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    Hero in the big city.

    by , 07-18-2013 at 09:02 AM (271 Views)
    I started off lucid (thank you WILD), in my room as always. I immediately left my house and went down to the street below (my house is on the second floor, suppose its more of a flat or apartment). Here I decided to try and completely clear my mind. I got into the standard, almost stereotypical, position for meditation and, without closing my eyes (otherwise I might teleport), focused on a single spot and got on with it. For a time, nothing happened, but eventually, I felt intense, but not unpleasant, vibrations and everything went blurry. It solidified before long and I found myself in a skyscraper dominated city. It looked sorta bleak, but with an air of hope. Seeking to explore this bizarre world, I flew around the amazingly detailed metropolis and stumbled upon a beautiful woman. This next part is almost shameful, if only because my goal is to not be id dominated. I naturally had sex with her and woke up. I immediately reentered into the dream and discovered that I was being worshiped as a hero by the DCs because of the powers afforded to me through lucidity. I went along with this role and gradually lost lucidity. The next part consists of fragments. I remember when I was about to wake up, I saw part of my room towards the edges of my eyes and a creepy, metallic creature with a horrible grin. The experience allowed to be lucid, although I couldn't accomplish anything and eventually came squarely back to reality. My third dream of the night/ early morning returned to this city and the only thing I can remember is that it involved cats.

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