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    Tea and Noodles

    mmmmm, a WILD

    by , 06-30-2012 at 08:35 PM (560 Views)
    So today's been a hot and sleepy day, and I didn't feel like doing any actual work, so I decided to try to WILD instead (I'm such a good role model =_="). And whaddaya know! It worked!

    Okay, so let's get down to business.

    When the dream finally started, I found myself laying on the grass in some wide open field completely alone. There were no clouds in the sky; it was perfectly blue, like someone painted the inside of a cereal bowl aqua and used it to cover the world. The sun was warm, and I decided to lay there for a few moments before exploring the world a little bit.

    After getting up and looking around, I noticed that... wait for it... THIS WAS BORING AS HELL. I was lucid for the first time this week and I was looking at grass? Get a hold of yourself, Snowy! I decided to liven up the place a little bit, and made some flowers grow around me. Moving forward, I could see a small pond in the distance, kind of like a larger-than-life rain puddle. I ran towards it, but it kept moving farther and farther away from me. Now frustrated, I just made a similar pond right next to me. I was still bored. I stepped into the puddle, and sunk down into what I assume was mud. Great, I thought, now I'm bored AND immobile! Of course, NOW my subconscious decided to spice things up.

    Waist deep in mud and shocked that I couldn't think of anything better to do in a WILD, snakes.

    Now I was waist deep in mud and covered in snakes. At this point, I decided to just wake up and get some work done.

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