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    A Neat Lil' Fighting Dream!

    by , 10-07-2016 at 02:43 AM (182 Views)
    This dream happened within a short 15~20 minute nap, strangely enough. It was a pretty neat dream too, for what little time I spent in it.

    In this dream, I am not a character at all, and it instead follows two sword fighting brothers in the third person, focusing mainly on the older one. They are both big guys. The older brother wields a shoe, one-handed, and enchanted, sword, while the younger brother has a giant sword. It almost exactly looks like the executioner's blade(the one Zabuza used) from Naruto.

    ************************************************** ***********

    The two brothers are fighting five strange people with weird abilities. Three of them have already been defeated. A man with a body made of a clay-like substance and a woman who traces magic symbols on her body are the ones remaining. The younger brother attacks the clay man, and his sword gets stuck. He is promptly punched in the gut, and falls to his knees, the sword still stuck.

    The older brother lunges to grab the sword, and plants his feet into the clay man's body, struggling to pull it out. I remember him saying something along the lines of "Sike! You know what it takes to wield the sword!"(this dialogue is unimportant, as 'Sike' isn't in the dream after this, and neither is the sword.) A thin, red aura envelopes the sword, killing the clay man.

    The woman begins to trace some symbols. The older brother leaps back there, and draws on her a symbol I recognize to mean "explode"

    Before anything happens, the dream ends. I really wanted to know if it worked too...

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