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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    Zombies, elder gods, black holes etc.

    by , 02-09-2015 at 10:42 AM (310 Views)
    Escaping from zombies - recurring dream

    I was outside my home. It was midnight. It was too dark to see anything more than blurred shapes. I heard moaning and started to run. Zombie was chasing me, I ran around my house, and found something on the ground. I stopped running then, because I have found something that got me rid off the trouble.

    In the school

    I was standing in the school corridoor near the classroom. Suddenly I saw a girl going up the stairs. Everyone was laughing from her, and I tried to hide from her. When I entered the classroom I saw two girls arguing about their sitting place. One has shown that she has low intelligence, claiming that if she's sitting alone, she needs much more space than two persons sitting near the one table.

    Encounter near the shop - dream fragment

    I was going to shop with my two older sisters. I met classmates from previous school. I saw that they give me mockinlgy looks. I went to them and said Hi! Then I went back to my sisters, and we entered the shop.

    Tidying the room - dream fragment

    I was arguing with my sisters about who's going to tidy the room.

    Facing the elder god - recurring dream

    I was in my home. I have readen in a newspaper about a new religious sect. I felt a strange urge to gesture, pointing at the ground. I did it and a black hole appeared, sucking everything inside except me. Then a weird man in blue uniform attacked me. I was escaping through the forests, city and entered a hotel while trying to create more black holes along the way. I couldn't use that power all the time, it had to recharge. In the hotel I went to the boiler room, and entered an underground passage. I took a pickaxe leaning over the nearest wall. I was again attacked, this time I could see the man clearly. He had black hair, light blue scientist suit and white shoes. I threw a pickaxe at him, but he dodged and escaped. I went onward and a pack of ghosts attacked me saying How does it feels like, when being attacked by undead? I threw a pickaxe at those ghosts, but it couldn't hurt them. I took my pickaxe back and ran straight the corridoor. It ended in a great antechamber with a rectangular chasm in the middle of it. There were four, square shaped pillars holding the ceiling. Candles and magma in the bottom of chasm gave this room moody, orange-reddish lighting. By the look of the stone, I assumed that chamber had to be thousands of years old. I was standing on the edge of the chasm, and suddenly the elder god awoken. He roarred and moaned, but it was all, he haven't got any physical body. He gave a command to bring someone there, and his minions brought a girl who is my classmate. She was locked in the cage, I didn't knew what to do.

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