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    1. Strange Dream about Death

      by , 12-04-2013 at 01:44 AM
      I was in a room, looked like a bedroom, but the details are a little hazy. I am with 6 people, including myself.. I have absolutely no idea who these people are, but I seem to know them pretty well.
      We realise we have to look for something, not quite sure how we came to this conclusion as we didn't speak, but we all seemed to just start looking for something in a panic.
      Suddenly we came across what looked like a nail bomb in a closet, for some strange reason we decided to all sit on chairs in a circle, hold hands and put the device in the centre of us..
      The device went off, but it wasn't a nail bomb. One by one my friends all got two metal arrows through their neck. I watched as they all died, then two arrows went through my neck...and here's the weird part...I felt myself dying. I saw my body shaking and felt the trickle of blood leaving my body and the struggle to breathe. Then I saw myself dead, like an out of body experience...and saw all the other people dead too. I tried the door but it was locked...then I woke up

    2. 3 Strange Dreams

      by , 01-26-2012 at 12:44 AM
      Jelly Beans

      A lady was lying on a massive mound of jelly beans. She was ill and said she only felt comfortable lying on jelly beans. She asked for more to complete her jelly bean bed. We (myself and the doctor) decided that she needed 300 more. Suddenly, she turned around and said that she would only accept brown/coffee coloured ones. I get out a massive colour catalouge and showed her a few colours.

      Work and a Family Argument

      I was at work, this time in my store in Mothercare. I went into part of the store. A man asked me a question about kids DVDs. They had to be about bugs..I picked out from the shelf; a Bugs Life, Ants and some other one. The man was really happy and bought all 3 for his son's birthday. I obviously couldn't put them through the till, so I asked him to go to the Mothercare tills as I worked for Clarks.
      We were all running around really busy, I said to one of the Team Leaders that we had something to do, she said ''I've already got someone on it''. I replied ''I love being the manager, everyone just does my job for me' (Which is no -where near true - Lol!)
      I am running around like a headless chicken, trying to get everything ready for close.
      Then I am pulled into my Boss's office. My Dad and his fiance (Fiona) are in there, she is crying and upset, there is no sign of my boss and the Office is now my Mum and Dad's old bedroom, of when they were together, before they split.
      Fiona was saying that when we ran the store together, (which we never did), that I had a better relationship with the mothercare manager than she did. I said that she was part time, so all the meetings that I had to attend were mainly carried out when you were not working. I said that the Back To School meeting I tried to get you in, but you said you were too busy to come in. I just make an effort with these people because I have to work with them everyday and I'm sorry if she felt that way.
      I can't remember what she replied but she was crying. I spoke to my Dad and then I left. I went into my room and cried my eyes out!

      Naked Party

      I was in my house. The only person I recognised was my fiance. He was laying on the sofa in jeans and a black shirt, half undone, and there were a couple of guys and girls opposite.
      Next to my Fiance were two girls sprawled across him, they were both completely naked. One was laying next to him and the other was sitting on the arm of his chair stroking his head.
      The two girls said to me, ''Go on, you get naked too!'' I turned around and said ''sorry girls, its not really my sort of thing!'' But as I said that I started to undress anyway! I stood there completely naked, then I lay on the floor and then pretended to be asleep. I heard one of the guys say ''woah! She's got big tits, you're a lucky guy mate'' he said, signalling to my fiance.
      Then we all started to have a water fight. We were throwing glasses of water at each other and water went all other the TV! I went to get a cloth and heard my Fiance's mum coming down the stairs. I quickly closed the door and quickly wiped up the mess on the TV.

