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    Take a fun trip inside the enigma that is my mind. This is where I usually post my most vivid/lucid/favorite dreams.

    Recurring Characters:

    Me - What's a story without a main character? Let's just say if I had to describe myself in one word, it would be "derp". My dream form is about the same, with maybe a little less body fat and a little more self-confidence/courage. In my normal, non-lucid dreams, I tend to be fairly timid, much like my normal personality. In my lucids, however, I have a lot more courage, often speaking out and even fighting against those that hurt others or me. My dream control still sometimes needs work, but practice makes perfect.

    Vi - (Image) My brown-haired, green-eyed dream guide. She first appeared in a lucid a long time ago, but she's been appearing more often as of late. She was originally very soft-spoken, and often somewhat judgmental when I confronted her. However, as I've continued to interact with and get to know her, she's become more open and talkative (sometimes a little too much). She's still fairly new to me, so I there's still a lot I don't know about her, but I'm looking forward to seeing her more often and finding out as much as I can.

    1. 2/22/20 - Car-Stealin' and Justice-Dealin'

      by , 02-23-2020 at 05:33 AM
      I'm driving with my dad, taking him to some appointment downtown. He seems really out of it, and the whole interaction with the doctor takes a lot longer than normal because he's giving them weird answers to their questions about his medical histor. We eventually leave and head back to the car, when I look at my watch and realize it's 1pm. I remember that I had an errand I had to run before the place closed at noon (I actually did have that in real life), and I start getting incredibly frustrated with myself, since this is the second appointment I've missed this week. I start to beat myself up about it, but then I start to think back, and I can't remember when I woke up. Holy crap, I must be dreaming! I do a quick nose pinch and find that I really am dreaming.

      This is my first lucid in months, so I start to wonder what I should do. Behind me is a busy highway, so I decide to take a page out of GTA and try stealing a car. I know that I'm invincible, so I decide to run out into the middle of the interstate towards the first car I see, jump towards it, and grab onto the side. I look in the window to see a whole family of 4 inside, all screaming in terror at me. Thinking that it'd probably be difficult (and unsafe) to throw all four of them out of the car, I decide to let go and try again with the next car, a large brown van. I hang onto the drivers' side and look through the window. This time, I see a 90-year-old lady driving, completely oblivious to the fact that I was right outside her window. I tap on the glass, but she still doesn't look away from the road. I inch my way further into her field of view, and eventually she notices me. "Oh goodness, dear, you startled me. You know my little old heart can't take it." She had a friendly smile on her face as she said it. I decide she's too nice to throw out on the road, so I apologize, wave goodbye, and let go of her car.

      The next car I see go by is a convertible, with two men holding guns out the windows - apparently having just come from robbing a bank. Ah, that seems like a morally-justifiable car to steal. I somehow run to catch up with the car, leap towards it, and grab onto the trunk. I start climbing my way towards the front, but as I get on top, the convertible top starts to pull apart. Meanwhile, the driver has noticed I'm on top of the car and has started swerving in an attempt to knock me off. Eventually, this swerving causes the convertible top to completely rip out of the car, sending me tumbling across the pavement. I look up just in time to see the car pulling off the road into a Publix parking lot. They both hop out of the car and into the store, and I quickly give chase after them.

      The inside of the store is a labyrinth - aisles are arranged in no particular layout, criss-crossing in a ton of different directions. The store's also very busy, with a ton of people around. And to make matters worse, the store is filled with Valentine's Day balloons, which block visibility around most corners. I chase the robbers on foot as best as I can, but I eventually lose sight of them. I pause in front of the deli to try to figure out which direction they went in, when a man taps me on the shoulder.
      "Hey man, I need a favor. I ordered a sub that should be done soon, but I really, really need to take a poo. Can you hold my place in line?"
      "Uh... I'm kinda busy."
      "PLEASE, I'm dying here!"
      I spot the robbers through the glass of one of the "Employees Only" doors. "I really can't help you man, sorry!" I shout, taking off for the door.

      I make it through the door and spot the two of them behind a second door, apparently counting up the money from their haul. I walk through the door to confront them, and immediately both of them point their guns at me.
      "Put your hands up! Now!"
      I observe the guns in my face - both revolvers. I reassure myself that I'm still dreaming. "Okay. But what if I don't?"
      Both of them look at each other, perplexed. The first one cocks his gun. "Okay wise guy, then what if I pull this trigger?"
      "Mmmm, I don't think that's a good idea."
      BANG! He pulls the trigger, only for his gun to backfire a ton of ash and smoke in his face. "Yeah, that's the problem with those things - you gotta make sure your bullets are facing the right way in the chamber. Otherwise it makes a big mess."
      The second guy fires his gun, with an identical result. I take a moment to tease them some more. "C'mon guys, is this your first first-degree murder?"

      The first guy, having regained his composure, checks his chamber to make sure his bullet is correct, and pulls the trigger again. The scene cuts to a side view in super slow motion. The bullet exits the chamber, flies towards me, and bounces off my forehead. With my super speed, I grab the bullet out of the air. I then pull the spent magazine out of the gun, which still has some gunpowder in it. I pour it into my hand, and then fling it into the man's face. For good measure, I also grab a hair net from the deli counter nearby and pull it over his face - and then just slap him a few times just to really rub it in.

      The scene goes back to normal, with the guy again covered in ash (and this time, the hair net). Both of them seem to realize what's happening now. "So, are you fellas done now, or do I have to kick your butts a little more to let the lesson really sink in?" They both look at each other, and then slowly place their guns on the ground. "That's what I thought."

      The scene fast forwards, and I'm now standing over both men, who are sitting on the curb in handcuffs. I apparently work for the FBI, as I have just phoned in to tell them that I've caught the suspects. I'm now looking through my phone at some database info on the two guys.
      "We're probably going to jail for a few days, right?"
      I scroll down in my phone to the section on the charges they'll be getting for the robbery, which include 3 counts of first-degree murder for the three Toads (from Super Mario) that were apparently working at the bank. "Oh, don't worry, bud. You'll be going to jail for a lot of days."

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    2. 7/21/18 Nap - Flying Lucid Wrestling

      by , 07-22-2018 at 06:09 AM
      Heyyy, it's been well over a year since my last entry. So here's a fantastic one from today (hopefully the first of many) to get this DJ active again.

      I wasn't really trying for a lucid, I just kinda fell asleep while watching YouTube videos. But as soon as I was dreaming, I immediately know it is a dream (or at least, I don't really remember any one point where I became lucid). The dream is all about this sport for lucid dreamers that I can only describe as a combination between Blitzball from Final Fantasy, and sumo wrestling. There's a big spherical playing area, marked out by several semi-transparent triangular panels forming a dome of sorts (think like the dome at Epcot, but much smaller, with fewer triangles), all supported by four large poles, one on each corner, with smaller poles extending to hold the panels in place. Several of the panels are retractable, to serve as doors into the play area. Each panel is somehow slightly padded, although it managed to remain at least mostly see-through.

      The sport was played between 2 participants (apparently both lucid dreamers). Both contestants start at the center of the sphere, and at the sound of the whistle, have to use any means necessary to push their opponents into one of the panels, which scores a point. No special dream powers can be used except for flight. A sensor on each panel can detect when contact is made and from which competitor. The game is played for either some total time limit or point limit (I never actually saw a full match, so I don't really know).

      As an apparent celebrity in this lucid universe, I am selected to go against the current champion on the first ever televised broadcast of the sport. Of course, since I've been out of lucid practice for some time (and not really that good at sports), I'm scared that I will be swiftly defeated. Luckily, since the first televised event is a pretty big deal for the sport, the league has provided me a team of trainers to prepare me for the big match. We have several training sessions at my grandma's old house.

