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    1. 2/22/20 - Car-Stealin' and Justice-Dealin'

      by , 02-23-2020 at 05:33 AM
      I'm driving with my dad, taking him to some appointment downtown. He seems really out of it, and the whole interaction with the doctor takes a lot longer than normal because he's giving them weird answers to their questions about his medical histor. We eventually leave and head back to the car, when I look at my watch and realize it's 1pm. I remember that I had an errand I had to run before the place closed at noon (I actually did have that in real life), and I start getting incredibly frustrated with myself, since this is the second appointment I've missed this week. I start to beat myself up about it, but then I start to think back, and I can't remember when I woke up. Holy crap, I must be dreaming! I do a quick nose pinch and find that I really am dreaming.

      This is my first lucid in months, so I start to wonder what I should do. Behind me is a busy highway, so I decide to take a page out of GTA and try stealing a car. I know that I'm invincible, so I decide to run out into the middle of the interstate towards the first car I see, jump towards it, and grab onto the side. I look in the window to see a whole family of 4 inside, all screaming in terror at me. Thinking that it'd probably be difficult (and unsafe) to throw all four of them out of the car, I decide to let go and try again with the next car, a large brown van. I hang onto the drivers' side and look through the window. This time, I see a 90-year-old lady driving, completely oblivious to the fact that I was right outside her window. I tap on the glass, but she still doesn't look away from the road. I inch my way further into her field of view, and eventually she notices me. "Oh goodness, dear, you startled me. You know my little old heart can't take it." She had a friendly smile on her face as she said it. I decide she's too nice to throw out on the road, so I apologize, wave goodbye, and let go of her car.

      The next car I see go by is a convertible, with two men holding guns out the windows - apparently having just come from robbing a bank. Ah, that seems like a morally-justifiable car to steal. I somehow run to catch up with the car, leap towards it, and grab onto the trunk. I start climbing my way towards the front, but as I get on top, the convertible top starts to pull apart. Meanwhile, the driver has noticed I'm on top of the car and has started swerving in an attempt to knock me off. Eventually, this swerving causes the convertible top to completely rip out of the car, sending me tumbling across the pavement. I look up just in time to see the car pulling off the road into a Publix parking lot. They both hop out of the car and into the store, and I quickly give chase after them.

      The inside of the store is a labyrinth - aisles are arranged in no particular layout, criss-crossing in a ton of different directions. The store's also very busy, with a ton of people around. And to make matters worse, the store is filled with Valentine's Day balloons, which block visibility around most corners. I chase the robbers on foot as best as I can, but I eventually lose sight of them. I pause in front of the deli to try to figure out which direction they went in, when a man taps me on the shoulder.
      "Hey man, I need a favor. I ordered a sub that should be done soon, but I really, really need to take a poo. Can you hold my place in line?"
      "Uh... I'm kinda busy."
      "PLEASE, I'm dying here!"
      I spot the robbers through the glass of one of the "Employees Only" doors. "I really can't help you man, sorry!" I shout, taking off for the door.

      I make it through the door and spot the two of them behind a second door, apparently counting up the money from their haul. I walk through the door to confront them, and immediately both of them point their guns at me.
      "Put your hands up! Now!"
      I observe the guns in my face - both revolvers. I reassure myself that I'm still dreaming. "Okay. But what if I don't?"
      Both of them look at each other, perplexed. The first one cocks his gun. "Okay wise guy, then what if I pull this trigger?"
      "Mmmm, I don't think that's a good idea."
      BANG! He pulls the trigger, only for his gun to backfire a ton of ash and smoke in his face. "Yeah, that's the problem with those things - you gotta make sure your bullets are facing the right way in the chamber. Otherwise it makes a big mess."
      The second guy fires his gun, with an identical result. I take a moment to tease them some more. "C'mon guys, is this your first first-degree murder?"

      The first guy, having regained his composure, checks his chamber to make sure his bullet is correct, and pulls the trigger again. The scene cuts to a side view in super slow motion. The bullet exits the chamber, flies towards me, and bounces off my forehead. With my super speed, I grab the bullet out of the air. I then pull the spent magazine out of the gun, which still has some gunpowder in it. I pour it into my hand, and then fling it into the man's face. For good measure, I also grab a hair net from the deli counter nearby and pull it over his face - and then just slap him a few times just to really rub it in.

      The scene goes back to normal, with the guy again covered in ash (and this time, the hair net). Both of them seem to realize what's happening now. "So, are you fellas done now, or do I have to kick your butts a little more to let the lesson really sink in?" They both look at each other, and then slowly place their guns on the ground. "That's what I thought."

      The scene fast forwards, and I'm now standing over both men, who are sitting on the curb in handcuffs. I apparently work for the FBI, as I have just phoned in to tell them that I've caught the suspects. I'm now looking through my phone at some database info on the two guys.
      "We're probably going to jail for a few days, right?"
      I scroll down in my phone to the section on the charges they'll be getting for the robbery, which include 3 counts of first-degree murder for the three Toads (from Super Mario) that were apparently working at the bank. "Oh, don't worry, bud. You'll be going to jail for a lot of days."

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    2. 7/30/16 - Summer Competition 2016 Night 1

      by , 07-30-2016 at 10:43 PM
      It's been too dang long since Iíve updated this. No lucids last night, but in the spirit of competition, I feel like I need to write something down. Plus who knows? It might be the spark I need to get back into it.

      I remember a small fragment of me driving in a car. I feel like I may have been lucid, but Iím really not sure.

