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    1. Best lucid yet!

      by , 12-14-2022 at 04:06 PM
      I checked my hands as I somehow realized it was a dream and used this to make sure. My hands were missing the top parts so I knew. I was in my room but different and I knew I was in the USA the first thing I did was stabilize as the dream felt blurry even though I know it's expectations this helped to make the dream more vivid and stable. I rubbed my hands together and licked the wall. Then I went to my desk to try and find something to eat. The only thing I could find was a sticker. I said fuck it and ate the sticker it tasted how I expected it to but the dream felt stabilized somewhat. I wanted to leave my room but I was naked so I went and put on some trousers/pants and didn't care about a shirt. I tried to leave through my window by opening it but the opening was too small and I couldn't fit so I just broke the window and started running outside. It looked like I was in california or florida as there was a bunch of palm trees and the sun was shining brightly. Some guy on a skate board came by me and said "Just using this to ride home dude" and waved at me. I ran down the street and saw a bunch of people and the youtuber ludwig there I came up to them and they were sitting on the porch of this house. I decided fuck it and started punching them I punched two guys who were equally confused and started chasing me. I climbed on the top of the house and then as I saw one them coming to me the dream ended.

      This is the most fun lucid I've had so far I never knew I would progress this fast but I'm happy. I still haven't flown or done any of the things I really want to do yet but just this experience is enough motivation.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Ferry Dream *SUPER REALISTIC*

      by , 12-14-2022 at 01:00 PM
      The weather was unforgiving, the rain made everything slippery and lightning blinded my eyes. I was on a ferry sailing to an unknown destination hoping to not get swept into the sea.
      On the ferry there was a test? of some sorts you had to catch a fish and you could get let on the ferry. I was allowed on the ferry and chose to sit in the highest point. As I was enjoying the view of fog and rain, I notice someone I follow on Instagram is there too. They are to the left of the viewpoint holding onto a banister. To the right of me are two of my friends. I'm holding onto the ground as I sit in case I fall into the ocean from the slippy floor. I try to go to the front of the ship to get a better view as we are arriving soon. My friends call me back and I oblige and sit next to them, We talk about stuff I don't remember.
      The ship arrives and I come up with a strategy to get off without slipping and dying. Also I don't remember if it was a ferry or a really big yacht. I follow some guy with a suit holding onto the banister on the top area I'm in. He goes back behind the ship to these stairs that lead somewhere. I come across the most sketchy stairs ever made. The stairs are cramped and made of plastic and glass and its like thin platforms with massive drops in between. I didn't want to drop my phone down or myself down. As I make my way up the stairs my feet get stuck in between the gaps, I have to pull them out roughly but not too roughly else I break the stairs. About half way up I drop my phone down the stairs, It is never to be seen again. It landed on the hull and slid down it into the ocean. I make it to some captain quarters type area with soft cushioned seats. There is also a control panel with a steering wheel and a bunch of buttons to press, I mess around with that for a bit but It has no effect on the ship . After that area you climb a ladder and shimmy across the side of the ship like a worse rock climbing wall. After that hell, I finally make it onto the main deck. I remember having to pass another test and also some protests on the ship and then the dream ending around there probably.
    3. False awakening LUCID.

      by , 12-13-2022 at 10:25 AM
      This one is the farthest i've gotten while lucid so I am making some progress and that's all that matters .

      So I went to bed and set and alarm 5 hours ahead did MILD and woke up from the alarm did MILD again and as soon as I got into the dream I noticed I was dreaming something was off inside my room and I could just tell it was a dream. I go out of bed (movement finally) and attempted to fly I was able to float a little off the ground but I couldn't get through the walls of my house. So I tried to phase through the wall but couldn't. Then everything went into this weird texture of grey and I could still move but my sight was like I was blind. Not sure what caused this but the dream was quite blurry from the beginning so maybe
      If I used some type of dream control I could've counter acted it.