      For one of my exercises, I practice focusing my strength by trying to punch the ground with enough force to crack it. But the first 5 or 6 times I try, my fist moves very slowly, almost like I'm trying to punch at something underwater. Getting slightly frustrated, I remind myself that this is a dream, and focus my attention at remembering that I am in control and can punch with as much force as I like. I take a deep breath, focus for a bit, and try punching once more. This time, my fist moves at normal speed, but it feels like a normal punch, and the ground doesn't break from the impact (though thankfully, neither does my fist). I'm a bit disappointed, but one of my trainers comes over and grabs me by the shoulders. He looks me in the eyes and says, "Listen to me: forget about the punching. Can you fly?"
      "Of course," I say, as I lift myself up and start to hover.
      "Then you can fight."
      I realize he's right, and begin to focus on practicing my flying.

      The scene fast forwards to right before the fight. The entire atmosphere is on edge, as a lot of TV crew are rushing around making sure everything is set up perfectly for our broadcast. I'm backstage behind the main entrance to the stadium, and I finally meet my opponent - he's actually incredibly nice. "No hard feelings man - now whatd'ya say we go out there and give them a show." The intense music starts playing in the stadium, and we start to walk out. One of the stagehands shouts at me to come back - I'm supposed to be coming in from another entrance on the other side - but it's too late to fix, as I'm already out in the spotlight. I try to play it cool, but I'm a tad embarrassed that I messed up the production.

      We end up meeting in the middle, right outside the sphere, with the announcer, who interviews us both (I don't remember what is said). After that, we prepare to enter the dome. I apparently mess up the production again - we were supposed to walk around opposite sides of the dome for dramatic effect, but I accidentally walk the same way as my opponent. Maybe they should've had a rehearsal if they were gonna make it this complicated. Somehow, I end up getting lost on the way and end up in the audience, where I hear a rather old lady complaining. "Why do they have to have pads around the ring now? I remember in my day, we didn't bother with stopping people against them, we just let them keep flying away." I realize where the dome is, so I try walking to it up what is basically a mountain of foam padding. I start getting exhausted on my way up, when I remember that I'm dreaming, so I can fast forward if I like. I blink my eyes, and I'm now standing in front of the door to the dome with my opponent.

      We both enter. As we prepare to fight, the announcer drops one final "twist" on us. In order to spice things up for the TV viewing audience, they added a few "gimmick" rounds. The first one was the "Foam Round", and the sphere was quickly filled with tons of large foam blocks (kind of like the ones used in safety pits in gymnastics). A few of them were colored blue, and according to the announcer, if we managed to grab any of them, we would be give a special power we could use in the fight. The whistle blew, and I immediately started frantically trying to "swim" through the pool of foam. I didn't seem to get anywhere, as the foam was firm enough that it was difficult to push against, but small and fluid enough that my arms couldn't gain any traction against them. This went on for a few minutes, but judging by how long my flailing went undeterred, I imagine my opponent was struggling to find leverage as well. This really can't be good television...

      I falsely awaken - or rather, I "awaken" by removing a VR helmet from my head. I look around to see a large camera crew around me, with a green screen behind me. I realize that I'm part of some documentary on the technology behind VR. I also realize that I'm standing well outside of the safe playing area for the VR headset, and if I had flailed any more to the side, I would've knocked over one of the cameras. I apologize profusely, although I am also a bit disappointed that perhaps what I had experienced was not a lucid dream. At least, until I woke up from that dream to find that it was!
    3. 6/23/17 - Hobos and Star Spray

      by , 06-23-2017 at 10:31 PM
      Iím at this very low-scale housing complex. Itís apparently part of some city project to provide low-cost houses to homeless people so they can stay off the streets. However, most of the houses are in serious disrepair - many have giant holes in the ceilings, one or two are missing doors and windows, and one is missing an entire wall. The people there arenít exactly the best-looking either - I spot one woman smoking a crack pipe, and another guy is pacing back and forth uttering ďno door, no doorĒ repeatedly like a madman. I finish whatever errand I was sent there to do and hop back in my car, which some guy I apparently know is driving.

      We head off down the road and continue for a few minutes. After a while, I look over to say something to the driver, but heís disappeared! I grab the steering wheel from the passenger side and try to keep the car on the road, since it seems to keep accelerating for some reason. I quickly realize this isnít working, so I try to climb over to the driverís side and regain control. It takes some maneuvering, but I manage to plop down in the seat and look up - just in time to watch as I pop over the curb and into someoneís yard. I slam on the brakes and turn the steering wheel to the left, hoping to veer away from crashing into the house, but my momentum is too great and I slam through the wall of the house.

      I quickly realize Iím fine, but turn to look at the huge hole Iíve created in the brick wall. I start freaking out, worrying about paying for the wall, paying for the car repairs, and probably getting my license suspended. This canít be happening, I think to myself. I instinctively plug my nose to RC,
      and much to my relief, I realize Iím dreaming. I get out of the car and stabilize a bit while I walk. I notice the previous driver now standing at the curb - he waves at me and decides to accompany me while I walk, but I donít say anything, since Iím focused on the TOTM that Iíve had in mind all month.

      I imagine shooting stars falling from the sky, and soon enough I see one falling and landing somewhere. I try willing one to land closer, and eventually one lands on the other side of the street. I walk over to the landing site and pick it up. Itís shaped like a star bit from Super Mario Galaxy, and itís made of semi-transparent plastic, so I can see something else is inside. I pry it open and inspect its contents - a small perfume spritzer with a white feathery top. I spray it on my arm to smell it - the scent is fruity and incredibly pleasant. In fact, it smells so good that I decide that I have to taste it too, and I quickly spray several times into my mouth, finding that it tastes quite fruity as well. The guy following me asks me if he can look it, so I hand it to him, and he continues to spray it all over my body. The smell starts to be a bit overpowering, but itís still quite nice. He stops, and I look down to see that my skin is glowing, and all over my body is a distinct tingling sensation. I feel my body start to lift into the sky, but I soon wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    4. 4/19/17 - Spring Comp Night 5

      by , 04-19-2017 at 04:38 PM
      Iím on a Youtube gaming show where we play terrible video games. Weíre trying to decide what game to play next, when we stumble across a Barbie-branded ripoff of Rocket League, thatís apparently so badly made that it will break your Wii if you try to save your game.

      Iím apparently trying to make a chess board out of M&Mís to send to a friend in prison. My brother (a policeman IRL) comes in excited about getting a jury summons, because he knows the case that itís for. He drives me and him down to the DMV so he can turn in some jury-related paperwork. It doesnít take long, because apparently this DMV has a drive-thru.

      Iím back at college. The main building for all the classes (which is notoriously known for having an incredibly confusing room numbering system) has been reorganized, so all the rooms are sorted into letter and color codes to find them easier. Iím walking with my mom, trying to help her find some classroom sheís looking for.

      Iím riding in a car with a woman from my church, and just about everyone on the road seems to be swerving or generally driving recklessly. I look out the window and see the same woman in another car, with all of her family riding with her. ďStrange, that seems like something that would happen in a dream.Ē We then start talking about lucid dreaming, and I say something along the lines of, ďYeah, if this was a dream, Iíd know because this car would be driving in the grass or up a wall or something.Ē
      Thatís when I finally realize that we are driving in the grass, and become fully lucid.

