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    The Sea In The Sky

    by , 07-08-2017 at 08:17 PM (756 Views)
    I've been gone for awhile, but I'm back. On to the dream!


    There is no reason as to how or why, but I win a ticket to go on a blimp heading for the clouds. I enter the blimp, and nothing interesting happened on the blimp, so my brain skips it.

    I end up in a gift store surrounded by a vast ocean of clouds. I see people riding around on what looked like jetskis that could go under(cloud?) riding around outside in the clouds. The gift store also has clouds inside it, up to about knee level. Wading through clouds, I encounter a fish guy. My dream cuts out befriending him, but it turns out that he is the ruler of the cloud area. It feels like many days had passed since I arrived in the cloud area. The ruler, whose name I never learned, had become good friends with me.

    I am taken to what appears to be a observatory of some kind, with openings in clouds allowing us to see the surface. There are a few teabags sandwiched between filters, each group with a name on them. One of the groups had my name on it. Without being told, I knew that, for some reason, the teabags represented the life force of the corresponding human.

    The ruler explains to me that he planned to flood the Earth, leaving only humans he trusted to survive. I ask about why he would want to do that, and there's a flashback.

    It was the ruler as a child, playing with a fish twice his size. "Where I come from, all creatures were equal," he explains. A net catches his fish friend. "However, you humans would treat those different from you as scum, even among your own species. It's disgusting. I must remove such disgusting creatures from existence, before they infect other worlds with their hate."

    I attempt to negotiate with him, but fail. Out of anger, he sends me back to the surface (instantly), and I end up next to the blimp again. Just as I prepare to get on the blimp to stop him, I wake up.

    This dream stood out to me for many reasons. Firstly, it had a really coherent plot. The only weird things that stuck out to me when I woke up were how life force was represented by teabags and that I somehow was sent instantly to the surface. Also, it makes you wonder; if there were a civilization in the clouds, are their drinks in cloud form?

    Secondly, I genuinely felt all the emotions, and most of the sensations, which is the first time I can remember that happening in a dream. It felt real.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Welcome back! What an awesome dream! That world must look really beautiful. The part with the teabags was very interesting and also the conversation with the ruler.
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