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    A Dream of the Strange Ocean

    by , 11-15-2016 at 09:57 PM (202 Views)
    Hey. It's been almost a month since I last logged into DreamViews. My computer's hinge and frane broke, so I couldn't use it. Until today, that is, as I remembered that DV does have mobile access. So, this is my return statement, and a neat little dream from ~2 days ago.
    It starts on an island. This island is nothing special; just a bunch of hills, a few farms, and a beach to the north, cliffs being on all other sides. I am dreaming in first person, for the first time in several months.

    I am on the beach, looking out into the ocean. It's a sunny day, but fog lingers in the distance. I remember it having always been like this. As I stare into the fog, the border of the world as I knew it, I saw a figure- an island. I rushed to my village.

    "Everybody, look, out there! It's another world!" I shouted.

    People followed me to the beach. The figure was gone.

    "There's nothing there! You liar" I heard someone yell.

    The people walked back to the village. Overcome by aggrivation, I swim out into the ocean. Before getting far, I encounter a boat. It seemed abandoned, so I climbed on. To my surprise, there was a creature on the ship. It was a purple alien squid with a glass brain case.

    *Fuzzy bits about shenanigans with the creature*

    I land on the island. There, another squid creature has a port, and offers to build a ship for me. And a game menu appears. (A large portion of my dreams seem like they are video games at some point. A good 65% of the ones I'm able to remember, actually.)

    I design the ship, but I can't remember what it looked like. However, I screwed up. I pressed the undo button, but it only worked twice. Out of frustration, I say "Screw It! I'll just use a pre-made one!"

    The pre-made ship pops out into the ocean. The skies are clear now, and I see dozens of other islands; one with a giant beanstalk that stretche out forever; a bland swamp; A cluster of mountains; A stereotypical skull-shaped cove; the list goes on and on.

    Scene shifts to a creepy forest with two friends, one of them driving a four-wheeler. It's still the same dream though; I remember wondering how I got there from the ship building place (an opportunity to take lucidity, that I'm almost certain would have succeeded had I been on DV for the previous month). I attempt (and fail) to scare the friend driving.

    I wake up.

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    Tags: boat, ocean
    non-lucid , memorable