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    4/15/17 - Spring Comp Night 1

    by , 04-15-2017 at 06:22 PM (803 Views)
    Apologies in advance for my writing - according to my offline DJ, my last lucid was on February 22nd, so itís been way too long since Iíve written anything up fully like this. But WOW, leave it to competitions to finally break me out of my lucidless rut.

    Iím apparently good friends with Austin Hargrave (ďPeanutButterGamerĒ on Youtube), and Iím meeting him and another friend at a local pizza place. I contemplate asking him for tips on starting my own gaming channel on Youtube, but suddenly remember I need to call ahead and reserve a table.

    A house in my neighborhood that Iíve apparently been looking into buying just got sold to an elderly couple, and I drive by in my car to see them ceremoniously signing the final papers out on the front porch.

    I do a WBTB, and then fall back asleep with no dreams. I wake up about an hour later and manage to DEILD into a dream. Iím standing outside of a McDonaldís in the drive-thru lane. I RC by looking at my right hand - Iím first intrigued by how realistic it looks, but as I move it my fingers start turning invisible. My left arm is raised above my head for some reason, but Iím unable to move it. I assume itís up there because thatís where my real arm is, so I attempt to ďseparateĒ my dream arm from it. This sort of works - I now have a second left arm that I can control, but my original left arm is still raised. Somehow the dream starts to destabilize, but I manage to recover it enough and find myself in my bedroom at my old house. I stop to think of my 3-step tasks, and since the first one is to fly, I jump out my bedroom window and start flying. Underneath me, the entire landscape is a frozen tundra (an odd sight for a Florida home). I start to hear background music and quickly recognize it as the City Escape theme from Sonic Adventure 2. I continue to look around, but because all the snow around me is white, the entire dream turns white and I wake up.

    Two of my friends arrive at my house to hang out. One of them, who just got back from his architecture internship in California, has a projector screen under his arm and asks if I have a projector he can use to show us his portfolio.

    Iím at a cabin in the mountains, working undercover as a hiker trying to infiltrate some drug trafficking operation going on nearby. I manage to sneak into this warehouse nearby owned by one of the local gangs, but while Iím gathering evidence, a rival gang starts attacking the compound. I try to hide to make sure Iím not spotted by either gang, and somehow manage to sneak back out. I run to a laptop that Iíve stashed nearby to report back to headquarters, but before I can do that, one of the gang leaders comes from around the corner and points a gun at my head. I immediately become lucid and manage to strip the gun from his hands. The rest of the gang appears behind him and starts shooting at me, but because Iím lucid the bullets donít even penetrate the skin. I start firing back to take them down, but it turns out theyíre invincible as well for some reason. One of my team members throws some kind of grenade that magically turns them all into balloons, and then fires at them with a special dart gun to pop and kill them all. Soon after, a helicopter arrives to pick us up, and as we head back to headquarters, we fly over my college campus, which has a ton of new state-of-the-art buildings.

    For some reason, we have Easter church service in my bedroom, and I sing a duet with some other girl in the youth group, which manages to sound halfway decent despite having microphone difficulties.

    Iím at my old high school, where thereís an intramural softball game between my high school graduating class and a ton of DV members. Iím watching from the sidelines since I technically fall into both groups, but Iím secretly rooting for DV, and start cheering wildly when we score 2 runs on a sacrifice fly.

    Night 1
    5 NLDs - 5
    WBTB - 2
    First WILD (DEILD) - 10
    RC/Stabilization - 1
    Fly + 1st Step - 10
    First DILD - 10
    Gain Invulnerability - 5

    Night 1 Total - 43 pts
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    1. Letaali's Avatar
      Half the time I try to shoot something in a dream the bullets do nothing. I think dream bullets are just weak in general. Grats on the lucids!
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I agree with you. It sure does feel nice to gain those longer lucids after what seems like a hiatus. XD Oh Wow. PeanutButtergamer hehe Nowadays I feel like most people want to become popular game streamers. It is fun recording and having others watch though. Also, GJ at not letting those menacing dcs mess with you.
      spellbee2 likes this.
    3. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Everyone having lucids, awesome. Hope you get that hot streak going now that you broke your dry spell!
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