      Iím in line at a department store. The guy in front of me is getting incredibly angry, and suddenly starts lashing out at the cashier. I stand up for her and tell him to lay off of her. He turns around and instead starts yelling at me, demanding me to give him my wallet. When I refuse, he pulls out a gun and points it at me. I think heís joking, but he puts it straight up to my forehead, and I can smell gunpowder, like itís been fired recently. I put my hands up and start pleading with him to not do this. Thereís a sudden flash of white, and I can feel like Iím separating from my body, almost like a WILD transition. All of my intense fear is replaced with a sudden peace. Is this what it feels like to die?

      Iím now in a car again, driving to college to return a bike that I accidentally took home with me. Along the way, I see a couple friends and stop to talk for a bit about how life has been going after graduation. I get back in my friendís car for the ride home, and he apparently has some high-tech 5G internet coverage built into his car. Itís so fast, that people are walking beside our car just to get the great internet speed.
      Iím woken up by my alarm, and try for a WBTB.

      I wake up in my bed with my sleep mask still on. I hear someone walk in my room, and for some reason say ďGreat Scott!Ē I take off my mask to see who it is, and itís my friend Scott (lulz). He starts searching around my room, and I ask him what heís looking for, he says my mini-USB keyboard. I look out the window to see a ton of people in my backyard, carrying a massive keyboard, the size of a small house. I grab my mini-keyboard from my night-stand and run down to help them (I donít know why the only two options for keyboards are super small and super big).

      Iím now in a strange camp, where some guy has set up a weird catapult set up a the top of a hill next to a Walmart. He grabs a lizard off of the ground and tries to launch it at the building, but the catapult moves really slow, causing the lizard to simply fall off the end. Somehow, itís suddenly grown in size, about as big as an alligator. It falls on its back and slides down the hill, crashing into the wall of the Walmart and taking out a huge chunk. I find this incredibly funny, and start laughing until I wake up.
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    3. 4/14/16 - Spring Competition Night 4

      by , 04-14-2016 at 10:02 PM
      Itís a school break, but instead of driving home, I decide to roller-blade all 800 miles home. Thankfully, it flew by pretty quick, and I was in the home stretch (no pun intended). I went around what seemed like the same curve 3 times, but the third time the road was wet, so I started hydroplaning. Luckily, I kept decent control of it and started to approach my driveway. My house was right on the edge of a huge forest that wouldíve been super cool to explore.

      I have a small fragment where Iím playing a story mode in Rocket League. Iím trying to drive up a fairly steep hill, but I donít have enough boost to make it all the way, and I keep sliding down the hill.

      After my WBTB, Iím at the chapel of my old high school, where thereís a funeral for one of my friendsí dad. During the reception, another friendís dad has some chest pain and gets rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, the ceremony starts, and a bunch of junior-high kids are playing music, which sounds terrible. Meanwhile, Iím bored out of my mind, so I play on my phone. After the ceremony, my old choir teacher stops to talk to my mom, so I go up on stage to check out some of the sheet music on the piano. On my way up, I realize something is off,
      so I RC and discover Iím dreaming. I try to recall some tasks, so I start with flying down the center of the room, which no one seems to notice. I soon quickly wake up, however.

      I lay still for about 30 seconds (longer than most of my DEILDs) and manage to fall back asleep. Iím now in my dorm hallway. I just decide to start running down the dream control list for the competition to rack up as many points as possible. First, I run super fast down the hallway, and manage to make it to the end and back in about 2 seconds. Next, I fly down the hallway again, just for good measure. As Iím flying, I throw my phone ahead of me, grab it with telekinesis and pull it back into my hand. I reach the end of the hall, so I land, get a running start, and phase through the door. I end up in the computer lab in the main building, which looks more like it did before they renovated it 2 years ago. I see a trashcan nearby, so try to make it disappear. I hold my hand in front of my face to block it from view, I will it to disappear, and when I remove my hand, itís gone. Awesome. I turn down the next corner and see a ton of desks with missing chairs, so I turn my head, imagine more chairs there, and turn back around to see a ton more chairs, all perfectly in line.

      I turn back around to see this one guy sitting at a desk, so I decide to interact with him. ďHey, howís it going? Iím going to interact with you.Ē (I actually said thatÖ)
      He stays silent for a few seconds. ď....Want some drugs?Ē
      He pulls out a ton of ripped up pieces of paper, claiming theyíre drugs. Of course, being the Saturday-morning cartoon-watcher that I was as a kid, I say no to his drugs and walk away.

      I then remember my task of transforming my arm into a robot arm. I hold it behind my back, try to imagine it changing, and pull it out again, but it looks the same, except for a single blinking LED on the back of my wrist. I try again, this time pulling my hoodie sleeve down to completely cover my arm. I walk up to some girl and tell her that I have an awesome robot arm. I pull down my sleeve to show them, but instead my arm is pretty disfigured. Itís at a weird angle, almost like itís broken, and thereís weird ping-pong ball sized lumps sticking out of the sides. The girl freaks out and runs away screaming.

      I try to think of some other stuff to do, when I get caught up with this group of people beatboxing and singing in the hallway. For some reason, I decide to join them and improvise a rap. I unfortunately donít remember any of the lyrics, but I remember I was rapping about how I canít rap. I leave this group and walk outside into this large parking lot, but then I wake up.

      2 NLDs - 2 pts
      1 Fragment - 0.5 pts
      WBTB - 2 pts
      DILD - 10 pts
      RC/Stabilization - 1 pt
      Flying - 5 pts (+5 1st Step) - 10 pts
      Lucid Chain - 2 pts
      Super Speed - 5 pts
      Telekinesis - 5 pts (+10 2nd Step) - 15 points
      Fully Phase through Big Solid Object - 10 pts (+15 3rd Step) - 25 pts
      Basic Unsummoning (trash can) - 5 pts
      Basic Summoning (chairs) - 5 pts
      Interact with DC - 2 pts

      Night 4 Total - 84.5 pts
    4. 2/5/16 - Spellbee's Grungefest 2016 Night 2 (2016 Lucid #17)

      by , 02-05-2016 at 10:54 PM
      I slept for 13 hours, and skipped all my classes hoping to feel better. I took some Delsym for my cough, but I think that affected my dreams a bit, as I didn't remember as many as usual. I did have a short lucid, even if it was just a fragment.