      I woke up!
    3. 3 Dreams and a unidentified DC

      by , 01-22-2012 at 03:06 PM
      1. Strange Boys and Kittens

      I am going through a building site. The builders are talking me through what they have done to the walls and surroundings of what seems like my company building.
      They show me that they have fixed the fence, but they have fixed it with cellotape. I tell them that they can't fix wood with cellotape, they need to fix it with nails. I pull the wood attatched with the tape straight off and kind of embarrass the builders.
      We walk into the building and we are talking through things- I'm not sure what. Then suddenly two young boys come running into the building, they run into the kitchen, then one of them asks us who is in charge here. Then some un-identified DC says 'Its just the two of us in here'. I don't know who she was or remember what she looked like. She just appeared.
      When she said that, the boys looked really scared and started to go through the fridge and the cupboards. I went in there to see if they were ok. Both boys were hiding behind the kitchen counter. I asked them their names, but they just continued to hide.
      I don't know what happened to the boys, but time moved on in the dream and we suddenly had 2 kittens turn up on our doorstep. Me and the DC decided to feed them and we played with them for a while.

      2. Work (Camberley)

      I go to work in the Camberley store. When I get there the shop floor doesn't look like my store, it looks different and is on the high st not in the shopping centre where it is usually located.
      There is a massive hustle and bustle
      of people - unusually busy for Camberley.
      Some woman comes in and asks me for a small boot carrier bag. I grab her one, but she walks outside. follow her and push through all the people and past my boss, (who was talking to a group of people and blocking the entrance to the store) I managed to give the lady her carrier bag.
      When I go back into the store, the place is still really busy, but all the staff are just standing around. One of the staff members 'Rob' (who I used to work with and I never really got on with). He seemed to be in charge of the Team as he gave them all their target sheets. Then he put a blue and white stripped wooly hat on.
      I went upstairs to speak to my boss. The upstairs stock room was empty, there were no shelves, just an empty floor. There were 2 girls sorting stuff into boxes. I remember shouting at them, 'Oh my God, what are you doing?'
      I went into my boss's office and asked her how she was, (as in real life, her husband has just left her) She spoke about how she was feeling which is unusual for her, because she never does.
      Then a customer came into the office and asked if she could have her kids shoes fitted.
      Then I woke up.

      I went back to sleep and tried to get back into the dream...eventually I did...

      I was still at work. I was cashing up at the end of the day. There were 3 people tapping at the door, signalling if they could come in, but I told them that they were too late and we were closed. Then one girl just appeared in the store, she claimed that she worked here, although I cannot remember what she wanted or if she left at all.

      I took a phonecall from my fiance. He wanted me to go and get something from Sainsburys for his Mum on my way home. I remember being quite angry - I was telling him that I had worked a 12 hour day and that I wouldn't get home until 8 o clock this evening, and that she had been home all day!

      I woke up again.

      3. Sainsburys path and another un-identified DC

      Me and another person, again I don't know who they are. We are walking up the path from Sainsburys, (the same path as in my dream about rape)
      We both feel like we are in danger. I phone my Sister, she comes down to meet us and the DC goes with her.
      My Sister tells me that my Mum needed some black nail polish and I had to go to Sainsburys to get some.

      My alarm goes off.

      ************************************************** ***************************
      All 3 dreams have an un-identified DC in them. Its always a girl, but I have no recognition of what she looked like or what she was doing there.
      I remember in the dream about work, she had short, blond hair in a bob. But that's it.
      I am going to investigate a little more into this, as she appeared in all 3 dreams, so I am wondering whether
      she was my DG. But I'm not sure, and I need to be lucid to investigate.

    4. A Party and a Strange Motorbike Rider (This is a real strange one..in bits and peices..)

      by , 01-19-2012 at 01:19 PM
      I am getting ready to go out at a friends house, it is a special kind of award ceremony and dinner so I am trying to decide what dress I should wear.
      I suddenly realise that I only have trainer shoes and didn't bring the shoes that I wanted to wear. Then I realise the shoes I wanted to wear were on my feet - strange!

      Everyone left, and they said, ''we will meet you at Bracknell ok?''
      For some reason, I nodded and then left later. As I was walking to Bracknell, (which I may add is about 37 miles away from where I live by car), I came to where I used to live back with my parents when I was younger.
      I met a guy there, I didn't catch his name, but he was going to the party in Bracknell too. He said he would give me a ride.
      I asked if he had a spare helmet, he pulled out a small white and pink one, which just about fitted my head.