      But still this makes super excited for more.
    4. You may see me differently after reading this dream. (I am Insane)

      by , 12-07-2022 at 02:02 PM

      There was a party at my house a lot of people talking and dancing. There were a lot of people I knew there and a lot of people I didn't know. I was sat down in the main party area where two kids started annoying me around 10 to 12 years old. I got mad and pushed with force both of the kids to the ground. The mother of one of the kids got mad at me and she looked like the karen meme then I go to my bedroom to ignore her. I lock the door and can relax, then someone from outside knocks down the door and a bunch of people pile in. At the same time I clicked a virus link on my laptop and it started going crazy opening random videos and images and looked like when they over exaggerate hacking in movies. I eventually considered the laptop a lost cause and returned to the party. There was a person that looked like someone I knew that made a joke I laughed at it and gave them a hug as I hadn't seen them in a long time, but it turns it was someone that looked similar to someone I knew and the person I knew was right next to the person I hugged.


      I go into the main area and it seems bigger than I remember. I then go into someone random persons bedroom and see this femboy looking fella. I'm questioning at first whether or not it's a guy.
      I say fuck it and decide to fuck. The unknown entity agrees. I pull down it's leggings and and see a cock and balls and confirm it is indeed a man, but I'm too far deep now and too horny to give up so I just say fuck it and do the do. Big Mistake. The first second is maybe pleasurable, but after that the feeling is unexpected. It feels like I stuck my dick into a sewer drain. I instantly pull out and nearly throw up. He is clearly affected by my reaction and runs out the room. feeling disgusted, I go to take a bath. While in the bath, I see the femboy again sobbing and crying. I call him over, I ask him to get in the bath with me and he gets in with all his clothes like a stupid idiot.


      Its late at night and I'm tired and don't feel like walking. I'm there with the femboy aswell. I hitchhike a random car as it passes by, I get in this black van and they start driving. They are driving in the middle of the woods and they seem to be going in circles. I'm scared for my life and I wonder how it's gonna feel to die. They pass the exact same tree for the fifth time except they quickly drift down a different way than the other times, they do a full 360 drift around this tree with duck tape and shackles on the base of it. The 2 men in the car with typical bank robbing masks pull out guns and there are 2 to 3 more outside with guns too. I realize how absolutely fucked I am. I think of any possible way out of this situation, since it's a dream my brain comes up with something. I see a video of a lawyer telling me that I payed these guys as hitmen to kill someone else but I don't remember it, So all I need to is pay them the money and they will leave me alone. I pay the money and the dream ends around this time.

      This dream is something else I don't know how my subconscious comes up with this shit.
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare
    5. Most dreams I've recalled.