      I'm at this volcano and somehow know I'm dreaming. I remember trying to do something with my fingers to start a fire, but I never quite got it to work. Besides that, I kinda forgot to stabilize or anything, so I think I woke up pretty quickly.

      I'm now in this narrow passageway between these two brick buildings. There's a series of train tracks going down the middle, so I follow them down for a ways. At one point, the tracks get all twisted up, and I get scared that a train is going to come and be derailed by the screwed-up section of track. At this point, I become kinda semi-lucid and jump on the tracks, riding the rails with these roller skate-like things I suddenly have. I ride for quite a while, with one foot on each rail of the train track. The tracks continue until I get to this place that looks like one of the Bowser's Castle levels from Mario Kart. The rails take off in different directions, one going higher than the other, and I struggle to say on. I realize the ground beneath me has kinda disappeared, and instead is a large pit of lava. I attempt to keep my balance until I finally get back on solid ground.

      I somehow manage to get to the end, and I'm now with my dad and brother at the bottom of this hill that leads to a run-down barn in the country. I don't know I'm dreaming, but I do know I'm in some video game, and as we're walking, I even see the Xbox Achievement pop-up show up, awarding me with a strange achievement with a really long name. I run up this hill to get the barn, but just as I reach the top the barn bursts into flames. I watch in horror as the whole place comes crashing down, and the fire spreads to some nearby trees and bushes amazing quickly. The three of us run to safety as all of our surroundings start crashing down around us, until I finally wake up.
    5. 2/4/16 - Spellbee's Grungefest 2016 Night 1

      by , 02-05-2016 at 05:23 AM
      So the bad news is that I'm pretty sick at the moment. In fact, I woke up about 5 times last night for about 30 minutes each last night. Though it really sucks because I should be finishing my thesis right now, but my brain is pretty much too fried to concentrate. The good news (I suppose) is that I get some really interesting, vivid dreams when I'm sick (even if they're not lucid), and most (if not all) tend to have a very grungy theme to them. Words don't really do it justice, but the experience is pretty interesting - dirty landscapes, dystopian futures, chance of death around every corner. Fun stuff. So until I get better, the next few nights will be known as Grungefest 2016 (unless I get sick again later this year *knocks on wood*).

      I'm in this video game that's a mix between Prop Hunt, Call of Duty: Zombies, and the Hunger Games. The basic premise: me and a couple other people are trying to survive in a rundown building by finding several items we need to escape. But a ton of bad guys are trying to kill us, and they have the power to transform into any object. They are often even known to transform into other humans to gain your trust before killing you.

      Right now, I'm going around with my boss, trying to find a safe that will be unlocked by a key we just found. After checking the map several times, we finally find the marked location - a broken down cubicle in a dilapidated office complex. There's a safe on the desk, so I try opening it with my key. The key turns, but not all the way, so I can't open it. "Uh, Chad, this key isn't working."
      "Are you sure?"
      "Yeah, I've tried it just about every way I can. Try looking around, there's got to be another safe around here."
      "Uh, don't look now, but there's a cabbage behind you..."
      I freeze. Cabbages are one of the favorite transformations of the hunters. They're small, inconspicuous, and heck, no one pays attention to cabbages. I slowly turn around to get a look for myself. There, in the windowsill, is a large green ball.
      "Dude, that's a watermelon. It's totally fine. Hunters can't turn into watermelons."
      "Yes, but they can turn into Bill Murray."
      Outside the window by the watermelon, I can make out the silhouette of Bill Murray in the darkness. He has a very creepy smile, and I immediately get scared that he might come inside. Both me and Chad run off.

      Much later, I'm outside the main building, having just found one of the required items to escape. I'm walking back to headquarters, when a guy in a gorilla suit tackles me, takes my item, and runs off. I give chase, but he jumps on a motorcycle and starts to drive away. He starts to get away, but I notice he mostly stays on the sidewalk, so I cut across the grass, running at a surprisingly fast pace, until I cut him off up ahead. I jump and grab hold of the handlebars, pushing the guy in the gorilla suit out of the way. He unfortunately doesn't fall off completely, but instead manages to grab onto my leg as I drag him along. He laughs. "You've made your last mistake." I immediately know what he means - he's one of the hunters. He pulls out a very large vial with what I assume is poison and stabs it into my leg. I slowly feel my entire leg go numb, followed by the rest of my body. As the world around me fades to black, I hear him laugh one more time. "Nighty night..."

      All I see around me is darkness, and in the middle before I wake up I see in white, bold letters, "Game Over".
    6. 1/30/16 - Shootings, Basketball, and Call of Duty (2016 Lucid #13)

      by , 01-30-2016 at 10:40 PM
      Well, the competition's over, so I haven't been 100% focused on lucidity. But sleeping in on the weekend does have its benefits, so I had a short lucid. Not really much to report, but since I'm trying to post all my lucids for 2016 (#12 was incredibly short, and I forgot most of it), here it is, with a few neat non-lucids afterwards.

      Iím walking into the library at my college when I get an alert on my phone. Thereís apparently an active shooter on the other side of campus, and the president of the university was shot and killed. I look around and watch the rest of the students around me get the same alert on their phones. Most of them are incredibly shocked to hear the news, and one girl starts crying. This canít be happening. I slowly realize that shootings have (unfortunately) been a dream sign lately, so I pinch my nose really hard and hope for the best. Iím relieved to find I can breathe through it - Iím dreaming. I run down the hallway and yell to everyone, ďItís okay, heís not actually dead! This is just a dream!Ē I really donít know why Iím doing this, but it makes me wake up.