      We were just about to go, when a lady came over to us and in desperation she yelled at us, 'excuse me, excuse me, do you have any more of the orange tic tacs''. For some reason, we end up gong into Sainsburys supermarket and pretending to be staff. We go out the back and try and look for the tic tacs but the warehouse is so big, that we can't find anything. We go back to the lady and tell her that we have no more.

      The next thing I know, we are at the party and I am singing in a choir. Someone asks me if I can go and find them a bread roll to go with their soup, I go through the halls and come to a series of corridors. I am running all the way through the corridors, until I eventually come to the kitchen.

      I come back (surprisingly, I knew my way back through the corridors). When I got back, I went looking for the person that had asked me for the bread roll, couldn't find them anywhere. I went downstairs for one more look. I found the guy that I came with and saw all my friends too. For some reason, I ignored them and grabbed the guys hand, and we ran back up the stairs.
    5. Axe Wielding Maniac

      by , 01-17-2012 at 12:41 PM
      Me and a few of my friends are running away from a guy, we end up running into a cave/tunnel. We hear a massive bang and realise that the guy chasing us has a big pick axe.

      We start to run, I can hear him behind me, he is getting closer and closer.

      Suddenly, we all stop running as it all goes silent and we cannot hear footsteps or the sound of the pick axe crashing on the tunnel walls. I stand there for a minute, then all my friends are gone, they just vanish into thin air.

      Alone, I begin to walk through the tunnel, trying to find my way out. Then I hear a bang and start running again. As I am running, I am being shot at by arrows from the walls.
      One pierces me in the eye. My vision goes black, but I feel no pain.
    6. 'Rape'. WARNING - this dream is graphic and violent and may disturb some viewers

      by , 01-17-2012 at 12:24 PM
      (Re-occurring Dream)

      It starts with me walking down the path from my house. I am going to the shop. When suddenly this boy appears. Sometimes its a guy i know, (ex-boyfriend) and sometimes a complete stranger.
      He confronts me and stands right in my way, blocking my path and not allowing me to pass him. He tries to convince me that I should go with him. When he finds that I refuse and will not, he turns violent.

      He grabs hold of me and pulls me behind a bus stop and throws me onto the bench. He forcefully rips and pulls at my clothes, like a raging animal until I am completely naked. He then pushes me into the corner of the bench, which is completely hidden by the bus stop, so no one could see us. He pushes his body against me and pushes me so hard into the bench, that I can feel the nails.

      Then he starts to lick me down below, roughly and aggressively. I try to hit and him and push him away, but I am not strong enough. He holds onto my wrists and arms and pushes himself against me.
      Then he begins to undo his jeans and rapes me. It really hurts. I am screaming at the top of my voice, but no one comes to my rescue.
      I could feel my nails sinking into his skin, clawing and biting at him to let go. But the harder I struggled, the harder he would push down on me. I felt pain everywhere in my body and could feel myself bleeding from the grip he had on my wrists.

      I don't remember him leaving, but I remember being left alone at the bus stop, naked and in pain. My body was cut and scraped from the wood on the bench. Someone came and found me, I don't know who, but they called an ambulance.

      I remember seeing my attacker sitting at a table, just behind the bench, like he was still watching me - he looked like he was playing chess.
      When the ambulance arrived, it looked like a kiddies miniture ice cream van. They tried to put me on the stretcher, but it was to thin, and I kept rolling off.

      I woke up shaking!
    7. Weird Dreaming

      by , 01-17-2012 at 11:57 AM
      Dunno why, but all my dreams seem to have been deleted from my DJ, so I,ve copied and pasted them back in. Strange.

      DATE: 31.05.06


      I was walking down a long corridor which was pitch black, i couldn't see a thing!
      I came to a clearing, where there were thousands of white doors, in a circular room. There was also one red door in the centre of the room, leading back out to the room again- wierd! I heard a sound that sounded like sceeching. I ran for the first door i came to, opened it, and it slammed behind me! I saw a bright light and then woke up!

      When i awoke, i was quite dissapointed that i woke up, as i wanted to find out what the bright light was!

