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    Chasing blue in a maze. And, no zombis!

    by , 06-29-2014 at 10:17 AM (254 Views)
    This was probably my longest WILD yet: Well over an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I can't remember half of it.

    Began in a mildly decrepit house, where each room had four doors leading out from it. I immediately called out "opheliablue" and a blue light shined from one of the doors. I followed it into the next room and on the table in the center was the source of the light: a jewel fragment, with a similar appearance to the broken allspark from Transformers. I moved to pick it up, but the fragment darted away to a new room. I followed it to the next room and succeeded in picking it up. Just as I was about to put it in my pocket, it disappeared. Satisfied that I succeeded in my task, I went to do something else.

    I wish I could remember what they were.
    Fragment one: having sex with my college crush.
    Fragment two: Everything faded and I was stuck in a black void. I could feel my bed and my dream body was about to lie down and, I assume, wake me up. I caught myself at the last second, though, and, still in this void, focused on creating a beach. It took a lot of effort, and was mentally exhausting, but I was able to generate sand and mold it into a landscape. Biggest display of my dream powers, yet. No idea what happened next.

    Final scene: At the end of the scene before this, I remembered my intention to visit the Zombiu world and, hoping to test my powers further, I forced an otherwise normal puddle into a portal to that world. The world I entered had similarities to Zombiu: the architecture was as dilapidated and the game and the lighting followed suit, being dark and moody. There was something curiously absent from the land of Zombiu: actual zombis. Instead, a gang war seemed to be going on, with me witnessing the aftermath of a battle. Walking to a group of people, I heard an argument between them. One of the guys wanted to go Rambo on the other side, but his boss was having none of it. I was noticed at this point and subsequently drafted into their group, where I immediately lost lucidity and blindly followed orders. One such order was to accompany the would be Rambo to his house. We got on decently well, but upon entering his abode, we discovered it had been trashed. Despite broken TVs and other valuables being scattered about, he seemed most concerned about his ice cream: a blue labeled concoction that had been scoffed. This brought me back to lucidity, and after a snarky and, in hindsight, cruel comment about how sad he was over his depleted edibles, I decided it about time I woke up and did just that.

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