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    10/31/16 - Spooky Comp Night 17

    by , 10-31-2016 at 10:06 PM (216 Views)
    I’m at a high school reunion, where the entire class is in some quiz competition for a prize. One of the challenges is to guess the total height of the two shortest guys in the class, and ironically, both of those two get it wrong.

    I get up for WBTB, but for circumstances beyond my control, I stay up too long and don’t have enough time to sleep before my alarm goes off. Being the genius I am, I hit the snooze button about 3 times. After pressing it the third time, I start drifting back to sleep, when I suddenly find myself standing up beside my bed. My room looks weird, as one of the walls is at an angle. I plug my nose and find that I’m dreaming. I do my usual routine that I do when I start a lucid from my bedroom - I leave through the window. I take a running start and jump, phasing through the window until I start flying outside. I look down and notice that I’m incredibly high up above a castle, having just jumped out of one of the towers on the outer edge. I decide to fly to the top of the tower, where I see a stone gargoyle perched on the roof. I fly up to it and try to start a conversation, but it just starts shouting Bible verses about sexual immorality and then flies off. Weird.

    I slide down the roof, hopping from slope to slope until I finally reach the ground. I’m in this huge open field, and a ton of people in colonial outfits are walking around. It has a very Assassin’s Creed feel to it, which makes me remember (erroneously) that one of my personal goals was to assassinate someone with a hidden blade. I quietly sneak up behind one of the people and shove my hand into their back, and a blade appears that pierces through them. I look down and see that I’ve stabbed a young child - apparently this large field is a playground, as I realize everyone around me is under the age of 10. All of them stop moving and stare at me with a look of shock. I run off before the police arrive and/or the guilt sets in.

    I see a marker in front of me directing me towards my actual target, which is inside this large wooden house. I sense that my target is being interrogated in a room off to the right, and I have to rescue him by sneaking around the back, where there’s a guard sitting on the stairs. Luckily, there’s a nice little space under the stairs where I can hide, but I get kinda stuck trying to crawl into it on my stomach. While I’m doing this, the guard gets up and walks towards the hallway where my legs are still sticking out. I think my cover’s blown, but instead he just says “Legs up, love.” I bend my knees and lift my feet up. “Cheers, mate.” He continues down the hall completely unconcerned. I exit and head around to the stairs, where there’s a computer screen and mouse on a desk. It obviously seems strangely out of place, but I use it anyway. When I click the mouse, a large GlaDoS-like robot comes out of the wall in the next room and tazes the guard. I come around the corner and open the door to find my target is… Claptrap from Borderlands. Except he explains to me that his name is “Gary Gary Gary”. I tell him to follow me.

    I exit the room and find that I’m in a futuristic-looking train station of sorts. Everything looks white and pristine, and large electronic billboards light up the night sky. Just then, an announcement comes over the PA:
    “Attention, do not be alarmed. Police are on the scene searching for a white-cloaked criminal, last seen murdering a security guard and kidnapping a service droid, Gary Gary Gary. If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please notify a police officer.”
    I see a ton of police swarming the scene. “Gary!”
    “Uh, it’s ‘Gary Gary Gary’…”
    “Whatever! Shut up and act natural!”
    I stand with my back to the officers, hoping to not draw any attention and blend in. Instead, I hear an officer shout, and a bullet whizzes past my head. “Change of plans, RUN!”

    I take off towards the train tracks and cross to the other side, followed closely by Gary and my pursuers. I pull a white handgun out of my pocket and start firing back at the officers, managing to only take down one in the process. I turn down a small hallway and burst through a door here. Inside is a dark passageway with a long staircase down. I jump onto the rail and grind my way down on my feet. Once I reach the bottom, I cross another set of train tracks and reach a long staircase going back up. I turn around to see Gary has managed to keep up rather well, and behind him are fewer police officers. However, I start to hear the bark of police dogs, and I know that they’ll soon catch me. I pick up Gary and throw him under my arm. “Hold on tight!” I lean forward and put all my effort into picking up speed. It’s difficult at first, since I’m going upstairs, but I soon notice I’m taking the stairs 4 at a time at an incredible rate. I look around long enough to see the last of my pursuers disappearing into the darkness behind me. I slow back down as I reach the top of the stairs, which lead to an exit in a bright, hilly area. To the right of the exit is what looks like a street gang, but on closer inspection, I see that it’s the members of Pentatonix, singing “Zero to Hero” from Hercules.
    I soon wake up from my alarm going off. Not bad for a 10-minute snooze cycle.

    1 NLD - 1
    WBTB - 2
    DILD - 10
    RC - 1
    Fully phase through big solid object - 10
    Fly - 5
    Interact with a DC - 2
    Basic summoning (hidden blade) - 5
    2nd step (basic summoning) - 10
    Super speed - 5

    Night Total - 51 pts
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