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    The Inner Crazy of Mr Speesh

    A Cold Summer Day

    by , 08-05-2010 at 06:48 PM (483 Views)
    Lucid: Not at all
    Dream Aids: None
    Vividness: Half realistic


    I was walking around an architecturally distorted University of Vermont campus on what should have been a hot summer day, but as it turns out the forecast had it slated to snow. A friend of mine was holding a party to celebrate the event. I wasn't initially interested, but while walking through campus I saw that apparently it was a big deal and tons of people were going there. It almost had the vibe of zombies shuffling towards an unknown destination.

    Walking down there was a lot of fun. Everyone was ecstatic at the surprising snow, big snowball fights and wrestling matches would break out left and right, many of which I was a part of.

    Upon getting to the house there was a random change of setting. It became more of a family reunion type of thing, with the party going on in the background. As often happens at our family reunions, we played poker. But instead of keeping the betting limit down low, this turned into high stakes gambling.

    On the first hand I was dealt a full house and could hardly contain my excitement. The other two highest hands were a two pair and three of a kind. I was about to win a lot of money when I saw someone had taken my cards and started shuffling already. They thought I had shown already. Following that event I became very likely angrier than I've ever been in a dream. I completely lost it.

    To make matters worse I realized that I had work that day, and was already half an hour late. I left the house in a terrible mood and walked the other way. While walking away the dream fades.

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