      Woke up about 10 minutes before my WBTB alarm, so I disabled it so it wouldnít turn on later, and then immediately went back to sleep (I already had one lucid, so why put in the extra effort to have another? ). Iím now back at my high school in the gymnasium. Theyíve remodelled a bit, with the most obvious difference being a giant scoreboard suspended over center-court. The main basketball coach sees me and asks me to keep the scorebook for the game (I used to do all the scorebooks for the basketball games - my brother was on the team, so I had to attend, but I didnít have many friends at the games, so it gave me something to do at least). I donít really want to, but I donít really have anything else to do so I oblige. I walk over to the court-side table, where my old history teacher and varsity football coach is controlling the score clock.

      Everything starts malfunctioning pretty quickly. First, the overhead scoreboard stops working, and someone mentions that itís come unwired and could fall at any minute. This of course doesnít delay the game (that would make too much sense), so they keep playing. As soon as the first tipoff happens, we realize that thereís still a ton of carts full of basketballs on the court, right under the basket. So they stop the game and move the carts, and continue where they left off. Next the scoreclock keeps messing up, not stopping when we want it to and changing time randomly. The ref is getting visibly mad, so we stop the game to try and fix it. Meanwhile, the scorebook keeper from the other team hands me her book to copy over the team lineup and other stats. While Iím doing this, my history teacher starts asking how my brotherís doing. It makes it really hard to concentrate, and I start making mistakes in my writing. Itís really difficult, almost as if all the numbers are moving all over the page and constantly changingÖ

      After the game ends, Iím outside. I somehow am now in a first-person shooter game like Call of Duty. Iím on the run from the Secret Service, who show up in black suits and start shooting at me. I take cover behind a few cars and manage to escape the property and get across the street. They continue to shoot, but I pull out a few guns of my own and fire back. I quickly get surrounded, but I manage to shoot my way out and to safety. I use a lot of ammo, however, and I realize I might soon run out. Meanwhile, one of my ďfriendsĒ (IRL, it was Ryan Higa of YouTube fame) runs from around the corner and tosses me another gun - this one fires a shotgun-like burst of lasers. Awesome. I start firing some more and manage to thin out more of their ranks.

      This intense firefight continues for a bit longer, until I hear one of them start yelling to stop. Their entire side stops firing, and I do the same. Thereís a long, almost comedic silence, as a school bus slowly drives across the street between me and the bad guys. Over the roar of the bus, I hear someone on the other side shouting ďI knew it was a bad idea to pick a fight in a school zone!Ē I take advantage of this lull in the action and toss a grenade under the bus, so it rolls across the road to the bad guys on the other side. As soon as the bus drives off, it explodes, sending the rest of the bad guys flying in every direction. Iím about to walk away into the parking lot behind me, when I see a car hurtling towards me, swerving back and forth. Itís heading straight for me, so I do an epic slow motion jump over it.

      My hand slaps onto the trunk somehow, and Iím instantly stuck to it, with an almost Spiderman-like grip. The car keeps driving, now quickly picking up speed. I lean over and manage to pick the lock to the trunk and climb inside, closing the trunk behind me. I hear over the intercom that Ryanís been kidnapped, and heís in the back seat of the car Iím in. Heís apparently incredibly scared, and his heart rate is through the roof, so the mysterious voice over the intercom tells me I need to calm him down. Words now appear in front of me, like itís the screen of a video game. Iím supposed to sing them out loud to calm him down.

      ďWhatever happened to predictabilityÖĒ
      My God, is this the Full House theme song?
      ďQuieter! Youíre gonna blow your cover!Ē
      *sigh* ĒThe milkman, the paperboy, evening TVÖĒ
      I feel incredibly ridiculous, but an indicator on the ďscreenĒ is showing that his heart rate is going down, so Iím doing it right. Unfortunately, I wake up before I can get to the chorusÖ

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    7. 1/22/16 - Competition Night 12 (2016 Lucid #10, #11)

      by , 01-22-2016 at 07:55 PM
      A short fragment here about dogs. Something about a Yorkie doing something or another. Definitely a fragment though.

      After my WBTB, I find myself in my old high school, walking through the halls. Everything looks kinda futuristic, like monitors on all the lockers, and people using hovering chairs to get to class. I realize that I just fell asleep, so Iím currently dreaming. I grab one of the chairs as it floats by and jump on, kind of surfing on it as it goes. I pull up on it to make it go higher, and by tilting it I pretty much control wherever it goes. Itís pretty fun, actually, but I remember that I have tasks to do, so I start with my 3-step task. To teleport, I imagine a portal beneath me, and then when my chair is a good distance over it, I jump off and into the portal.

      I now find myself running through a long forest, which looks like some Sonic the Hedgehog level. Iím actually running at super speed, which again feels awesome, so I keep going with it. I remember my next task is to phase through a big solid object. So as Iím running, I just decide to run straight through some of the trees. I phase through about 3 of them at high speed, so it doesnít even feel like much of anything. After the 3rd one, though, the scene starts to glitch out, and suddenly the forest around me glitches out and is replaced by a bunch of TV static in the silhouette of the forest around me. Iím kind of suspended in the static-ness for a few seconds, until a new scene forms. This one looks like another Sonic level, this time on a long highway with a bunch of overturned vehicles. I decide to knock out the 3rd and final task, super strength. Conveniently, thereís an overturned tanker truck near the edge of this bridge that has partially collapsed. I walk up to it and give it a nice shove over the edge, and it falls into the water below. Having completed all three tasks, I contemplate what to do next until I wake up.