      YAY MY VERY FIRST LD! :vibes:


      I was running along a path, I could feel the wind slapping me across my face as I ran and I could hear the loud chirp of the birds-it felt so real!
      Anyway, I was running along this path and I came to two other paths leading off other ways. One path led to a huge hole in the ground, and the other led to a meadow-but this one was blocked by fire!
      I knew I was only dreaming, so I decided to run through the fire. It was amazing! I stood in the fire and ran my hands through it making pretty patterns within it. I felt like i was standing there for hours, but I knew that I wasn't!
      I ran through the remaining fire and realised that I was in the meadow I had seen through the fire. I tried to fly-no joy- I woke up!

      mood: exstatic



      Well it starts with me in my dad's house, getting ready to go out with my friends, Justine, Valerie, Lena, Nigel and my sister, Claire. We all end up going to this sort of small cafe/restaurant. Nigel offers to pay and we all order prawn cocktail, but after they've made it, I change my mind and ask for a prawn salad instead.
      It is supposed to be my wedding day, so Nigel took us all out for lunch before the big ceremony. But, deep in my heart I know that im just pretending to get married and I try and think up an excuse of how I am going to get out of this situation.
      Then I am back in my dad's living room, I am in my wedding dress, which is black for some reason, and people are giving me all sorts of wedding presents. The only one I can remember is getting a blender, although I can't remember who from.
      My mind goes blank after that.

      Mood: Apprehensive

      3 short dreams
      WOW, for the first time in this hot weather, I have managed to remember more than one dream in a night- YAY! :vibes:
      Here goes, 3 short dreams lol

      MUM'S WORK

      I was on the way to meet my mum at her old workplace. When I got there, I went up the stairs as I usually did, but then I found I had to jump back down, down a very steep ledge, but I managed it.
      I came to my mum's office and she wasn't there. I turned around and a woman told me that I was early, and that my mum didn't finish work till five. She told me to wait in the waiting room, which was kind of like a garden. I sat down on the deck chair, where this woman was doing a painting, next to me. I told her that it was very good and asked her if she liked art. She said nothing and just carried on painting.

      School Art Exhibition-GCSE

      I remember walking down a long, dark corridor and finally coming to an opening where the GCSE Art Exhibition was. I looked around for my work and found it on the right hand side of the room. I remember feeling quite pleased with myself. Then my head of year came up to me and told me that my work was amazing and said that my ideas were really original.


      I was at a Jive dancing disco and I had for some reason, some suspicion that two of the people there, (a man and a woman), were deliberately taking young girls and children. I decided to investigate, but they somehow found out what I was doing and tried their best to catch me.
      The last thing I remember is seeing the both of them sail off in a boat together and in myself I felt relieved.

      2nd LD - Reaching for the stars
      YAY!!! 2nd Lucid Dream.


      Well, it starts with me, my best mate J and someone that I don't like very much, in a dark, empty room. I am making out to this guy, that I am blind, even though I know that I am not! Weird!!!
      As the dream moves on, I end up lying with this guy and I seem to be acting as his girlfriend-something that I would never ever ever want to be in my life. It was then, I became lucid.
      We all moved into a much darker room, and I could see all the stars above my head, and it was then, I just got the feeling that I wanted to fly up and grab the stars. So I did!
      However, as I was about a second away from reaching the star, I woke up to my alarm!

      Ahhh well, at least I was lucid LOL!!!!


      I was standing on a cliff, and jumped off it, half way through falling, I became lucid. As I was falling, I said to myself that I could fly, and I did! It was an amazing experience, I flew through the clouds in the sunset-it was beautiful.
      I became Superwoman, and flew at the speed of light. Then I woke up

      Mood: happy



      I was in a jungle type forest place, and I was in a race to get to a golden crystal. I found it and it glowed feircely. I then realised that I had to re-live years 10 and 11 at school.

      Mood: exciting


      I was dancing in fish net tights, a bodice and high heeled tap shoes, in my primary school, but all my secondary school teachers were there. I was thinking that everyone would think that this would be a crap dance-but everyone loved it!
      I did some tap dancing, and then two of my teachers performed a drop in dance form, and I tried to encorporate it into the dance.

      Mood: strange