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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Several Dreams Tonight.....Getting Back Recall...

      by , 09-13-2011 at 10:55 PM
      I will eternally be mad at myself for not posting this sooner today. I rolled out of bed this morning and immediately typed some notes of what I remember into my phone, but they were only notes, and now (11 hours later) some of it is complete nonsense talk to me, and what I do remember is very vague, but the more i think about it the more I remember. So here I go:
      (btw, these dreams are completely out of order, i have no idea how i dreamt them chronologically)

      #1 - The Buzzcut
      This is a short one. All i remember is that I was in my house, and suddenly decided that my hair was just too damn long and it infuriated me (which is weird because my hair was normal length in the dream). So, I went into the bathroom of my fictional house (the house I called my own in my dream was actually not my house or any house I've ever been in), grabbed the electric razor that I don't have in real life and very carefully started to cut my hair with it. I didn't necessarily give myself a buzzcut, as I was very precise with sculpting my hair with the razor in the dream, but I did cut a lot off. And in the end, I'm proud to say it looked like crap.

      #2 - The Pool
      In this dream I was at a very large public pool shaped liked a very large, boxy lowercase b (or q, depending of which side of the pool you were on). The water level was oddly about 15 ft below the edges of the pool, the surrounding areas of the pool laden with tables with red umbrellas. The pool was very deep, an undefined amount actually, because in the dream, sinking and drowning was of no concern. You just floated. There were also several pillars sticking out of the water, and I said the pool was shaped like a b (or q) because there was a middle square elevated on a single pillar that hung over the center of the pool. I was just swimming around, and nonchalantly started to swim as fast as a jet-ski, as it never occurred to me that this was not normal. I should also mention that I wasn't swimming in the normal sense. I had my legs together and straight with my arms down at my sides, and my head and back arched up, being propelled across the water by some magical nonexistent force. I controlled my speed just by thinking about it. This dream was probably inspired by me reading a dream journal entry by CasperKid:
      Dream Journal-- Day 1 - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      (Dream 2 - about swimming)

      #3 - Trip to Space Ship
      In this dream, I was on some sort of field trip with a class or other group of students. We were allowed into a space ship orbiting earth (how we got to space, I don't know), and we were only allowed in because we were students. Normal people had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to be allowed in. Ha. (It was the equivalent of being allowed into a museum exhibition before its finished because you're on a learning trip). So, I hung out and fooled around with anti-gravity and watched a toddler play with toy cars on a ramp. (The surface of everything inside the ship was a glossy black bordered with red). It was a strange dream.

      #4 - Alternate People
      In the beginning, I was walking through a street on a cloudy afternoon with a group of "friends" (people I've never seen before but happened to be my friends in this dream). We were walking along when a truck pulled up and out stepped a vaguely similar "clone" of one of my "friends." (The kind of similarity between actors and stunt doubles, where they have very similar characteristics, but are really just wearing the exact same outfit). We were dumbfounded.
      Then I was in my "house," in the garage looking outside (it was about noon now, and perfectly sunny) at an old fashioned truck that I had parked at an angle just outside of the garage. I turned around to talk to my "family," and when I turned back around, there were about a dozen "alternate people" resembling my "family" members standing outside in my driveway. I flew into a panic, to the same level of hysteria as if I just saw a hundred zombies charging at me. I angrily yelled at one female alternate wearing a yellow polo shirt like an insane person. Then the dream ended.

      I had one other dream in which I was in a classroom, got bored, took a dump in my old teacher's office and ran away, outside and under some kind of hooded walkway, but I lost too much of the dream and can't describe it in much detail. All I can say is that I ran into Warren D. and Dominic H. standing next to a wooden "NO GUNS" sign posted under a tree in a college-campus like environment.

      That's all....I hope I continue to get my recall back....I'll have to keep practicing...
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Backtracking

      by , 09-10-2011 at 03:42 PM
      I figure I might as well put all my old dreams I posted on this website into my new dream journal, but I'm too lazy to do that one by one. So for all you die-hard fans (haha, what die-hard fans? ), here is the link to my old thread, started on March 4, 2010:


      (btw, I wrote these almost two years ago, so I apologize if I sound like a mega-douche)...
    3. Fragment...Getting Recall Back

      by , 09-10-2011 at 03:18 PM
      All I remember from this dream is that I was at some kind of beach area. In the beginning, I was at a shore house....I believe it was one-story and elevated off the ground, as many shore houses are. My mother got back from some kind of doctor bearing a box of contact lenses...I asked why I needed them, as my vision is 20/20, and she told me that they were necessary to protect my eyes....So, I put them on...
      Then the dream cuts to me on the edge of some landform with my friend, Brandon, who it is inferred also has a summer house at this beach area. The land I'm on is covered in all sorts of trash (boxes, cinder blocks, broken wood planks, dead grass, etc.), and the part I'm standing on is probably 20 ft above the water in an inlet, I suppose. The ocean was on my right, and the water cut into the land was on my left. The water was calm for being pretty much the ocean, like lake-calm. The land became really steep as it met with the water, still covered in various garbage obstacles, making it difficult to climb down, which is what Brandon and I did. as we looked across the inlet, we saw a small (maybe 15' x 15'), abstractly circular island covered in healthy grass, right in the middle of the water, between the two sides of the inlet. Beyond that island was the other side, which was a commercial beach. The dream then skips, and I am now on the other side of the inlet, the beach. Now, the water is normal beach water, with small waves crashing down on the shore. The ocean was still to my right, so I'm facing north, and on my left was a (unusually elevated) boardwalk. A building jutted out a bit from the boardwalk, resembling the way Martell's Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ juts out from the boardwalk, shown in this picture:

      (The difference is that the building in my dream only extended out from the boardwalk about 10 ft., and was blue and white in color)

      Oddly, there were palm trees at this beach, though my dream infers that I was in New Jersey (where palm trees don't grow naturally). My friend and I walked up the coastline for a bit, until we saw our dads drive up in mango tango Jeep with the top down (The dream had now changed settings, as now we were on the sidewalk looking to a car on a road, with a thick forest of palm trees on the other side of the road):

      (the was just like this, only it had a soft-top roof that was rolled back, so there really was no roof.)

      Our dads asked us what we were doing and why we had ventured out so far without their consent...from there on I don't remember...

      It's interesting how I remembered more and more of the dream as I typed this, so the dream is all up there in my head somewhere, but I just can't get it all...
      non-lucid , dream fragment