      I stay awake for a bit, contemplating whether or not to journal this dream. However, laziness takes over, so I just roll over and go back to sleep. I WILD back into my futuristic high school at the beginning of the last dream. It looks slightly different now, almost like a mix between a high school and a Chuck E. Cheeseís (or a Fazbearís Pizza, if you prefer). Thereís even that gross 90ís purple carpet with all the random green and red shapes scattered across, like there is at just about every bowling alley within 20 miles of me. I fly around for a bit longer and think of my next task, until I see a really long, really tall mirror on one of the walls. Well, what better place to work on transforming into a woman?

      I land and walk over to the mirror, imagining myself with different lady parts. I notice my legs getting skinnier and my butt getting bigger, so I look up into the mirror. I notice my breasts, but, uhÖ theyíre kinda out of place. For one, theyíre uneven, and theyíre fairly low on my chest. Okay, lemme try again. I look down and then back up. Itís, umÖ still not right, now itís way too high. I try a couple more times, but it never quite works just right. I then decide to check down where it counts, and unfortunately my manly junk is still there (and manly as ever *wink*). I try to make it go away, but every time I reach down to check, itís still there.

      I give up on trying to brute force it, and instead decide to convince myself that I have a transformation pill in my pocket. I reach in my pocket and find two pills, so I pull out one of them. Itís a small, light blue pill with the word ďFemaleĒ written on it. I pop it in my mouth and bite into it, feeling the strange powder inside on my tongue. I swallow the contents, and suddenly start to feel a pressure in my entire body. When it stops, I look back in the mirror, and notice that everything is in its proper place. I reach in my pants, and sure enough, itís, uhÖ not my normal kind of stuff down there. I reach around to ďinspectĒ in more detail, but I end up waking myself up because, uhÖ wellÖ you can imagine. *coughs*

      1 Fragment - 0.5 pts
      WBTB - 2 pts
      First DILD - 10 pts
      Flying (1st lucid) - 5 pts
      Teleport + 1st Task - 10+5 - 15 pts
      Super Speed - 5 pts
      Fully Phase + 2nd Task - 10+10 - 20 pts
      Super Strength + 3rd Task - 5+15 - 20 pts
      First WILD - 10 pts
      Flying (2nd lucid) - 5 pts
      Full Transformation - 10 pts
      Old Task (Transform into a woman) - 10 pts

      Night 12 Total - 112.5 pts
    8. 1/19/16 - Competition Night 9 (2016 Lucid #8, #9)

      by , 01-20-2016 at 04:54 AM
      Combining my nightís dreams and my napís dreams.

      I win a helicopter in some sweepstakes. IĎm going to go show my roommate, but I forget where I parked it.

      Iím in some video game with three of my friends. Thereís these cool buttons that you can find throughout the game, that give you a ton of XP if you press them really fast. Unfortunately, I didnít know about how you were supposed to press them really fast, so I only got 1 XP each time. Somehow we get on the subject of lucid dreaming, and I even tell them about DreamViews.

      Woke up here, went to class, came back and napped during my 4 hour break.

      Iím at my church, playing piano for the service. Weíre playing some song I had never heard before, but I was sightreading the sheet music pretty well. Thereís a nasty key change where it goes from C Major to C# Major, so I lose my place and just drop out. The worship leader glares at me for dropping out, but continues to sing. I listen to the lyrics a bit as the dream starts to destabilize, and they mention something about mango. I suddenly remember talking to AstralMango in IRC and DreamViews in general, so I become lucid - about 2 seconds before I wake up.

      I laid still and managed to DEILD into another dream. I start out standing on top of my bed. For some reason the only thing I think of is to put on some armor, and as I think about this, two metal things extend from my arms and cover my hands and forearms. Theyíre fairly blocky, kinda like something out of Minecraft, but I feel strangely powerful while wearing them. I test them out by jumping from my bed and pounding my fist into the ground. It makes a loud thud and cracks the floor around me. Huh, I still think I can do better. Letís bring all 3 floors of this building down. I jump again, and land even harder, pushing through the floor until I go through both stories beneath me. The rest of the building kind of crumbles away, as I walk off towards the nearest parking lot.

      Thereís these weird creatures walking around, that look like creepers from Minecraft with broccoli for heads. I suddenly realize that I now have a rifle in my hands, so I try to take out a few of them with my gun. Some of them have more than one broccoli head, so I have to shoot all of them to kill them. This continues for a few minutes, until I am interrupted by the sound of my alarm.

      1 Fragment - 0.5 pts
      2 Non-lucids - 2 pts
      DILD - 10 pts
      Super Strength - 5 pts
      Lucid Chain - 2 pts

      Night 9 Total - 19.5 pts
    9. 8/28/15 (nap) - Sexy Competition Night 11

      by , 08-29-2015 at 04:47 PM
      (Shhhhh, this entry's a day late. Don't even worry about it...)

      I took a nap this afternoon after classes, and decided to try a WILD for unknown reasons . After a while, I definitely started to notice strong vibrations and HH. I waited for quite a long time before trying to move to make sure I had fully transitioned. Eventually, my torso shot upright in bed, and I knew I was dreaming. Man, that felt like an eternity, but at least it worked. The dream didnít feel incredibly stable, so I tried rubbing my hands together some, mostly to no avail. I woke up and fell back asleep at least 5 times (probably more), each time finding myself in a different place. As such, itís kinda hard to put any of these events on a timeline.

      I am at this water park, on top of this giant structure full of pipes, slides and ladders going every which way. I notice some of them take crazy directions and even make loop-de-loops. Oh man, this is a Sonic level, isnít it? How convenient! I jump across some platforms until I reach this long slide downward leading to a loop at the bottom. Instead of sliding, I take off running down the slide at an incredibly high speed and through the loop. I eventually get to a tunnel, so I spin around the loop for a while. I actually get a bit dizzy, so the dream destabilizes.