      The car somehow just kind of dissolves, and I find myself walking in these ancient ruins that I seem to think are Roman architecture. Iím kind of being drawn into this dark temple-like building, but I stop myself, and realize that Iíve complained for a while about how not enough of my lucids are outdoors. So instead, I turn around and decide to explore my surroundings. I rub my hands to stabilize a bit, but already the dream is incredibly clear - possibly one of my clearest lucids in a long time. As I pass between some overturned pillars that had begun to sprout grass out of their cracks, I come across a bright golden statue of a knight on a pedestal in the middle of a clearing. As I approach it, it comes to life and extends its sword to hand it to me. I take it and try swinging it around - it feels very solid, but itís about 6 feet long and awkward to control. ďGot anything smaller?Ē I ask. Without saying a word, he takes his sword back and hands me smaller sword thatís much more manageable. He also hands me a shield, but it feels more like a pie tin in the shape of a shield - it doesnít even have a handle to grab it, so I just kind of awkwardly hold it by the side.

      This whole interaction with him seems incredibly symbolic, so I ask, ďWhat exactly do you represent?Ē Just then, he gets into a fighting stance and starts attacking me. He slashes me once across the legs, which knocks me down at first. But after the initial sting goes away, I feel no pain and get back up again. We fight for a bit, until I finally get a swing it at his legs. He falls hard to the ground, writhing in pain. His helmet falls off from the impact, and I see him crying like a little kid as he starts throwing a tantrum (which I find somewhat humorous).
      I kind of lose lucidity at this point, and the dream turns into more of a movie. The character I was playing is apparently a teenager who was diagnosed with cancer, and because of his treatment was incredibly bedridden and unable to walk. Because of this, he uses lucid dreams to be able to walk again and experience that freedom. The knight is touched by his story, and mentions that he will grant him a fresh start. The main character then wakes up in his bed and suddenly realizes that he is 5 years younger - apparently back to the time the cancer began to develop, giving him a chance to get it treated in the early stages.

      4 NLDs - 4
      WBTB - 2
      DILD - 10
      Stabilize - 1
      Interact w/ DC - 2

      Night Total - 19 pts
      Tags: competition
      lucid , memorable
    5. 4/15/17 - Spring Comp Night 1

      by , 04-15-2017 at 06:22 PM
      Apologies in advance for my writing - according to my offline DJ, my last lucid was on February 22nd, so itís been way too long since Iíve written anything up fully like this. But WOW, leave it to competitions to finally break me out of my lucidless rut.

      Iím apparently good friends with Austin Hargrave (ďPeanutButterGamerĒ on Youtube), and Iím meeting him and another friend at a local pizza place. I contemplate asking him for tips on starting my own gaming channel on Youtube, but suddenly remember I need to call ahead and reserve a table.

      A house in my neighborhood that Iíve apparently been looking into buying just got sold to an elderly couple, and I drive by in my car to see them ceremoniously signing the final papers out on the front porch.

      I do a WBTB, and then fall back asleep with no dreams. I wake up about an hour later and manage to DEILD into a dream. Iím standing outside of a McDonaldís in the drive-thru lane. I RC by looking at my right hand - Iím first intrigued by how realistic it looks, but as I move it my fingers start turning invisible. My left arm is raised above my head for some reason, but Iím unable to move it. I assume itís up there because thatís where my real arm is, so I attempt to ďseparateĒ my dream arm from it. This sort of works - I now have a second left arm that I can control, but my original left arm is still raised. Somehow the dream starts to destabilize, but I manage to recover it enough and find myself in my bedroom at my old house. I stop to think of my 3-step tasks, and since the first one is to fly, I jump out my bedroom window and start flying. Underneath me, the entire landscape is a frozen tundra (an odd sight for a Florida home). I start to hear background music and quickly recognize it as the City Escape theme from Sonic Adventure 2. I continue to look around, but because all the snow around me is white, the entire dream turns white and I wake up.

      Two of my friends arrive at my house to hang out. One of them, who just got back from his architecture internship in California, has a projector screen under his arm and asks if I have a projector he can use to show us his portfolio.

      Iím at a cabin in the mountains, working undercover as a hiker trying to infiltrate some drug trafficking operation going on nearby. I manage to sneak into this warehouse nearby owned by one of the local gangs, but while Iím gathering evidence, a rival gang starts attacking the compound. I try to hide to make sure Iím not spotted by either gang, and somehow manage to sneak back out. I run to a laptop that Iíve stashed nearby to report back to headquarters, but before I can do that, one of the gang leaders comes from around the corner and points a gun at my head. I immediately become lucid and manage to strip the gun from his hands. The rest of the gang appears behind him and starts shooting at me, but because Iím lucid the bullets donít even penetrate the skin. I start firing back to take them down, but it turns out theyíre invincible as well for some reason. One of my team members throws some kind of grenade that magically turns them all into balloons, and then fires at them with a special dart gun to pop and kill them all. Soon after, a helicopter arrives to pick us up, and as we head back to headquarters, we fly over my college campus, which has a ton of new state-of-the-art buildings.

      For some reason, we have Easter church service in my bedroom, and I sing a duet with some other girl in the youth group, which manages to sound halfway decent despite having microphone difficulties.

      Iím at my old high school, where thereís an intramural softball game between my high school graduating class and a ton of DV members. Iím watching from the sidelines since I technically fall into both groups, but Iím secretly rooting for DV, and start cheering wildly when we score 2 runs on a sacrifice fly.

      Night 1
      5 NLDs - 5
      WBTB - 2
      First WILD (DEILD) - 10
      RC/Stabilization - 1
      Fly + 1st Step - 10
      First DILD - 10
      Gain Invulnerability - 5

      Night 1 Total - 43 pts
      Tags: competition
    6. 2/11/17 - Rains, Trains, Rings and Things

      by , 02-12-2017 at 04:15 AM
      Iím at home, where itís pouring raining outside, to the point that the entire driveway and sidewalk outside my front door is flooded with about a foot of water. Iím still by the front door though, waiting for an important package to arrive. While looking outside, I see an open and plugged-in laptop out on the lawn, and worry that someone left it there in the rain. After a while, the water starts to recede a bit, so I can finally get outside to get the package from the mailman. I canít walk too far out though, as thereís a ton of grub worms all over the sidewalk, and I donít want to walk across them barefoot.

      Iím riding in a train, but then me and some other guy jump off at this futuristic train station-kinda thing. Apparently, itís a ďsorting stationĒ, which sorts cars that are heading to different destinations. One train comes in with cars going to two different destinations (marked red and green), and without the train stopping, all the green cars are disconnected and roll down another track, where a second train is waiting to take them to their appropriate destination. Iím really interested in the technology behind this, but Iím cut short when a police car shows up, responding to a call about 2 people jumping off the train. My accomplice grabs me by the arm, and we hide in a small alcove just off the train tracks.

      Iím at work. My boss is trying to hook up some network cables, but the only available wall plug is near the ceiling, so heís walking precariously on the edges of the cubicle walls to get to it. I watch out of curiosity, secretly hoping something funny happens. As soon as he plugs it in, however, thereís a bright flash, and suddenly everythingís back to how it was a few minutes earlier. I initially think I just had some weird deja vu, but I realize that everyone around is looking around confused like it affected them as well. The entire room seems a lot brighter though, and I wonder if some major catastrophe happened. Thereís suddenly another flash, and all of us are sent back in time again. It happens a couple more times, but each time some of the cubicles are missing and the walls look more run-down. After the 5th or 6th flashback, thereís a loud screeching noise, and all the lights cut out. Thereís a moment of silence as everyone tries to figure out what is going on.

