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    1/24/17 - Splendid Comp Night 11

    by , 01-24-2017 at 05:01 PM (379 Views)
    A rough night sleep-wise. I dont remember anything from before my WBTB, and then it took me forever to fall back asleep. I finally do though, and find myself at a concert. Theres this moving piece that someone is playing, and I suddenly become lucid. I listen to the chorus a few more times, hoping to commit it to memory for when I wake up.

    I FA in the guest bedroom, where the song I heard is playing on a radio and is slowly fading out. Im initially disappointed in myself for letting the lucid slip away, and that this song I thought was new apparently already existed. However, I decide plug my nose to check if Im still dreaming, and much to my surprise I can breathe fine. A large mirror on the wall immediately catches my eye, so I walk over to it. For some reason, the word Belch is scratched into the glass. I ignore it, and instead try to focus on phasing through the mirror. I first stick my hand inside, and the glass ripples like water around it. I stick my head through it now, and I can see the hallway on the other side of the wall, but it seems darker and more run-down. I jokingly mention that its The Upside-Down. I move back and forth on each side of the mirror several times, observing the differences. At one point, I see an ominous, ghostly purple blob, about 3 feet tall, start moving down the hall of the Upside-Down towards me. Im hit with a sudden jolt of fear, but I remember that this is a dream and prepare for a fight. As it enters the room, I jump back out of the mirror into the light zone and prepare to face it, but instead its now a golden glowing blob that seems much more friendly. It approaches me, and ends up moving into my body, which fills me with a wave of happiness and warmth throughout my body, but I quickly FA again.

    Im still in the guest bedroom, but now there are other people there as well. Theres some game going on in the corner, involving a ton of spheres on different stair-like platforms. On each level, you have to sort them using a different sorting method (alphabetical, size, etc.) that you have to figure out. Along the way, little dwarves pop out from under some of the stairs to either provide hints or sabotage you with false information, so you have to determine the lies from the truth. I observe someone playing this for a while until my alarm goes off.

    Also, I completely forgot the song.

    WBTB - 2
    2 DILDs - 15
    RC - 1
    Partial Phase - 5
    1 NLD - 1

    Night 11 Total - 24 pts

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