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    Take a fun trip inside the enigma that is my mind. This is where I usually post my most vivid/lucid/favorite dreams.

    Recurring Characters:

    Me - What's a story without a main character? Let's just say if I had to describe myself in one word, it would be "derp". My dream form is about the same, with maybe a little less body fat and a little more self-confidence/courage. In my normal, non-lucid dreams, I tend to be fairly timid, much like my normal personality. In my lucids, however, I have a lot more courage, often speaking out and even fighting against those that hurt others or me. My dream control still sometimes needs work, but practice makes perfect.

    Vi - (Image) My brown-haired, green-eyed dream guide. She first appeared in a lucid a long time ago, but she's been appearing more often as of late. She was originally very soft-spoken, and often somewhat judgmental when I confronted her. However, as I've continued to interact with and get to know her, she's become more open and talkative (sometimes a little too much). She's still fairly new to me, so I there's still a lot I don't know about her, but I'm looking forward to seeing her more often and finding out as much as I can.

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