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    Perfect Girl

    by , 11-25-2014 at 11:35 PM (312 Views)
    I remember going to an interview for Activision for some game testing, once I was there I rushed to the men's restroom where I started to take a piss in the urinal. The place weirdly structured and it made me completely exposed if someone came in, someone did and it was a beautiful redhead, medium height with a cunning smile on her face, as I watched her come in I managed to miss a shot and splash her a bit with my piss (lol), I didn't notice at first but she looked at me and said something like, you know you could be fired for what you just did, and I said, did I just pee on you, she nodded. I was embarrassed, but she said it wasn't so bad and looked at my junk and said that it was quite decent then left the place. I was confused.

    I'm not sure what happened next but I was in a classroom with her and some other guy, we were chatting as far as I remember. At this point we were in a MMO which looked just like real life, I remember finding out I was on an OCE server and told her I wish she'd come on US East, then I asked her where she lived, she was in New Brunswick, I asked her why'd she choose to be on OCE servers and she told me she had no clue. She started chatting with the other guy who looked like a huge orc in WoW and I just laid down and started to let my mind drift away. (The fact that she said she lived in NB kinda shocked me since I just ended a relationship of 4y because my ex-gf moved there and I decided I didn't want to follow, I remember being sad in my dream because of this) Once I was done drifting away I asked them if we should go get some ice cream, we all agreed and started to move.

    (Note that I was strongly atracted to that girl but nothing actually happened yet, beside us being pretty at ease with each other and her calling out my junk earlier)

    We were eating ice cream now and she started to be flirty with me, I kinda played back and then as I took the last bite of my ice cream she asked if she could taste it, I said sure and we just straight up make out, it was awesome (this is a scene from Oliver, stoned. Where the girl smokes weed for the first time, its a cheesy movie but I watched it the day before, now that I think about it the girl had a similar figure has the girl from the movie)

    Anyway sometimes after that we started getting chased by some NPCs which we fought and and as we ran away, we "farmed & explored" in the MMo until I woke up.

    I don't remember her telling me her name but when I woke up I remember writing it down and it was Evelynn, I have no acquaintances with that name and I felt pretty shitty when I woke up because I felt like I lost someone I had very strong feelings toward, it was just some sincere and unconditional love towards her even though we just met.

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