      by , 12-06-2022 at 01:06 PM
      6 Dreams In total

      Dream 1:
      I'm completely naked in the shower except for a wearing the beanie of a missing/dead person and apparently I had connections with the murderer who had a bunch of wives and they all were saying bad things about him specifically on his masturbation addiction. I took the beanie off a noticed some dirt and fluff on it so I put it in the shower and then threw it on the floor as it made the noise throwing a wet toilet paper
      sheet would make. I then left the shower and surprisingly my reflection was completely normal in the dream. I put on a black suit while listening to some Halloween songs with my phone in my suit pocket.
      Dream 2 (Fragment):
      I had a dream of watching this youtube video on this guy saying you cant have lucid dreams of cave dwelling? very hard to remember this one.
      Dream 3:
      I was talking to this chef and his assistant in his kitchen he had a bunch of ingredients all around his kitchen but he was eating a microwave meal and drinking some cheap wine.
      I noticed both guys had the same face problem like the same kinda red pattern on their face. The chef was talking about how he loves being on earth right now and he is grateful for the current moment and that this is the only life he has. He was saying this part outside the kitchen in the deep woods for some reason, he was also shirtless and had an 8 pack. I knew I was a time traveler in this dream so I knew this guy was gonna die very soon in the future. also a part where i'm in this soccer field (american football) and one of the chefs friends gets knocked down by this behemoth of a man and is unaffected.
      Dream 4:
      My dog gave birth to 2 cats somehow. They both also came out of eggs like a chicken and were warm to the touch. The cats seemed pretty motionless and were unable to react to things. I was talking saying it's insane that we let our dog give birth to 2 cats and I accidentally kicked one of them over they got mad at me for accidentally kicking the cat and I felt bad. Then the cats kinda morphed into these plushies of cats but they were still able to move it was super weird. one looked like a plushie of ww2 mustache man but in cat form and one looked like a creeper from minecraft but in cat form. I remember feeling really bad
      for these cats for having this weird skin. I stroke one of the cats and it accidentally hit its head on a metal pipe and stopped moving, I think it ended up surviving that. I also didn't want to crush the cats while I was sleeping so i tried to find a suitable area to put them to sleep but my friend put the cats into plastic bags as a bed, I instantly said what the fuck are you doing?!?!? but he sealed the cats in the plastic bag and they both died.
      Dream 5:
      there was some guy who was like 7 feet tall in my house just waddling around he said something about meeting a nymph and asked if I knew what that was, I just said it was a mermaid of somekind.
      He wanted to take a smoke break on the balcony in my house but he seemed worried that I would lock him out. I assured him that I wouldnt do that. The guy also had blood come out of his mouth and nose when he talked one time. I kept the dude locked out in the balcony and went to my bedroom. there were two windows one where my actual window is and one in the bottom right corner of the room. It looked like a glitch of some kind. I could see skyscrapers and other things through it.
      Dream 6:
      I also remember another window related dream where I was chilling in bed and saw across from me a bunch of lights and noises coming from the another house. For some reason I knew it was the twitch streamer pokelawls house. The noises really annoyed me so I went live to try and take some of his viewers and a graphic of his viewers forming a celestial object was in my head, as I went live my planet grew until it dwarfed pokelawls planet of viewers and the dream ended here somewhere.

      The writing is messy and bad but I couldn't be bothered to write all this cleanly so here you go.
    6. Dream journal 1 normal and 1 normal until the last 8 seconds when I become lucid and wake up.

      by , 12-05-2022 at 10:24 AM
      Dream 1:
      I'm in this long hall way, white walls, brown carpet with a weird pattern in white on it. I enter into a hotel room and sit down to relax. I remember that I have 1 million subscribers on youtube and that I need to upload more. Instead I split into two versions of me one goes onto the toilet and starts smoking weed, while the version im in just lays in bed for an hour. I go to check on the high version of myself and see that he is insanely high his eyes are red, I do a little trolling and start scaring the high version of myself until he pulls out a knife and aims it at me. The dream ends around there.

      Dream 2 (Lucid) :
      I was in my house but It was bigger and pretty clean compared to my real house, we had orange sofas and it looked like a tv set. I was paranoid because apparently the previous owner of this house was a crime lord. I was taking a really nice hot bath when I noticed my bath was my bed. It had a mattress on the top of the bath and pillows and other things I got out to check if the mattress had gotten wet. It had not.
      I get out of the bath and notice alot of broken windows and scary noises outside. I go out into the main living area where I see my friend building something in my house with minecraft blocks.
      He is building an impossible minecraft jump with redstone and if you miss it you die in the void so I don't try.
      The part where I get lucid is I am looking out my window and notice the view is super weird not what my actual view looks like. There is a temple from a place in Thailand I visited years ago and a flying saucer that is a temple. I question this to my friend and I look back and it is the same, I then realize I must be dreaming and there is no other way I wake up a little after that, I think the dream was on it's end anyway.
    7. 2 Dreams

      by , 12-04-2022 at 11:39 AM
      First dream:
      I'm in my house like usual except there is a Russian Piano teacher at my house with her boyfriend she was trying to teach me piano but she got mad and smashed a bunch of plates onto the floor
      Second Dream:
      I'm at my aunties house but it's not her house in real life it way bigger and mansion-like my auntie's husband and he talks about this badge he got from a football game, he seems really proud of it and I pretend to care. I go and hide in the toilet to not get bothered and sneak outside I notice a bunch of people playing tag outside so I went back inside and then went a different way outside. On the way out I thought I heard badge guy calling for me to stop so I did and it got really awkward so I speed walked away. I also beat up a random person for no reason. In my aunties house I spilt coffee everywhere and they thought I was an intruder and the cat they had gave birth to a cute kitten.