      Suddenly, the phone right next to me starts to ring, which scares me at first. I slowly pick up the phone. Thereís a ton of static on the other end at first, before a demonic voice tells me that Iím now cursed and will die in 7 days. I start getting angry at the person on the phone. ďDo you think this is f***ing funny? Do you think you can f***ing scare everyone in this building for giggles? Well listen here, you little s***. Iím not afraid of you. Iíll never be afraid of you, becauseÖ
      because Iím dreaming!Ē I hang up the phone and turn to see some guy who seems to emanate darkness from his body. I apparently have to fight him, but the fight scene switches to a 3rd person view. It looks very much like an old Game & Watch game I used to play, where you have to move up and down on your side of the screen and try to shoot energy to hit the person on the other side. After a few seconds, I end up getting hit first, which causes me to switch back to first person, where I am absorbed by darkness. As it surrounds me, I feel an intense pressure pushing all over my body. Itís hard to explain, it feels sort of like the sensation of water pressure when you go really deep in a swimming pool - but much more intensely painful. Iím almost consumed by it, but I remember I am dreaming, so I tense up and unleash all my energy at once. Rays of light flow out of me, cutting through the darkness and relieving the pressure on my body. Instead, the light takes over the guy Iím fighting, and he falls to the floor in pain. I stand right over him and start taunting him. ďYou thought you could stop me with darkness? I am the light of the worldÖ or at least the Italians.Ē

      Iím in my high school gymnasium. Thereís a ton of little kids and parents around to watch some kind of wrestling event on a large projector screen at one end of the gym. Iím helping out with getting stuff set up, including fixing one of the large fluorescent bulbs. A maintenance guy whoís helping me lowers the light via a cable from the ceiling. Instead of replacing a bulb though, we have to replace some weird thing that looks like a large spherical clump of soap suds. Apparently, the sudsy ďbulbĒ is made of some special material that reacts with a gas thatís output from the light socket, producing a bright light. The reaction also makes the sudsy material super light, which makes it stay in the socket without any restraint, as long as the light is always pointing down. I go to adjust the ďbulbĒ, but I accidentally knock some pieces of suds loose. The maintenance man looks at me disappointed since I just ruined that bulb, but then pulls another one out and gently puts it in place. I watch as it starts to glow, and soon have to turn away because itís so bright.
      lucid , nightmare
    7. 1/24/17 - Splendid Comp Night 11

      by , 01-24-2017 at 05:01 PM
      A rough night sleep-wise. I donít remember anything from before my WBTB, and then it took me forever to fall back asleep. I finally do though, and find myself at a concert. Thereís this moving piece that someone is playing, and I suddenly become lucid. I listen to the chorus a few more times, hoping to commit it to memory for when I wake up.

      I FA in the guest bedroom, where the song I heard is playing on a radio and is slowly fading out. Iím initially disappointed in myself for letting the lucid slip away, and that this song I thought was new apparently already existed. However, I decide plug my nose to check if Iím still dreaming, and much to my surprise I can breathe fine. A large mirror on the wall immediately catches my eye, so I walk over to it. For some reason, the word ďBelchĒ is scratched into the glass. I ignore it, and instead try to focus on phasing through the mirror. I first stick my hand inside, and the glass ripples like water around it. I stick my head through it now, and I can see the hallway on the other side of the wall, but it seems darker and more run-down. I jokingly mention that itís ďThe Upside-DownĒ. I move back and forth on each side of the mirror several times, observing the differences. At one point, I see an ominous, ghostly purple blob, about 3 feet tall, start moving down the hall of the Upside-Down towards me. Iím hit with a sudden jolt of fear, but I remember that this is a dream and prepare for a fight. As it enters the room, I jump back out of the mirror into the light zone and prepare to face it, but instead itís now a golden glowing blob that seems much more friendly. It approaches me, and ends up moving into my body, which fills me with a wave of happiness and warmth throughout my body, but I quickly FA again.

      Iím still in the guest bedroom, but now there are other people there as well. Thereís some game going on in the corner, involving a ton of spheres on different stair-like platforms. On each level, you have to sort them using a different sorting method (alphabetical, size, etc.) that you have to figure out. Along the way, little dwarves pop out from under some of the stairs to either provide hints or sabotage you with false information, so you have to determine the lies from the truth. I observe someone playing this for a while until my alarm goes off.

      Also, I completely forgot the song.

      WBTB - 2
      2 DILDs - 15
      RC - 1
      Partial Phase - 5
      1 NLD - 1

      Night 11 Total - 24 pts
      Tags: competition
    8. 1/23/17 - Splendid Comp Night 10

      by , 01-23-2017 at 11:02 PM
      Weíre hosting a huge Christmas party at my house, open to pretty much anyone we know (neighbors, old friends, high school teachers, etc.). Iím on cleanup duty, which is basically a never-ending job, since people keep dropping the glasses on the tile floor in the kitchen, shattering them and sending glass shards everywhere. I finally get fed up with cleaning up broken glass, so I passed the broom to my brother and walked towards the back door. My music pastor and an old friend of mine both walk in. The pastorís incredibly impressed with the amount of Christmas decorations, while my other friend (whoís really into cars and mechanical engineering) comments on a spare engine we have laying in our backyard. I carry on a conversation with them, but really Iím not paying attention and instead am looking forward to playing Rock Band with them.

      Iím playing a 3DS game where your character is flying around through some obstacles, and you have to move the 3DS around to control which direction you fly in. I play for a while before I realize I donít have the 3D setting on, so I turn it on, and suddenly Iím a lot more immersed in the game, until after a while Iím no longer playing the game and Iím actually in the game, flying around various levels with incredible ease. I find myself at one point in a high school building, going through a couple different classrooms, rubbing my hand across the ceiling as I glide effortlessly around with no particular goal in mind. A couple students tell me I should ďPeter PanĒ - fly around with my hands on my hips like Robin Williams does in Hook. I do this for a while, despite the fact that it looks and feels somewhat silly.

      I wake up to my WBTB alarm, but immediately after turning it off I fall back into another short dream. Iím at what seems to be a circus of some type, standing in front of a big, yellow, old-fashioned marquee. Thereís some kind of stand-up comedian nearby telling jokes, and as he speaks, his words show up on this marquee. At one point he says, "Ladies, always avoid dating a guy who's into circuses. He'll promise you a night of magic and excitement, but ultimately you'll end up with two half-deflated balloons and extra justification for your fear of clowns." He then ends up saying something equally hilarious about women in relationships, but I forgot because I was cracking up from the first comment, so much so that I actually woke up again laughing like crazy.

      While I was up, I decided to do an actual WBTB for a few minutes before going back to sleep. Iím now at my college, moving stuff in for the start of my next school year. My new dorm room is huge, about the size of a basketball court. Itís big enough for 6 bunk beds and a loft, plus a large common area in the middle. Plus, itís on the corner of the building, so thereís large windows on two walls, allowing me to see the entire night-time city skyline from several floors up. I quickly realize that itís someone 1am, way past curfew, but I still have half my items that I need to bring in. Plus, I realize that I left my TV that I was gonna take at home, 800 miles away, so thereís no way for me to go back to get it. Another guy is moving into this huge room, but accidentally drops his large TV at the foot of one of the bunk beds, causing some of the support beams to almost melt away. I realize this is weird, so I stop and think about where Iím at. ďIím such an idiot - I graduated college months ago. Iím dreaming!Ē

      From the get go this dream is incredibly stable, so I donít even bother doing any more RCs or stabilization. I see my brother who for some reason is here - he has a slightly alarmed look on his face. I explain to him that this is a dream, and to prove it to him, I grab his arm and tell him to look at me. He focuses on my face, and so I casually will us both upwards until weíre both flying. My brother is incredibly excited by this - so much so that when we touch back down, he tries to test his new skills by jumping out the window. I chase after him, only to find out that the dorm room is now about 50 stories up, so itís a long way down. I straighten my body out to become more aerodynamic until I catch up to my brother, who is freaking out because he canít control his descent. Itís hard to hear him at first because of the sound of the wind whipping past us, but I eventually remind him that this is a dream, so even hitting the ground at top speed wouldnít hurt a bit. We keep plummeting until we reach terminal velocity, and then splash down into a lake. The initial shock of the water is jolting, but ultimately both of us are unscathed.

