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    The Inner Crazy of Mr Speesh

    Fighting a Sorcerer

    by , 08-01-2010 at 09:45 PM (476 Views)
    Lucid: Not in the slightest
    Dream Aids: None
    Vividness: Pretty faded


    All I remember from this one is being in the middle of fighting a sorcerer. No idea what for, other than the the fact that he was trying to kill me. It was a very intense setting, which reminds me in retrospect of the climax of an action movie.

    We started off in a large and fancy foyer with a marble artistic motif, perhaps in a mansion. I shot at him with a gun but it had no effect. Someone yelled that the only way to kill him was to stab him in the heart. A difficult task because he was much faster and stronger than I was. It took every ounce of effort I had in that foyer not to get killed, and eventually retreated exhausted.

    I found my way into a surreal and trippy conveyor belt about 10 meters wide and carrying a bunch of strangely shaped objects to an unknown location. Aside from this windy conveyor belt, everything surrounding me was completely black, infinite space.

    The sorcerer found me there and the fighting continued again, this time on slowly moving ground. I kept trying to make my way towards the end of this conveyor belt, hopping from object to object while avoiding his attacks. His regular mode of attack involved shooting some form of energy at me which I'd dodge, and then swiftly appearing right next to me to slice me in two with his massive sword. Had he been more offensive he could have killed me in seconds, seems he was just toying with me.

    At one point during one of his charges he miscalculated and gave me a chance to push him off balance. He fell off the platform we were on and got electrically shocked after falling to the belt itself. He bounced back up completely stunned and immobile. I got a small dagger out and plunged it into his heart, waking up pretty much instantly after that happened.

    This was an atypical dream for me, usually the content of my non-lucids are much more grounded in the mundane happenings of everyday life. This surreal setting is certainly a welcome change!

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