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    A slightly racist fish dream!

    by , 10-05-2016 at 01:25 AM (355 Views)
    Pretty cool little vivid dream I enjoyed last night. If you are easily offended though, this dream is a bit racist at parts. Not too racist though.
    The whole world is submerged in water, and humans don't have any trouble living there.

    I enter a building shaped like a museum of some kind. It's a movie theater. When I enter the water-free building, the national anthem plays, and a holographic bald eagle flies by me. I sit down and the holographic movie plays. I have no further memory of the movie

    When I leave, I walk past a few people who are band mates IRL. They are sitting in line for the movie. I go to the parking lot (yes, there are cars), and see a large black man. Out of racism fear, I hide behind a pillar for safety. When he walks by me, I see that he's just fat.

    "Why you hiding?" He asked.
    "Sorry, you looked a lot more dangerous from far away," I respond.
    He walks off to enter the line, offended.

    I swim off the edge of the platform that the building was nested on. As I do, I am approached by one of my band mates.

    "Hey, check this out!" They said.

    A screen appears in front of my face. It has a picture of a large, hollow, yellow, cucumber-shaped plant with violet petals around the top portion that contained a hole. In the hole was bubbling, green syrup. Below the image, it said 'gives consumer a 17.21x speed boost.'

    "So cool!" I remarked.

    Suddenly, a brown and purple striped, rocky-skinned fish swam by, which I scanned somehow. Later, while looking at my scanned fish, I saw two evolutions of it; one with one large plate behind its head, and one with the same plate, only divided into thirds by large gaps.

    Regarding the one with gaps, I said "It looks very Japanese."
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Your subconcious isn't always very clean when it comes to things like that. I always find that my subconscious feels the need to inject sensitive family issues in right alongside the most interesting lucid dreams that I want to share.

      This is why I believe its a good idea to have two dream journals, private and public. The private DJ is there for you to document everything, no matter how sensitive, just for maintaining recall. The public DJ can have some dreams edited or removed entirely and shown to your lucid dreaming buddies. If you mostly record your dreams on the computer, then it's very easy to have dreamviews be your public DJ and your offline DJ be private. (Just don't accidentally show off the wrong journal.)
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