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    glitched fuel.

    by , 05-31-2014 at 01:01 AM (242 Views)
    Very vivid one today.

    Found myself in a mechanical and somewhat bland room, with a dull red glow. Some stuff happened, but I can't recall anything until I found myself fighting alongside some people, as well as Thane from Darksiders, against some alien creatures. Can't recall exact design, but they were slightly larger than humans and quite bestial in appearance. We successfully drove them back, though some of our party died in the process.

    A general theme of doom and despair followed. Apparently (the knowledge just came to me at this point), we traveled through a wormhole to an alien planet, only for our ship to crash. We discovered an alien ship (our current whereabouts) and set it up as a base. Then, the creatures attacked. After driving them off, we found out that this ship had no power and, so, resigned ourselves to death. Until Liam (a member of our party and a friend in real life), glitched through a bizarrely designed ventilation shaft, that consisted of a series of tiny corridors in the walls, with a glass panel allowing us to see inside.

    This "glitch", as it was described in dream, resulted in fuel, which would have ordinarily been created by the generator (a bit odd), filling the ventilation, which was (God knows why) connected to the main engines. Now with power to the ship, I remember doling out commands to the party, before we prepared to leave. Then, I woke up.

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