      The dream transitions to somewhere else. Iím now lying on my back in a large green field. My center of vision is strangely slightly underneath me, in the ground about a foot or two, so I can see my body and the grass around me, but not the sky. Still, everything feels incredible, and I spend about 5 minutes just enjoying how everything feels. I can sense every single blade of grass against my body, and I can feel a cool breeze blowing above me. I can even feel the earth rotating beneath me, until it starts rotating a little funny. I start to feel less like Iím lying on the ground, but more like Iím tethered to a grassy ceiling, suspended over the endless expanse of the sky. My euphoria is cut short by the feeling of a cat jumping on my chest, and Iím pulled out of my trance to see that Iím lying on the floor of my house. I sit up and notice a weird old lady who is reciting some kind of script, and I realize that Iím in some kind of weird commercial for cat food. I tell the lady her commercial is dumb, and then leave through the back door.

      Thereís a lot going on in my backyard. Thereís a goat on our roof, a fox on top of my car, a ton of crows flying everywhere, and a single random tree thatís caught fire. I try to think of some other tasks to score some points, but for some reason I think Iíve already done them (I thought that interact with an animal was a personal task, that teaching a DC to fly was a TOTM, and that I had already done all my 3-step tasks). I decide to try for some time control, so I reach out my hand and will everything to slow down. After a few seconds, everything starts moving in slow motion - I can see every wing flap of the crows, and the fire is now moving much slower than before. I try to jog my memory for some more score categories, but then
      Iím woken up by my morning alarm.

      3 NLDs - 3
      WBTB - 2
      DILD - 10
      Interact with a DC - 2
      Fly - 5
      Invulnerability - 5
      Dream Theme (lake) - 5
      Time Control - 10

      Night 10 Total - 42 pts
      Tags: competition
    9. 1/14/17 - Splendid Comp Night 1

      by , 01-14-2017 at 08:58 PM
      Not a bad start to the competition. My lucids were fairly fragmented though, and I spent like 30 minutes just lying in bed trying to put the pieces together in my mind.

      I'm in a car with a couple friends, studying for an upcoming spelling bee. The word I'm given is ďsicaidĒ, which means to get sick. After I guess, my friend just keeps telling me what the word means, without ever telling me whether I'm right or wrong. I end up telling him ďThis is a spelling bee, not a knowledge of words bee.Ē

      After my WBTB, I find myself in some scientific lab of sorts. They're running tests on me and a few other people. We all have to wear latex suits, which they pump full of some kind of super-buoyant helium-like gas to test the effects of pressurized flight on our bodies. As they inflate my suit, their machine breaks, leaving me just suspended in mid-air while they try to figure out what went wrong.

      Iím now in some show like the Walking Dead. Somehow, I have a tablet that still works, and shows a map of the infection progress. I notice that all the countries have weird shapes and names,
      which makes me become lucid. I zoom in on my current location on the map - apparently somewhere in India. Thereís actually three different strains of the virus around us, marked with red, yellow, and blue coloring. I look up from my tablet and notice I and my party are on top of a roof in a fairly big city, trying to decide what our next move should be. Suddenly, two of the members pull out pistols and start threatening the rest of us with them. I donít remember exactly what their reasoning was, but they decided they no longer needed us. They announce that theyíre going to execute us off one by one, starting with me.

      One of the two, a woman, gets in front of me, while the other, a man, gets behind me, and both point their guns at my head. I start trying to reason with them - how we need the entire group in order to stay alive. I then remember that Iím dreaming, so I look back at the woman. ďDid you remember to take the safety off?Ē I hear the guy behind me pull his gun back to check, so I take advantage of the distraction to grab the womanís arm and knock the gun out of her hand. The guy rushes to get his gun back up, but I manage to kick it out of his hands while Iím wrestling with the woman. I finally pin her to the ground and continue to punch her in the face until sheís unconscious. Meanwhile, the guy runs to get his gun, but one of the other guys in our party rushes over and kicks it away before tackling the guy to the ground. I get up and grab the guy on the ground, swing him around over my head by his ankle, and then launch him over the edge of the building to his death.

      I have a FA of sorts, and Iím now riding in a car on the interstate with a friend of mine and her parents. Apparently the whole thing that just happened was a virtual reality attraction at Busch Gardens, and now me and this family are driving back home. I have a sudden realization that I didnít ride with them on the way there, and that my car is still parked at the park. The dad (who looks suspiciously like Hank Green) seems fine with turning around, even though weíve been riding for about 30 minutes at this point. Suddenly though, he realizes thereís a ton of cars driving on the wrong side of the road, heading directly towards us. He quickly throws the car into reverse and backs up at a high speed, before slamming on the E-brake and whipping the car around to face forward. Then, as soon as he can, he gets back over onto the correct side of the road, right as 4 or 5 police cars come out from behind us to chase the reckless drivers on the wrong side of the road. I remark something about how I wish my dad was as good a driver as that.

      Weíre now walking through some kind of jungle place, still on the way to go pick up my car from Busch Gardens. We eventually come to a creek about 40 feet across. The water is crystal clear and isnít moving very fast, so the people with me start wading through to get to the other side. However, I somehow find myself floating above the water to get across. I originally dismiss it as just a side effect from the helium-suit testing from earlier,
      but then I remember that Iím still dreaming. I continue to fly over at a faster pace until I reach the other side. Then, I find a large boulder, about the size of a minivan, and use telekinesis to put it in the water, which (somehow) helps everyone to get across faster.

      3 NLDs - 3
      WBTB - 2
      2 DILDs - 15
      Use Electronic Device - 5
      Interact with DCs - 2
      Super strength (picking up the bad guy) - 5
      Fly (+1st step) - 5+5 = 10
      Mass Telekinesis - 10

      Night 1 Total - 52 pts
      Tags: competition
    10. 12/17/16 - Training Grounds and Terrible Pests

      by , 12-17-2016 at 06:04 PM
      A couple random dreams before my WBTB, including me playing a LEGO version of Skyrim. During my WBTB, I decided to read Hyuís DJ again (for like the 4th time) for lucid inspiration (specifically this entry).

      I fall back asleep, and find myself in a quaint little neighborhood, going from house to house playing Christmas carols on a flute. One of the houses I enter has an entire wall thatís just a screened-in patio. Thereís a ton of plants growing through the ground inside, and a lot of the panels on the walls have fallen or broken. I suddenly realize that I was just going to sleep, which makes me become lucid. I prepare to make a portal through the floor to teleport, but as Iím deciding where to go to, everything goes black. However, the dream still feels incredibly stable, so I try to focus on making something else appear. Before I can do that though, Vi casually walks into my view. Iím somewhat surprised, as itís been quite a while since Iíve seen her. Before I can say anything, some lights behind her start to turn on, and I can finally see where I am.

      Iím in a large white room - actually, Iíd hesitate to call it a room. Thereís no walls, the white-ness just extends on forever in all directions. In the middle are a ton of small, white, floating platforms, but other than that thereís nothing on the ďgroundĒ. In fact, I think for a moment what exactly Iím standing on, but I try not to dwell on that fact so I donít end up falling through whatever it is. I turn back to Vi, and beside her is a humanoid robot, who explains that this is a futuristic dream control and dream fighting training complex. I get incredibly excited - like seriously, Iím freaking out more than those families on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when they first see their new house. I start asking if I can make my own weapon (thinking something like Hyuís katana), but Vi insists that I start with something a little more simple.

