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    Dream control panel

    by , 08-09-2013 at 09:59 AM (531 Views)
    Started off in a very blurry recreation of my old school. A quick utterance of "clarity now" fixed that. Turns out we were on a trip of sorts, bizarrely, to the world of lucid dreaming. Given the recursive nature of this trip, considering I was already lucid, the teacher decided to be lazy and ask me to inform everyone of what lucid dreaming is. I instead decided to find the nearest, moderately attractive DC and have sex. It didn't last long. A forced scene change later and we were in an exact replica of the previous room, except in a dream, apparently. My sense of awareness started dwindling at this point. Our virtual teacher started giving a lecture on lucid dreaming to the DCs. I had a look around and went outside, and was met with a beautiful, skyscraper ridden city, before losing awareness and journeying back to the teacher, still lecturing. She started talking about time spent in a dream and how we could bring up a counter to see how much time we had left before waking up. My own said 2 hours (which was actually accurate) and shifted me back into lucidity , where I promptly attempted to to manipulate the counter, in a failed hope of gaining more time. While it didn't work, it did change the numbers on the counter to "undefined", which garnered applause from everyone present. I can't remember anything else, unfortunately.
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    1. JoannaB's Avatar
      Hey, that sounds like an interesting dream. yes, our internal alarm clocks are actually remarkable accurate, so if only we had stronger will and self confidence and all that, we could drive alarm clock manufacturers out of business.