. I looked around the room - there was a big mess on a table, pile of clothes lying on an armchair. Next I looked through a window - it was a warm, summer morning. My house was surrounded by a dense rainforest. Wind moved the leaves gently. I sat down on a couch, and suddenly my sisters appeared, and turned on the TV. My older sister was holding a baby in her hands.

    The baby was wearing a blue suit. It was crying. My younger sister was watching some kind of TV talent show. I went out of the room, and heard screams from the room. I went back, and saw that the baby was still crying, and there was a perfectly round, red pile of vomit on the ground.

    I went to another room, to call mother - the room was tidy and clean. The window was open. As I entered the room, my old teacher appeared, and looked through the window - a woman in her early thirties. She was wearing a green top and jeans trousers.

    I told my mother to go and look at the baby. I went back to the room, and cleaned the vomit.

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