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    1. 3 Dreams Again. Strange School..Choir..and Work

      by , 01-24-2012 at 11:53 PM
      School and a Strange Lesson

      I was assigned to a group of infant school kids. I had to help them with their work. The Teacher was talking, but for some reason, I hadn't the slightest idea what he was talking about. I noticed that I was in my old primary school classroom, but the teacher, I had never seen before.
      Then, we ended up moving onto my old primary school field and we were sorted into teams. I couldn't exactly work out what the teacher was talking about, but it sounded like he was giving a motivational speech to a group of football players.
      Then we were back in the classroom again. We were all given a piece of card, with what looked like a football pitch drawn on it. On the card were several coloured, round markers; white, black, red,
      green, yellow and blue. Each marker supposedly represented something, although I got the feeling again of not being able to understand.
      The 2 team members that were on my team were just lying on the floor like zombies and had no intention of helping at all.
      I had to go to the toilet, so I left the room and went upstairs. When I was on my way I saw a girl struggling to get out of some quicksand. I helped her out and then asked her to come with me. She refused. She said she had to put some clothes on. I told her that we had no time and that we had to go now. I wrapped her up in a blanket and pulled her down the stairs. Then we were back in the classroom again. My Dad was there, sitting in an armchair, he accused me of telling all the kids about the 9/11 bombings - Weird!
      Some of the kids were crying and upset because they thought that they were going to be bombed.
      The teacher was summing the lesson, while all the kids were crying.

      .......And 2 really short dreams.....


      All the Choir, including myself, were sitting at a long table. I had to give out Christmas presents. The names on the presents were really tiny and I had to look really carefully to see whose name it was.
      I gave them out. People clapped and cheered as they were opened.
      (Quite a nice little dream actually)


      Again, I was cashing up. One of my colleuges asked for my help with something. I told her that I would do it and that she could go home, I said that I would finish up here.
      She had written me out this long statement of how amazing she had been today and all her fantastic results for the days trade. She asked me, when I phoned the Area Manager with the figures for the day, could I read out this statement that she had written about herself.
      I finished the paperwork and then went to leave. As I was leaving, I realised that I hadn't called my Area Manager!
      I woke up!