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    2 Dreams; Similar but not the Same.

    by , 10-15-2016 at 04:58 PM (294 Views)
    Had 2 Dreams last night. However, they seemed to follow the same story unintentionally, so I'll be putting them in this one DJ entry. Both of these dreams were fun, and both focused on me fighting this 'sage,' as the DC's called it. The Sage was an evil cannibalistic person who could use magic of some kind.
    Dream 1

    It starts off with a few members of the marching band deciding to practice next to a really steep cliff, with a jagged, rocky 'wall.' A dust explosion occurs in the distance. A shadowy figure flies towards me, and I couldn't make out the details or features. He hits me, and I end up hitting a rock. The figure charges towards me again, but I jump off the rock just before he hits me. As I fall, I see an explosion of dust where I had just jumped back from, and the figure once again charges at me. A blue slime pops out of my sleeve and connects me to a sky tram placed in a very convenient, although sensible, location, connected to the top of the cliff and somewhere I didn't care to look. the slime pulls me to it just in time to dodge, and I end up crashing through the wall. My face hurts and my left arm was sore. While I was laying down, I saw a person, encased in stone and with red eyes and two nubs of horns growing from his forehead flying up to look at me as the tram moved away slowly. He didn't give chase. I wake up.
    A brief awakening and missed dream signs

    When I am awake, I feel pins and needles on my face, and my shoulder is somewhat sore. I prepare to do a DEILD, but fail when my dog starts licking my face, making me open my eyes. So I decide to think about missed opportunities to become lucid.

    Dream Signs
    1) Cliffs rarely form away from oceans, and I don't think there are any around my location.
    2) The grass was to dense and lush.
    3) A flying man attacks and no one flees.
    4) I survive the first attack.
    5) I dodge the second attack.
    6) I have a pet Blue Slime. (I genuinely want one now that I've had that fun dream, though.)
    7) Convenient Sky Tram keeps me from being hurt again.
    8) This Dude can Fly.
    Dream 2

    I am running back from the guy who I saw in the first dream. Only, he's fat and eating people in my school. People are saying "he's the sage, here to save us all," and similar things. I shout "Can't you see he's EATING PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" People just stare at me like I'm crazy. I dodge past my short section leader, who is taller than me in this dream, and see my other section leader, who's normally taller than me, but is my height in this dream. He's not in the line to get eaten, so I figure he's at least one person with common sense remaining.

    "Hey, you see that guy eating people?" He says.

    "Yeah, I think he might be evil," I respond.

    "OHHHH!" He says, surprised.

    Like an idiot, he gets in line. 'Whatever,' I think to myself as I take shelter in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is round, and missing 60 degrees of wall. The fat 'Sage' flies over to me. The remainder of the lines seemed to come to their senses and entered the cafeteria too. All of a sudden, I remember the previous fight. The sage grabs a butter knife and... stabs his left eye. He becomes skinny and lots of copies of him are made. Blue Slime turns into a sword, and there's a bit of tension. I wake up.
    Dream Signs
    1) There was a fat flying guy.
    2) All these people were ignorant of their imminent deaths.
    3) The halls were completely different from my real school's halls
    4) The lunch room was missing 60 degrees of wall, and was a perfect circle.
    5) The sage stabbed himself in the eye with a butter knife.
    6) The sage's clones came out of his eye.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** ***********************************
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