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    Ate candies (1st jan 2021)

    by , 01-01-2021 at 07:21 PM (119 Views)
    I had a dream (not fragment) upon waking up this morning, I did write to my gf that I ate candies in the dream. Now it's been few hours after and I didn't bother write down the whole dream down when I woke up - instead I was lazy going back to bed.
    What I can remember though, I were at my home and my parents were here too. And I knew I wouldn't been eating anything (because fasting irl), but I struggled hard and had received candy, so I just ate it all.

    (since of having the dream I was thinking, I'll need start record/write down when I wake up, new year and perfect time to do a new start on several things and hold onto them)
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