      Following that is a montage of me doing various training. First is agility, where I have to cross the floating platforms quickly while staying light on my feet, since some of the platforms wonít support my full weight. At one point, I fall through the platform and plummet into the abyss. After I reappear on the platforms, a hologram version of me shows a ďreplayĒ of my failure so I can learn what I did wrong. After that, Iím back on the platforms slashing a holographic sword at holographic enemies. After the training is over, Iím back in a side room of the complex, with a tablet that shows my progress report. Thereís only two stats listed on it:

      Confidence: 38%
      Fart Noises Made: 8

      I see Vi and shove my tablet in her face, rubbing in my (admittedly mediocre) score. ďHa, beat that!Ē
      ďWell, I donít think anyone could beat that fart score even if they tried.Ē

      I wake up and write down my dream before lying down again. I start to have WILD transitions, but my dad barges in and wakes me up to ask me a stupid question about his phone. I get up from my bed (which is now in the living room) to help him, and then quickly lie back down. I quickly get the intense vibrations again, and suddenly my bed is back in my room. I manage to roll out of my bed, but I canít move my limbs. However, Iím still able to move around the room by making myself float around in a luge position. In the middle of the room are a few large floating star-shaped rings, and as I fly through them, I regain control of my limbs. I get through all of them before landing on my now-movable feet. Iím still in my bedroom, but I canít take my usual exit through the window, since the window isnít there. Thereís another window right beside the bedroom door, but itís small and kinda high up. I try to jump through it, but my butt gets stuck. I can still look out though, and I see a whole rooftop terrace with tables and chairs. I go back inside and try to think of how to get out there. WaitÖ shouldnít there just be a door? I shut my previously wide-open bedroom door to find another white door behind it leading to the terrace.

      I open it and walk through to see that thereís an entire restaurant seating area out here, complete with giant umbrellas over the tables and christmas lights for some nice mood lighting. However, the place looks fairly rundown, as next to the door are a ton of spider webs and wasp nests. I really want to explore it, but Iím afraid to go out because of all the bugs.

      ďItís okay, this is a dream. You are lucid. Nothing can hurt you in the dream.Ē
      ď...unless the dream makes a bug that can hurt you.Ē
      ď..........Why did I say that?...Ē

      Immediately, a red bug crawls up my back, with the body shape and legs of a spider but the body thickness and large pincers of a beetle. It gets right in the middle of my back before taking a big bite of my skin. It stings quite a bit at first, but that doesnít compare at all to the extreme burning that comes after that. I try to reach back to kill the bug, but itís just out of reach. Meanwhile, it keeps biting, each time getting more and more painful. I honestly think about trying to wake up, since the pain is too unbearable. Instead, I attempt to channel my rage into making flames come off my back to burn the little f***er. It takes a couple tries, but I eventually generate enough heat to make it stop biting. During the lull in pain, I finally manage to reach back and grab it, smashing its head between my fingers. I turn to see two more black bugs on the railing, and I get ready to smash them.

      ďWoah woah woah! Listen man, weíre real sorry about Roger, but we donít want to hurt you. Weíre just looking for some booty.Ē
      ďYeah, some booty! Specifically Greek booty.Ē

      I grab one of the umbrellas off the table and jump up on the railing beside them. Looking down, I see this terrace is about 30 floors up. I open up the umbrella, turn back to the bugs, and in an epic movie voice, I sayÖ

      ďDo I look Greek to you?Ē

      I dive off the edge, using the umbrella to glide my way down before waking up.
    11. 11/4/16 - Spooky Comp Night 21

      by , 11-04-2016 at 08:41 PM
      Iím vacationing with my family in Syria. Weíre waiting at a bus station of some sort, when suddenly thereís an explosion in the distance. We all turn our heads in the direction of the blast, when several gunmen round the corner and start firing into the air, shouting at everyone to get down as we are being taken hostage. I duck my head as Iím instructed and start to panic, fearfully wondering if I was going to die here. Wait, usually this level of fear only happens in dreams - of course, I just went to bed an hour ago. I stand back up and fly over this tall fence that stands between me and the shooters. ďIím not afraid of you. You think you can scare us, but youíll never scare me.Ē I prepare to wreck their shtuff up, but I unfortunately wake up.

      Iím back at college, in one of my old dorms, although everything looks kinda different inside - the halls and doorways are bigger than normal and the room numbers are all shuffled around. I joke with my friend about how Iíve been in the same dorm for 6 years and still canít remember what room Iím in.

      Iím out to lunch with my brother (whoís in the police academy) and his wife. I joke around with him about being undercover, and he glares at me and whispers that he is undercover right now.

      Fragment of me playing some SNES video game involving robots and AI.

      Iím driving around college with some friends. I try to stop in this parking lot, but my brakes start failing. I press as hard as I can, but my car barely slows down as it approaches this cliff. It creeps forward, but at the last second it starts to slow down and finally stop. I breathe a huge sigh of relief, but am interrupted by the bright flash of a huge explosion coming from the bottom of the cliff. A car is launched upwards from the blast zone and narrowly misses landing on top of my car, before tumbling back down the hill and ending up in the middle of the road. Almost on cue, a ton of paramedics come out of nowhere, grab the driver and put him on a stretcher, and then drive off, all in the span of about 3 seconds. Iím still in shock trying to process what just happened, when I realize that this feeling of fear and confusion is incredibly familiar
      - Iím still dreaming. However, again I instantly wake up. I see itís about 5 minutes before my alarm is set to go off, so I donít try to DEILD or anything.

      WBTB - 2
      2 NLDs - 2
      Fragment - 0.5
      2 DILDs - 15
      Flying - 5

      Night Total - 24.5 pts
      Tags: competition
    12. 10/31/16 - Spooky Comp Night 17

      by , 10-31-2016 at 10:06 PM
      Iím at a high school reunion, where the entire class is in some quiz competition for a prize. One of the challenges is to guess the total height of the two shortest guys in the class, and ironically, both of those two get it wrong.

      I get up for WBTB, but for circumstances beyond my control, I stay up too long and donít have enough time to sleep before my alarm goes off. Being the genius I am, I hit the snooze button about 3 times. After pressing it the third time, I start drifting back to sleep, when I suddenly find myself standing up beside my bed. My room looks weird, as one of the walls is at an angle. I plug my nose and find that Iím dreaming. I do my usual routine that I do when I start a lucid from my bedroom - I leave through the window. I take a running start and jump, phasing through the window until I start flying outside. I look down and notice that Iím incredibly high up above a castle, having just jumped out of one of the towers on the outer edge. I decide to fly to the top of the tower, where I see a stone gargoyle perched on the roof. I fly up to it and try to start a conversation, but it just starts shouting Bible verses about sexual immorality and then flies off. Weird.

      I slide down the roof, hopping from slope to slope until I finally reach the ground. Iím in this huge open field, and a ton of people in colonial outfits are walking around. It has a very Assassinís Creed feel to it, which makes me remember (erroneously) that one of my personal goals was to assassinate someone with a hidden blade. I quietly sneak up behind one of the people and shove my hand into their back, and a blade appears that pierces through them. I look down and see that Iíve stabbed a young child - apparently this large field is a playground, as I realize everyone around me is under the age of 10. All of them stop moving and stare at me with a look of shock. I run off before the police arrive and/or the guilt sets in.

