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    disconnected shopping and drugs

    by , 03-05-2018 at 11:12 AM (129 Views)
    Was shopping with family. A hairy creature was milling about, but we paid it no mind. Mom fell over. I went to help her up, but she screamed at me to go away, so, I did so. Heading back home I noticed the cats had somehow gotten into the medicine cabinet and had eaten some purple drugs. Fortunately, they had the sense to vomit them back up. My uncle came home and decided to deal with the mess.

    Different scene. I was watching a youtube video where the writers of all the star wars films had gotten together to explain which parts of their film were filled with plot holes. When the video started, however, it turned out to be an amateur youtuber explaining what liberties the lego games had taken with the source material.

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