      Iím driving this strange futuristic car. The car is incredibly wide, the outside is entirely chrome, and the inside looks like a spaceship. I decide that since this car looks so much like a spaceship, I should take it flying. I was using the steering wheel, but I manage to change it into a joystick so I can have better flying control. I pull way back on the joystick, but only manage to get a few feet off the ground. The car is hovering, but it is incredibly hard to control, and I keep swerving until I fly off the side of the road. I end up on top of a lake, but Iím still hovering over it.

      After several FAs in a row (which I donít remember entirely), I end up in this very small room with a ton of pebbles as the floor. Iím only partially lucid by this point, and begin to wonder if Iíll ever wake up, since I feel like this whole dream has lasted a really long time. Iím getting slightly claustrophobic in this small room, so I try digging my way down through the pebbles. I go down a few feet, but then fall into an even smaller room. On top of that, all the pebbles from the upper room start pouring in, making the room even smaller. I start freaking out, but then remember that Iím dreaming and I can wake myself up. I start focusing on my breath and breathing hard enough to wake me up. It takes an incredibly long time for it to actually work. Of course, the one dream today thatís actually stable is terrifying as crap. I finally feel the dream start to destabilize.

      I wake up in my own bed. My roommate starts laughing because I was making weird noises in my sleep. I begin to explain to him everything, but then I wake up for real.

      WILD - 10 pts
      Chained LDs (x5) - 10 pts
      Stabilization - 1 pts
      Super Speed - 5 pts
      Old Task: Run at super speed through a Sonic the Hedgehog level - 10 pts
      Object Changing - 5 pts
      Fly - 5 pts
      Use an Ordinary Object (car) to Perform Dream Control - 5 pts

      Dream Total - 51 pts
    10. 8/25/15 Sexy Competition Night 8

      by , 08-25-2015 at 08:06 PM
      I'm already lucid, and find myself at my old high school. One of my old teachers is in the parking lot, and Iím trying to sneak past her. I try to turn myself invisible, but each time I try to sneak past her, she sees me. After 3 or 4 attempts, I decide to try something different. I summon one of the gloves from Ant-Manís suit and put it on. I push the button, and instantly I shrink down to a very small size. I run past her to the other side of the parking lot, and then grow back to normal size.

      Next, I find myself in this tall house with some guy that looks like Leonardo Dicaprio. I look out the window to see that Iím on the 3rd floor. I remember that one of my personal tasks is to fall from a great height and hit the ground at full speed. I walk to the end of the hallway, get a running start, and then jump out the window. At first, I hit a canopy on the first floor before bouncing down to the ground. Iím not satisfied with this, so I ďresetĒ and try again. This time, I clear the canopy and land in this dirt clearing between the house and the forest. I hit the ground pretty hard, and it makes a fairly satisfying thud. Iím completely unhurt, but thereís no noticeable damage to the ground beneath me. I think about trying it again, but the dream switches.

      Iím now in this strange maze. It seems like itís in someoneís backyard, and itís made entirely of cinderblock walls. Iím in the maze with 2 other guys, and we approach a small crawlspace with a motion-detecting security system directly above it. The two of them go through first, being careful to not set off the alarm. As the second guy enters the small door, he turns around and smirks before intentionally setting off the motion detector. An alarm sounds, and the door shuts behind him. A laser emerges from the wall just below the motion detector, and quickly aims at me. I duck behind a nearby wall for some shelter. Thereís several other monsters on my side of the wall, but I donít really have much of a choice, since I can still hear the laser firing behind me. I try to stay as motionless as possible, to prevent from drawing any attention. I spot an exit on the other side, past the laser room, so I take off running. I feel myself getting shot in the back by the laser, which burns a little bit every time it hits, but I do manage to make it to the exit before the dream ends.

      DILD - 10 pts
      Basic Summoning - 5 pts
      Use an Electronic Device - 5 pts
      Full Transformation (Shrinking) - 10 pts
      Gain Invulnerability - 5 pts
      New Personal Task - 15 pts
      1 Non-Lucid - 1 pts

      Night 8 Total - 51 pts
      Competition Total - 149 pts

      Updated 08-25-2015 at 11:08 PM by 63804 (Scoring correction)

    11. 8/20/15 - Sexy Competition Night 3

      by , 08-20-2015 at 04:55 PM
      Iím at this strange pool party with a ton of people I donít know. Theyíre handing out beers, but I pass. One guy near me, who is supposedly my friend, starts pressuring me into drinking it. I realize Iíve never met this guy before, and this whole situation seems strangeÖ Oh yeah, Iím dreaming. I do a nose plug RC just to make sure, and (although itís slightly blocked like I have a stuffy nose or something) I can breathe through it. I rub my hands to stabilize, but despite my effort the dream falls apart.

      I lay motionless in my bed for a few seconds, and Iím quickly brought back into another dream. Iím now in the main upstairs hallway of my house. I quickly try to remember my tasks for the competition. Probably best to start with the 3-step tasks. I start off running at super speed towards my parentsí bedroom. Iím not incredibly fast, but Iím significantly faster than normal, so I figure itís good enough. I run towards the window, leap through the screen to the outside, and start flying. I kinda struggle at the start, but then I get back under control and start flying higher. I look down and notice a giant cliff off the side of my backyard. Guess itís a good thing I figured out this flying thing.

      I turn around and land in my driveway, where thereís an old arcade version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Wait, isnít that one of my personal tasks for the competition? I start playing for a bit, until I realize the actual task is to run through a level myself. Wait, I wonder if I can transport myself into the game. I reach in the back of the machine, pull out a loose VGA cable, and start to stick it in my mouth. I hesitate a bit, since Iím afraid of getting shocked on my tongue, but I remind myself that itís a dream and ďplug inĒ the cable. I do feel a distinct shock on my tongue, though itís not as painful as I thought it would be. Some lights start flashing around me and I feel the scenery changing, but the dream destabilizes before itís complete.

