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    The island of bees

    by , 11-28-2016 at 10:32 PM (330 Views)
    A fun little dream about resolving the conflicts of an island of bees. Also, couldn't be on recently due to family stuff.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    It starts off with me and a group of friends sailing, when we see an island with orange pillars. We decide to check it out, and land at the shore. When we were closer, it was obvious that the pillars were giant honeycombs, arranged in the shape of a maze. Just off the shore, there are giant rocks.

    A bee flies by, before noticing me.

    "Intruders!" It shouted.

    A cloud of bees formed. Instead of sailing away like smart people, we ran through the honeycombs. We paid no mind to the walls, running through them, breaking them. After running for a while, we fell off a sudden cliff. The bees were no longer pursuing us, and no one had been injured.

    Night fell. We lit a campfire and chatted for a while. The scene shifts. A blue bee appears in front of me. It began to speak.

    "Hello, would you mind helping us defeat our enemies?"

    The scene shifts. We're back at the shore, but the honeycombs are turning blue. We had succeeded in helping the blue bees defeat the normal bees. We leave the island, bidding farewell to the blue bees.

    I wake up.

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    Tags: bees, island
    non-lucid , memorable


    1. AstralMango's Avatar
      Wow, that sounds like an awesome landscape to be in. So imaginative!