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    1. Magic and Hentai

      by , 10-31-2011 at 01:09 AM
      These are from 10/28/11:

      Fragment: I'm learning magic at school.

      My mom finds my hentai, which for some reason I had set as my desktop background and open in all tabs in chrome. She is interested. D wants to see my new iPod and just grabs for it roughly. I respond with my Kung Fu reactions and trap his hand against the table and tell him its impolite to grab for things like that.
    2. In My Kitchen

      by , 10-27-2011 at 04:04 AM
      At school with Mr. W and some other, people, we are riding out something HUGE. As in like a massive storm or possibly an apocalypse. There are six of us including Wasek. One of the others is K. We seem to be in a modified, more spacious version of my kitchen. I keep on trying to get alcohol out of the freezer (or it might have been the fridge) and put it into one of the numerous pewter glasses that are everywhere but I keep getting distracted. Mr. W talks to me about how a certain article was a metaphor for WWI, showing the greed of the WWI generals (he is my history teacher). He showed this to me on the right page of a textbook open on the round table, he was sitting across from me. Textbook was a pale blue. K and his two friends came in after that and they brought pirogies and something else. The priogies were cooked with an even brownness on the two sides but they were cold in a rectangular black container with a clear top. I told K I wanted him to heat them up someone said to me they were already cooked but I insisted. Mr. W was marking us off as if we had completed something. Some of the people were girls. Opening fridge talking with K about pirogies near cabinet with the glasses, Mr. W stayed at the round table.
    3. Saiyan Spaceship

      by , 10-23-2011 at 06:47 PM
      I'm working with a team on their rocket. Initially it is a ball with one thruster on the bottom. They launch it (I see it being launched) by shooting it out of some launcher that puts enough spin on the ball going forward that it loops around and comes back through the other side of the launcher for even more propulsion, once it is in the air the second time it fires its thruster. I see the rocket-ball being launched and the "dream camera" follows it into the air and down. It reminds me of a saiyan spaceship, although it is just a plain white color, about a foot and a half in diameter. I comment to them how I have never even heard of a team this good at doing things (apparently they had made that fairly quickly). They seem unimpressed by me amazement. We go to a mall where they pick up two half molded arms from a vendor. They are molded enough to have the shape of the arm but are empty where the bones would be and you can see some fake muscles on the outside and there are breaks in the skin to see completely inside. I'm pretty sure they were right arms in a semi-relaxed pose. The guy was literally cooking arms like they were pretzels in one of those tall clear cases. They were to the right of me when they bought the arms. Once again I commented on how their launcher was so impressive because it managed to make the rocket go through it after launching it a couple hundred feet in the air but I think they were disappointed in my amazement because they had bought the launcher as a separate part. Mainly they were so impressive because they managed to do all this stuff so quickly.
    4. Colleges

      by , 10-22-2011 at 09:00 PM
      I'm playing ping pong with my friends E and J. I was very happy about something, I can't quite remember what, but maybe it was because I could have any girl in the world. After that, I was at some gathering just before school ends talking about colleges with some classmates and their parents. One of the girls is going to UChicago. A bunch of girls are going to colleges within a few hundred feet of each other in NY, I think on staten island, or some island. The last girl who was talking I didn't recognize as from my school, however I'm pretty sure her dad was the guy who played Russell, the president of NBC in Seinfeld. She said that her dad would let her never see him again by letting her go to that school because it was so nice. Said that their schools (her and the other girls) were within 500 ft of each other. That girl's appearance definitely changed as she was talking, she became less attractive. The gathering was in the same place I had played ping pong earlier. My mom came just before I woke up because she was taking me somewhere. She was wearing her light blue windbreaker.