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    The Inner Crazy of Mr Speesh

    Infiltrating a Police Station

    by , 08-02-2010 at 06:17 PM (447 Views)
    Lucid: Not quite
    Dream Aids: None
    Vividness: Not great, but better than the last few


    I was harassed by a rude, but admittedly cute female cop about being in the abandoned building of the previous dream. On rare occasions they tend to have loose segues into each other like this. I later saw her harassing someone who was just burgled, telling him that burglary is too insignificant of a crime for her. I got the idea in my head that she was crooked, and vowed to take her down.

    I met a shady character who looks like Matt Berry (been watching too much IT Crowd lately). We made a deal. He'd give me the schematics of the cop building, and I'd steal a high tech piece of equipment for him that they kept. While on the inside I'd be able to frame the cop, provided she wasn't working late in her office that night.

    At night I snuck inside, made my way over to the elevator and took it up. To my surprise a random talkative guy who I'd met in waking life not too long ago was in there, and we chatted on the way up. We both had nothing to do with the police force. After reaching the third floor I got out and rounded the corner where her office would be. I jumped back as I saw someone move in there. It wasn't her though.

    Some other guy had snuck in there as well, but with different intentions from mine. I think he was a stalker or something because he was making weird and creepy messages for her. He was armed with a strange looking pistol as well. I wanted to talk to the guy but as soon as he saw me come in he was shooting. I ducked behind the corner I came from.

    The pistol sprayed about five bullets at a time, but had to be reloaded very often.
    During one of his reloads I grabbed a decorative vase that was displayed behind me. I rushed in and threw it at the guy's head. He went straight down. I then planted something something in her desk (can't really remember what, maybe drugs or something?) and left.

    Just down the hall was the equipment I was sent to fetch. I carefully removed it from its display without setting off the alarm and got out of there.

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