      I again lay motionless in bed. It takes longer to transition this time, but I do eventually succeed. Iím now in this old classroom of a high school that looks like itís just been converted to a storage room. Thereís a ton of chairs, boxes, and filing cabinets all over the room, but thereís still a convenient pathway to walk around. Thereís also someone sitting at a desk in the corner, but he seems to be minding his own business, so I ignore him. I realize I never actually finished the 3rd step of my 3-step task - teleportation. I try out a technique I read on the forum called ďblinkingĒ, where you teleport short distances very quickly, good for dodging attacks. I focus towards the end of the walkway, close my eyes, and thrust my head forwards before opening my eyes (in a motion similar to Jeannieís in I Dream of Jeannie). Iím now at the end of the walkway, several feet ahead of where I originally was. I turn around and try this several more times, somewhat astounded at how simple and natural it feels. I try to step it up a bit by trying to blink to the other corner of the room. Unfortunately, I donít really move at all, maybe only a foot or so towards my destination. I realize itís because I wasnít really visualizing my destination before blinking. However, before I can try again, the dream destabilizes.

      I wake up in my bedroom. Rhett and Link are standing next to my bed trying to wake me up. Link is holding a bowl of pennies, and Rhett explains that the Mythical Beasts all donated pennies as a birthday present. Link points to the package of bacon at the top of the bowl. ďThatís from us.Ē Iím kind of mad that they woke me up from my lucid, but I canít help but find the situation hilarious. I reach up to remove my sleep mask and earbuds, but then I wake up for real.

      WBTB - 2 pts
      DILD - 10 pts
      RC/Stabilization - 1 pts
      Chain a Lucid Dream (2) x2 - 4 pts
      Super Speed (5) + 1st Step (5) - 10 pts
      Flying (5) + 2nd Step (10) - 15 pts
      Teleport (10) + 3rd Step (15) - 25 pts

      Night 3 Total - 67 pts
      Competition Total - 72 pts

      Updated 08-20-2015 at 05:13 PM by 63804

    12. 6/12/15 (nap) - Black Flag, Firebending, and Howie Mandel

      by , 06-13-2015 at 03:21 AM
      I was on this small colony on an island. Everything looked and felt kind of like Assassinís Creed: Black Flag, and I was one of the assassins in my hooded cloak. I was semi-lucid, and remember having a conversation with some guy on the beach. He mentioned something about fire, and I remembered that firebending was something I really wanted to do in a dream. I held out my hand, did a little flick of my wrist, and my hand caught on fire. I could feel the heat from the fire quite noticeably. It didnít hurt at first, but it got hotter over time, so I had to take breaks every couple seconds. I tried a couple times to make the biggest fireball I could before having to stop because of the heat.

      A highly convenient representation of my situation from a YouTube video I watched the other day.

      I was now at this event at this large outdoor arena. I was on stage seated with Howie Mandel (comedian and judge on ďAmericaís Got TalentĒ) and one other guy. Howie got up to do a stand-up routine for a few minutes before introducing me as the next comedy act. I was actually surprisingly calm (despite how nervous I would be in the same situation in real life), but I still didnít really know what to say. I got up and told a few jokes (which I remember thinking were fairly cheesy, but the audience liked them) before finally waking up.
    13. 3/14/15 (nap) - Siri Sucks

      by , 03-14-2015 at 07:22 PM
      I tried to take a nap today. At first, I woke up after an hour with nothing recalled. I tried going back to sleep, and only had two small tidbits that were actually notable.

      I was in this large mall or some kind of indoor flea market. It had a very country theme, as everything was made of dark wood. The place was so big, I had no idea where the exit was, but I wanted to get outside where there were more possibilities. I found a wall that looked like it went outside, so I decided to phase through it. I ran full speed at the wall, and then...

      WHAM! I hit the wall so hard, that I actually fell backwards to the ground. Man, I'm clumsy in my dreams. I got up, shook my head a bit, and tried again. This time I made it through relatively fine. I was in this parking lot under construction. It was really sunny, but it somehow started to rain. It felt refreshingly cool and incredibly realistic. I tried to use this to stimulate my senses and stabilize, but instead I woke up


      I DEILDed into someone’s house. It was apparently my buddy M’s, but it’s not his IRL. I had been having trouble the whole dream with dream control and stability, so I thought I’d try something new. I pulled an iPod Touch out of my pocket. It was a tad smaller than a normal iPod, but it would do. I was hoping that since I’m so into technology, my subconscious would easily accept me using this iPod as my remote control for the dream. I moved through some of the menus, but interestingly enough, it only had a few of the normal iPod functions, like music and a few simple apps. I tried turning on some music to see what it did, and suddenly there was music playing throughout the room. It took me a while, but I eventually recognized the song - the Alphabet song… It sounded like a very childish version that you might play for younger kids to help them learn the alphabet. Let’s just say I was hoping for something slightly more... energetic. I hit the “Next” button, but the same song started playing again. I kept hitting it, hoping for a new song, but it just kept starting over from the beginning. I hit some other button, and some other song finally started. It sounded similar, but it no longer felt ridiculous, so I just accepted it and moved on.

      Unfortunately, there weren’t many other functions I could find in the three screens of the main menu. Wait a minute, I know how to solve this.
      “Hey Siri.”
      The familiar robotic voice came to life, “How can I help you?”
      “Change the world gravity to 0.”
      The iPod switched to some other app, asking if I wanted to add a custom voice command. Of course it doesn’t want to understand me… Nothing else is working today, why would this? I pressed submit for this screen, and then took a few steps before jumping to test it out. Sure enough, I continued up to the ceiling. It felt less like zero gravity and more like I was just flying, but at least it was progress.

