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    7/21/18 Nap - Flying Lucid Wrestling

    by , 07-22-2018 at 06:09 AM (594 Views)
    Heyyy, it's been well over a year since my last entry. So here's a fantastic one from today (hopefully the first of many) to get this DJ active again.

    I wasn't really trying for a lucid, I just kinda fell asleep while watching YouTube videos. But as soon as I was dreaming, I immediately know it is a dream (or at least, I don't really remember any one point where I became lucid). The dream is all about this sport for lucid dreamers that I can only describe as a combination between Blitzball from Final Fantasy, and sumo wrestling. There's a big spherical playing area, marked out by several semi-transparent triangular panels forming a dome of sorts (think like the dome at Epcot, but much smaller, with fewer triangles), all supported by four large poles, one on each corner, with smaller poles extending to hold the panels in place. Several of the panels are retractable, to serve as doors into the play area. Each panel is somehow slightly padded, although it managed to remain at least mostly see-through.

    The sport was played between 2 participants (apparently both lucid dreamers). Both contestants start at the center of the sphere, and at the sound of the whistle, have to use any means necessary to push their opponents into one of the panels, which scores a point. No special dream powers can be used except for flight. A sensor on each panel can detect when contact is made and from which competitor. The game is played for either some total time limit or point limit (I never actually saw a full match, so I don't really know).

    As an apparent celebrity in this lucid universe, I am selected to go against the current champion on the first ever televised broadcast of the sport. Of course, since I've been out of lucid practice for some time (and not really that good at sports), I'm scared that I will be swiftly defeated. Luckily, since the first televised event is a pretty big deal for the sport, the league has provided me a team of trainers to prepare me for the big match. We have several training sessions at my grandma's old house.

    For one of my exercises, I practice focusing my strength by trying to punch the ground with enough force to crack it. But the first 5 or 6 times I try, my fist moves very slowly, almost like I'm trying to punch at something underwater. Getting slightly frustrated, I remind myself that this is a dream, and focus my attention at remembering that I am in control and can punch with as much force as I like. I take a deep breath, focus for a bit, and try punching once more. This time, my fist moves at normal speed, but it feels like a normal punch, and the ground doesn't break from the impact (though thankfully, neither does my fist). I'm a bit disappointed, but one of my trainers comes over and grabs me by the shoulders. He looks me in the eyes and says, "Listen to me: forget about the punching. Can you fly?"
    "Of course," I say, as I lift myself up and start to hover.
    "Then you can fight."
    I realize he's right, and begin to focus on practicing my flying.

    The scene fast forwards to right before the fight. The entire atmosphere is on edge, as a lot of TV crew are rushing around making sure everything is set up perfectly for our broadcast. I'm backstage behind the main entrance to the stadium, and I finally meet my opponent - he's actually incredibly nice. "No hard feelings man - now whatd'ya say we go out there and give them a show." The intense music starts playing in the stadium, and we start to walk out. One of the stagehands shouts at me to come back - I'm supposed to be coming in from another entrance on the other side - but it's too late to fix, as I'm already out in the spotlight. I try to play it cool, but I'm a tad embarrassed that I messed up the production.

    We end up meeting in the middle, right outside the sphere, with the announcer, who interviews us both (I don't remember what is said). After that, we prepare to enter the dome. I apparently mess up the production again - we were supposed to walk around opposite sides of the dome for dramatic effect, but I accidentally walk the same way as my opponent. Maybe they should've had a rehearsal if they were gonna make it this complicated. Somehow, I end up getting lost on the way and end up in the audience, where I hear a rather old lady complaining. "Why do they have to have pads around the ring now? I remember in my day, we didn't bother with stopping people against them, we just let them keep flying away." I realize where the dome is, so I try walking to it up what is basically a mountain of foam padding. I start getting exhausted on my way up, when I remember that I'm dreaming, so I can fast forward if I like. I blink my eyes, and I'm now standing in front of the door to the dome with my opponent.

    We both enter. As we prepare to fight, the announcer drops one final "twist" on us. In order to spice things up for the TV viewing audience, they added a few "gimmick" rounds. The first one was the "Foam Round", and the sphere was quickly filled with tons of large foam blocks (kind of like the ones used in safety pits in gymnastics). A few of them were colored blue, and according to the announcer, if we managed to grab any of them, we would be give a special power we could use in the fight. The whistle blew, and I immediately started frantically trying to "swim" through the pool of foam. I didn't seem to get anywhere, as the foam was firm enough that it was difficult to push against, but small and fluid enough that my arms couldn't gain any traction against them. This went on for a few minutes, but judging by how long my flailing went undeterred, I imagine my opponent was struggling to find leverage as well. This really can't be good television...

    I falsely awaken - or rather, I "awaken" by removing a VR helmet from my head. I look around to see a large camera crew around me, with a green screen behind me. I realize that I'm part of some documentary on the technology behind VR. I also realize that I'm standing well outside of the safe playing area for the VR headset, and if I had flailed any more to the side, I would've knocked over one of the cameras. I apologize profusely, although I am also a bit disappointed that perhaps what I had experienced was not a lucid dream. At least, until I woke up from that dream to find that it was!
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Very cool dream sequences. Sounds like it was quite exciting overall. Had a vivid image in my mind of you going around the stadium and such and getting embarrassed. Was the stadium at all like in Zanarkand?

      Might I comment that, my first assumption is that in a way your dream's context isn't wrong. This forum is a universe of lucid dreamers, in a sense; and I can assume that you are popular here, being an admin and probably having been here a long time. Maybe you thought of these points already though.

      But that is solely my immediate inference of how your dream's context is generated, since I don't know the rest of your experience.
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    2. spellbee2's Avatar
      Thanks for reading! The stadium didn't look very much like Zanarkand. It looked rather Tron-like if I remember correctly, or at least like the lit up stage of a game show.

      I didn't really think about it when I woke up, but I guess you are kind of right that I'm a bit of a lucid celebrity - though it's probably best that I didn't think that. Don't want it going to my head .
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    3. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by spellbee2
      Thanks for reading! The stadium didn't look very much like Zanarkand. It looked rather Tron-like if I remember correctly, or at least like the lit up stage of a game show.
      Ah, that's interesting. So much for a potential dream interpretation I could have.

      Quote Originally Posted by spellbee2
      I didn't really think about it when I woke up, but I guess you are kind of right that I'm a bit of a lucid celebrity - though it's probably best that I didn't think that. Don't want it going to my head .
      It's fine if it was someone else says it... isn't it?