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    Tea and Noodles

    Back from vacation...!

    by , 07-07-2012 at 06:49 PM (757 Views)
    Well I just got back from a week of napping and drinking in the Upper Peninsula with the Finnish side of my family. Good times! Anyway, on to dreams.

    At about 2:30 AM on Wednesday, after a PBR fueled fishing outing, I finally crawled into bed and decided to try WILDing again. Naturally, I was successful ... So the dream started in a strange looking forest-ish area. It was like if a forest suddenly grew out of a field, as the ground between the trees was carpeted with gorgeously groomed grass. Everything was really bright and vivid, like I had my mental contrast level set to the max. So anyway, when I had fully taken in my surroundings, I made an attempt to climb one of the trees. This ended in failure, so I gave myself some claws and lightened up the gravity a little bit. I'm too cool for flying . When I reached the top of the tree, I noticed that nearby was a large body of water, like an ocean, but it was so shallow that I could see the "ocean floor" for what looked like miles. As I attempted to leap to an adjacent tree, I lost my balance, fell, and woke up. =_="

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    Tags: wild


    1. Camo's Avatar
      Ocean floor~~!! I'd love to see on in my dream ^_^