      I see a marker in front of me directing me towards my actual target, which is inside this large wooden house. I sense that my target is being interrogated in a room off to the right, and I have to rescue him by sneaking around the back, where thereís a guard sitting on the stairs. Luckily, thereís a nice little space under the stairs where I can hide, but I get kinda stuck trying to crawl into it on my stomach. While Iím doing this, the guard gets up and walks towards the hallway where my legs are still sticking out. I think my coverís blown, but instead he just says ďLegs up, love.Ē I bend my knees and lift my feet up. ďCheers, mate.Ē He continues down the hall completely unconcerned. I exit and head around to the stairs, where thereís a computer screen and mouse on a desk. It obviously seems strangely out of place, but I use it anyway. When I click the mouse, a large GlaDoS-like robot comes out of the wall in the next room and tazes the guard. I come around the corner and open the door to find my target isÖ Claptrap from Borderlands. Except he explains to me that his name is ďGary Gary GaryĒ. I tell him to follow me.

      I exit the room and find that Iím in a futuristic-looking train station of sorts. Everything looks white and pristine, and large electronic billboards light up the night sky. Just then, an announcement comes over the PA:
      ďAttention, do not be alarmed. Police are on the scene searching for a white-cloaked criminal, last seen murdering a security guard and kidnapping a service droid, Gary Gary Gary. If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please notify a police officer.Ē
      I see a ton of police swarming the scene. ďGary!Ē
      ďUh, itís ĎGary Gary GaryíÖĒ
      ďWhatever! Shut up and act natural!Ē
      I stand with my back to the officers, hoping to not draw any attention and blend in. Instead, I hear an officer shout, and a bullet whizzes past my head. ďChange of plans, RUN!Ē

      I take off towards the train tracks and cross to the other side, followed closely by Gary and my pursuers. I pull a white handgun out of my pocket and start firing back at the officers, managing to only take down one in the process. I turn down a small hallway and burst through a door here. Inside is a dark passageway with a long staircase down. I jump onto the rail and grind my way down on my feet. Once I reach the bottom, I cross another set of train tracks and reach a long staircase going back up. I turn around to see Gary has managed to keep up rather well, and behind him are fewer police officers. However, I start to hear the bark of police dogs, and I know that theyíll soon catch me. I pick up Gary and throw him under my arm. ďHold on tight!Ē I lean forward and put all my effort into picking up speed. Itís difficult at first, since Iím going upstairs, but I soon notice Iím taking the stairs 4 at a time at an incredible rate. I look around long enough to see the last of my pursuers disappearing into the darkness behind me. I slow back down as I reach the top of the stairs, which lead to an exit in a bright, hilly area. To the right of the exit is what looks like a street gang, but on closer inspection, I see that itís the members of Pentatonix, singing ďZero to HeroĒ from Hercules.
      I soon wake up from my alarm going off. Not bad for a 10-minute snooze cycle.

      1 NLD - 1
      WBTB - 2
      DILD - 10
      RC - 1
      Fully phase through big solid object - 10
      Fly - 5
      Interact with a DC - 2
      Basic summoning (hidden blade) - 5
      2nd step (basic summoning) - 10
      Super speed - 5

      Night Total - 51 pts
      Tags: competition
    13. 10/29/16 - Spooky Comp Night 15

      by , 10-29-2016 at 08:58 PM
      Letís play a fun little game. Try to count how many things seem weird or bizarre before dream-me finds one (thereís at least 25 in total).

      Iím at church for our Wednesday night youth service. We just had a guest speaker - my old RA from freshman year of college - who gave out a free plunger to every kid in the youth group. The band and I come up to play music, so I get set up on the keyboard. The youth pastor comes up after us and explains to the crowd that we didnít have time to practice, so weíre basically going to be sight-reading these songs, and heíll be leading us. Our first song is apparently from the year 1920 and has a ton of key and rhythm changes. At one point, the song even changes into the key of K. Still, it has a hard rock drum part in the style of the Foo Fighters that sounds pretty amazing, so I kind of like it. After finishing our first song, I have to switch to bass guitar for the second song, but my bass is on the other side of the stage. I manage to maneuver my way through a maze of junk on the stage - from palm trees to banjos to a sleeping cat - grab my guitar case and make my way back. The second song is more in the style of the Beastie Boys, and Iím kind of surprised when our youth pastor drops the F-bomb in the middle of the song (we are in a church, after all). I look around, but no one seems to notice or care.

      For the third song, I get back on the keyboard, but somehow it got unplugged during the last song. I go to plug it back in, but thereís so many ports in the back of all different shapes and sizes - it almost looks like a telephone switchboard. Tony, a guy from the youth group like 5 years ago, comes up on stage and yells at me for not figuring it out. He grabs the wire out of my hand and plugs it in for me. Luckily, our third song is interrupted by a literal parade of people coming from the adult class marching up through the center aisle and exiting through the side door. After the interruption, weíve apparently decided not to do a third song, so I go back to sit down with Mismagius and his little brother, who are both wearing pullover hoodies with ďIRCĒ in big letters across them*. The youth pastor starts his sermon with a video on the projector screen, which strangely has clips of topless women and people cussing. I look around again, but still no one is phased by this. In fact, most of the audience isnít paying attention, and some of the kids are going up to the stage to get some free oranges from these tall cardboard boxes. Suddenly, it hits me that itís Friday night, not Wednesday night - why are we having service? I plug my nose to make sure Iím not dreaming, but I can breathe through it. Weird, everything seems so realistic though, thereís no way Iím dreaming. I plug my nose again to make sure, and I can still breathe through it.
      ďHuh, I guess I am dreaming.Ē

      Upon me saying this revelation, the entire crowd erupts into a loud cheer, like their favorite football team just scored the game-winning touchdown. Thereís an explosion of confetti and streamers as more people start rushing into the room cheering. Apparently this was some kind of lucid hidden camera show, where they were trying to see how much weird crap they could do before I finally got lucid. The crowd makes a row out the door, and I proceed to give them all high-fives down the line. All my friends and family are there, some hugging me as I pass by, and others joking with me on how long it took me to realize.

      I finally make my way to the end of the line and find myself in my old high school gymnasium. Mismagius and his little brother are there again, and the kid starts making fun of me for not realizing sooner, claiming that I shouldíve known as soon as I saw the huge American flag on the side of the orange boxes. I exit the gym and walk up to my friend Aaron. Heís apparently only heard stories of people becoming lucid, and he wants to see for himself just how incredible it is. The first thing he wants to see is how fast I can run. He takes off in a sprint, and after giving him about a 5 second head start, I take off and quickly catch up with him in about 2 seconds and tackle him to the ground. He seems incredibly stunned, and I quickly realize that hitting him at that speed may have hurt him. ďAre you okay? Because if youíre not, I can fix that.Ē Luckily, he gets up and claims heís fine. I wake up shortly after.

      After journaling the previous dream (chuckling the entire time at the ridiculousness), I go back to sleep. Iím now on some game show with a couple friends and a few strangers. The point of the show is that we have to fight each other in incredibly weird environments, like a water park or a maze of air ducts. The winner of each fight advances, until the final two compete in a fight to the death. However, from the start of the show, none of us want to fight (friendship for the win). However, the host, a teenage girl with straight black hair, threatens us with a water bazooka if we donít do it. I conspire with one of my friends to fake a fight so the host doesnít kill us. I hold his head under the water for a couple seconds until he taps out. My next competitor is a kid who looks like heís maybe 8 years old. Since the start of the show, he was hiding in a pocket of air in the bottom corner of the swimming pool. As I dive down to get him, he quickly surrenders before I reach him. I manage to advance to the final fight, where my competitor is apparently the crazy jungle kid from The Wild Thornberrys, but I wake up before I can find him.