      I landed outside and tried again. “Hey Siri.”
      “Hey Sim.” This response seemed weird, I have no idea why it called me Sim.
      “Spawn a car.”
      “Okay, spawning car.”
      I expected a car to show up in front of me, but instead some text was floating just above the ground: Ob_New_Car_1: Texture missing. Are you freaking kidding me? My brain is missing texture files now? I fiddled with it some more until I woke up.

      I knew I should’ve gotten Android.

      Updated 03-14-2015 at 09:58 PM by 63804 (Added an extra fragment I remembered)

    14. 2/24/15 - Trying for Vi

      by , 02-25-2015 at 07:45 AM
      In my recent dreams, I've been trying to meet my dream guide, Vi. I haven't successfully met her, but it's at the top of my intention list right now. So today when I had a chance to take a nap, I went for it.

      I WILDed into the foyer of my house. I knew fairly quickly that I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands to stabilize, and then got down to business.

      "Vi, my dream guide, I command you to appear. I am ready to meet you. I want you to come here."

      I turn around to the front door, which has this stained-glass design on it like in real life. Through the glass, I can see someone with brown hair, so I open the door fully expecting Vi.

      Instead, I opened the door to what can only be described as a mix between Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (post-blueberry) and Honey Boo Boo's mom. I was kind of shocked and disgusted. She ran inside, mumbling something about the bathroom. Behind her were two guys with beer bellies and mustaches standing in front of a large trailer parked on my front lawn. They apparently has lost their orchestra instruments in my yard. I helped them find a violin and a cello before finally thinking, "What the heck am I doing? I have lucid stuff to do..."

      I ran off towards the side of the house. One of the men shouted at me "What are you running for?" That's right, why am I running, when I could be flying. I try to lift off the ground, but for some reason I can't stay in the air, and fall back down to earth. I kind of got mad, and stopped to do it right. I took a big leap, but again I started to fall out of the air. I quickly flapped my arms once, and that was enough to send me sailing high. I clumsily steered myself over my roof, and then came down hard onto it.

      Now that I was back by myself, I tried again. "Vi, my dream guide, I need to talk to you. I am ready to talk to you. Please come here." As I was saying this, the day quickly turned to dusk and then to night. The scene started to turn black, but before it went completely dark, I saw the silhouette of a girl with long hair saying something to me that I don't remember now.

      I woke up back in my bed. I tried to DEILD, but I had no luck. Only about 20 minutes had passed, so I had another hour or so until I had to get up. I went back to sleep, but had no more dreams.
    15. 1/27/15 - Sensei Comp. Day 3 (nap) - Finally, a breakthrough

      by , 01-27-2015 at 07:48 PM
      I got out of one of my classes early today, so I was able to take a much-needed nap.

      Nap time: 10:30

      This was by far my cleanest WILD transition ever. I was laying on my side, noticing the vibrations and everything, when the scene went white, and I lost feeling of my bed and my blanket. "Cool, I'm already asleep." This was my first ever blank canvas - the first time I was in the void, free to visualize my own dream. I tried to synthesize a beach scene by breaking down my senses. I pictured the sea in front of me, and tried to feel the sand under my side. The scene didn't change, but I did feel like I was being pushed, like the tide was coming in around me. I tried to use that, but instead it started pushing me faster. Next thing I knew, I was flying over this large city, which looked like a Super Mario 3D Land level.

      I flew around the top, almost on autopilot, while there was a deep female voice overhead, talking about the world that I was entering. I finally touched down, but realized I was giant. I looked down at the little people beneath me. They surprisingly didn't mind having a massive skyscraper-tall monster looming overhead. I tried to shrink myself down. There was a large skyscraper next to me. I tried to change my perspective on it, which would change my relative size. I crouched on the ground beside it, and when I stood back up I was about half my original size. After two or three more tries, I was down to about 30 feet tall. It was close enough for me, so I took off and flew around it. I noticed I was still getting smaller, and when I landed behind it, I was back to normal size.

      I could've gone on to do some other dream control tasks, but I decided to try one of my own personal goals. I called out to the voice above me. "Show me my dream guide." There was a short silence, and then I heard a response. "Okay." Well that was easy.

      There was a sudden breeze that came from behind me. I turned around to see this brown-haired girl in the distance. I was certain this was the brown-haired girl that had been helping me in some of my previous dreams, so she had to be my dream guide. She went behind a building out of sight. I ran around the building, and found instead 5 or 6 people talking to each other, 3 of which were brown haired girls. I didn't feel like any of them were the one I was looking for, so I called out for help.

      "Which one is my dream guide?"
      There was no response from the voice in the sky.
      "Is it all of them?"
      Still nothing. I was on my own now.

      I walked up to them, kind of nervous for some reason. "Excuse me, this may seem like a weird question, but which one of you is my dream guide?" This girl with white-dyed hair turned to her friend. "That's cute, he thinks he has a dream guide."

      They all laughed and went back to talking. I proceeded to ask more questions, but they just ignored me and kept talking to each other, even when I got right up in their faces. I finally gave up, as this was going nowhere. I went off to continue the search elsewhere, when...

      Wake up: 11:00 am

      My worst nightmare. I got a call on my phone, which woke me up. I tried not to move, waited until the the call stopped, and tried to DEILD back into the dream, but after 10 minutes with no luck, I gave up. The dream was going great, too. It was super vivid and super stable, so I would've been there a while if my phone hadn't gone off. Still, this was definitely the breakthrough I needed in the competition, as I doubled my points!

      1 dream: 1 pt
      WILD: 10 pts
      Flying + 1st step: 4 pts + 5 pts
      Unspecified Dream Control (shrinking): 3 pts
      Basic Summoning: 4 pts
      Interact with DC: 2 pts

      Nap total: 29 pts
      Competition total: 52.5 pts
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