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    I'm racist 21th october 2016

    by , 10-21-2016 at 09:38 PM (278 Views)
    I was in my dads house, my dad had given me some newer TV in my room which I'd like high up in my room. It was a sunny day as the sunshine fell into my room. So I put the blinders on the windows on slightly as well.
    However outside my window I saw some people outside, I saw my old friend Björn who's an anarcist, communist and anti-racist. He was with some friends who I also seen from the primary school.
    They saw into my window and I was quite scared as I thought they knew I'm not communist as they're, that they may see me as a racist.
    Anyway I was needed to go to the school and I was quite scared to go. Wasn't sure what I would bring with me, so I took some chips, water etc, I also put some cash in my pants as I was afraid to be robbed. Also took with me my old gopro in case of.
    Then I went outdoors and I saw nobody, and the area I was in was some kind of expensive hotel. I passed by some hot girls who seemed to know me, but didn't say much. I continued to walk down and suddenly I met old classmate Björn as well of a guy named Abraham. We started talk a little bit, and I was so scared that they thought I would be racist or so. But they seemed not to. I asked what they were doing here, and they said they were going to fix some people. So I told them alright, I'll just go to the gym.

    So I went to the bicycle, but I forgot to take my air pump, due my tire was leaking air as in real life. So I couldn't take the bicycle unless I walked all way back which I didn't want to do.
    It was very sunny day in summer, and many people were around, and even bicycle pumps were there so I used one for my tire.
    However, the whole tire went really swole, I thought it's good now and I shall start cycle now.
    But some hole went on the tire and all air leaked out. So I thought well I can't go with the cycle now and wasn't sure if I were going to the gym anymore, if I would need to walk.

    That's it.

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