      DILD - 10
      RC - 1
      Interact with DC - 2
      Super speed - 5
      NLD - 1
      WBTB - 2

      Night 15 Total - 21 pts

      *Okay, to be fair, there is a school near my church that a couple kids in the youth group go to called Indian Rocks Christian. So even though it seems obvious in retrospect (ďIím Mismagius, you know, the one you always talk to on DreamViews IRC chat.Ē), of the entire dream this is probably the one thing I have a slight excuse for.
      Tags: competition
    14. 10/27/16 - Spooky Comp Night 13

      by , 10-27-2016 at 05:31 PM
      I donít remember much from my first dream, but Iím in some white, futuristic-looking room when I realize that Iím dreaming. Before I can do anything, however, this skinny bald guy walks in. Heís got an evil look in his eye, and I get just a really creepy vibe from him. He laughs like a crazy person for a bit, and then presses a button on a control panel off to the side of the room. This sends a debilitating electric shock through my body, and I end up on the floor having a seizure as the dream ends.

      I falsely awaken. I stop and think for a minute of who this guy from my dream might be - some kind of dream nemesis? I (falsely) recall several other dreams where heís been there to torture me, and vow that next time Iím dreaming (lol) Iíll find him and ask him who he is. I find myself in a hobby shop that mainly sells board games. Thereís apparently a scavenger hunt competition put on by the store going on, with the final treasure at the end being some incredibly valuable prize. I solve the first puzzle by using a key I found on one of about 100 lock-boxes in a random cabinet in the store. I use the number engraved on the key to open the corresponding lock-box, and inside is another key to another lock-box. I open about 3 or 4 boxes before I notice a very large guy in a black suit walk into the store and start looking around. I know heís looking for me, so I start running, which makes him give chase.

      I run through the Employees Only door into this huge foyer. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all white and black, kind of like some of the testing chambers in Portal. Apparently this is the headquarters of a huge tech company where the grand prize of the competition is being stored. I have to make my way to the center room to retrieve the grand prize, but the company has an insanely complicated security system that I have to disable at least partially to get there. Until then, thereís huge lasers covering most of the floors and doorways, and a ton of armed security guards roaming the halls. I take off down one hallway with a grid of lasers on the floor and carefully step my way through the gaps. Unfortunately, Iím spotted by some guard, who tries to attack me. He takes a leap at me, but heís almost moving in slow motion. I dive out of the way, taking care as I slowly float down to not hit any of the lasers. I turn around and notice heís doing the same - apparently he canít touch the lasers either. This continues for some time - the two of us gracefully tip-toe around like ballerinas dancing in low gravity, while making sure to get in a punch or a kick whenever we get the chance.

      I somehow manage to defeat him and get to the central room. I open the breaker panel and cut one of the wires to disable it. This shuts off some of the lasers (but not all, since apparently theyíre on separate power grids for added security). I grab the prize - a small slip of paper - and make for the exit again. Meanwhile, a guy is talking in my earpiece about how all the exits are surrounded by guards, so thereís no easy way out of the building. I just have to improvise, I guess.

      I head through another door into a very large white room. I realize that this room looks very familiar - this is the room the bald guy electrocuted me in.
      I deduce that I must be still dreaming (though Iím not ďfullyĒ lucid and donít think clearly). I think about flying out to escape, but I decide that the storyline is too interesting and I donít want to break character. So instead, I find an elevator shaft and start doing Mario-esque wall jumps to climb higher and higher. My path gets blocked by a laser grid, however, and before I can find another way to escape, I wake up.

      1 NLD - 1
      2 DILDs - 10 + 5 = 15
      WBTB - 2

      Night 13 Total - 18 pts
      Tags: competition
    15. 10/18/16 - Spooky Comp Night 4

      by , 10-18-2016 at 02:05 PM
      Iím playing this Virtual Reality console that intercepts your brain impulses so that your muscle movements move your game character instead of actually making your real muscles move (kind of like Sword Art Online). Iím in this dungeon game that is kind of a mix between Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus. I have to go from room to room, killing the giant dragon that lives in each room. Each dragon starts out invisible, so half of the gameís challenge is the puzzle of how to make the dragon visible so that you can actually kill it. The first dragon I remember facing was one involving a laser trip-wire and invisible fireballs. The dragon starts out blocking the laser so you donít see it, but once you get close enough, the dragon moves and starts shooting fireballs. The key is to stand in the path of the laser and reflect it at the dragon (using the sounds of fireballs passing by you to locate where it is) to make it visible. I finally accomplish this and quickly manage to kill the dragon.

      I donít really know what causes it, but I suddenly become lucid. However, as soon as this happens, Iím grabbed by an invisible force and pulled sharply downwards. It feels like a ton of strong, invisible hands are pulling me somewhere, and even though I know itís a dream, Iím still fairly terrified. I try my best to fight back. I struggle to break free of the grasp, then swing my fist, hoping to land a punch on whatever creature is fighting me before being grabbed again by what feels like even more hands. Itís somewhat disorienting, as I have the distinct feeling of being pulled, but the entire scene around me is completely still. This struggle continues for several unnerving minutes. I start to feel like Iím actually shaking and groaning in real life, though it may have been a false dream-me using the VR headset. The monster starts to become slightly more visible each time I hit it, though itís still mostly a purplish-haze that appears on me while Iím pulled. I finally get to the point where I canít take it anymore. I reassure myself that Iím dream and that I am in control. I then grab at one of the ďhandsĒ and do my best to swing it downwards, hoping to slam whatever is at the other end into the ground. It works, so I keep doing it, getting harder and harder with my swings each time. Finally, I release all my built-up rage towards this monster in one final powerful slam that cracks the concrete beneath it.

      The silence is deafening. I stop to catch my breath and take a look at what Iíve done. On the floor lying dead is this dragon-like creature that kind of looks like a blue version of Baloo from Zelda: Wind Waker, but slightly more snake-y. I look around and find that Iím still in the laser tripwire room, but the dragon from that room is back. I donít feel like fighting it again, so I check my inventory. I see a picture of the beast I just killed - apparently itís the second-to-last boss in the entire game. I also have the option to summon it to fight for me, which sounds like an awesome idea. I press the button to summon it, but the game kind of glitches out, and I end up standing on its head while it flies upwards, causing me to phase through the ceiling into the room above - the dungeon of the final boss, ďGlibcĒ (frick, Iíve been programming too much lately). Luckily, I manage to escape the room before the boss battle starts.

      I find out that the game is being recorded by the Game Grumps for one of their episodes, and once theyíre done, they turn off the console, which sends me back outside of the game into this huge ballroom. I meet this guy who Iím apparently supposed to get to know, since weíre going to start working together. I start talking to him, but I notice this holographic display pops up next to him showing his interests compared to mine. Theyíre all colored red - meaning we share absolutely nothing in common. I try thinking of something to say, but then I wake up.

      Iím still kinda shaken up from the nightmare, so I canít fall asleep right away (so basically a forced WBTB), but I eventually do. I have a small fragment of driving in a huge circle around my entire college campus on this road that somehow intersects itself.

      Iím now riding in a car about to meet up with some friends for a game of tennis. Iím riding in a car with two friends (who I donít actually know in real life), and we see our third friend walking from the parking lot into the park. Apparently one of our traditions is that whenever we see this friend, we throw a shoe at her. So my friend pulls my shoe off and throws it out the window, just barely missing her. We all get out of the car, when we realize that the entire place is infested with these huge yellow ants and a swarm of Beedrills. The ants start crawling up our legs immediately, and Iím especially vulnerable since Iím missing a shoe. I duck my head and hope not to get stung as I run through the Beedrills trying to get back to the car.

      DILD - 10
      Super Strength - 5
      Fully phase through ceiling - 10
      WBTB - 2
      1 Fragment - 0.5
      1 NLD - 1

      Night 4 Total - 28.5 pts
      Tags: competition
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