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    In My Kitchen

    by , 10-27-2011 at 04:04 AM (285 Views)
    At school with Mr. W and some other, people, we are riding out something HUGE. As in like a massive storm or possibly an apocalypse. There are six of us including Wasek. One of the others is K. We seem to be in a modified, more spacious version of my kitchen. I keep on trying to get alcohol out of the freezer (or it might have been the fridge) and put it into one of the numerous pewter glasses that are everywhere but I keep getting distracted. Mr. W talks to me about how a certain article was a metaphor for WWI, showing the greed of the WWI generals (he is my history teacher). He showed this to me on the right page of a textbook open on the round table, he was sitting across from me. Textbook was a pale blue. K and his two friends came in after that and they brought pirogies and something else. The priogies were cooked with an even brownness on the two sides but they were cold in a rectangular black container with a clear top. I told K I wanted him to heat them up someone said to me they were already cooked but I insisted. Mr. W was marking us off as if we had completed something. Some of the people were girls. Opening fridge talking with K about pirogies near cabinet with the glasses, Mr. W stayed at the round table.

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