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    An oddly depressing collection of fragments.

    by , 10-16-2017 at 10:32 AM (194 Views)
    1: In a city that resembles a fusion of Harrogate and Ripon. I know it is near Hull. With my uni friends. We are discussing disatisfaction with our course. The streets have shops that are each based on a single animated Disney film. An odd scene where I pull my own left nipple off. No pain or any reaction at all, really. I think at some point I was trying to avoid someone.

    2: Nana's house. Looking through old ps1 games. Instead of regular discs, each game is saved on a small, black circle that resemble fridge magnets. I recall an animaniacs, a Donald Duck and a sonic game. Myuncle is there and some of the games are his. I drop one of the "discs" but after a bit of fumbling I recover it. We play Sonic, but the game appears to be a sevely altered version of Sonic heroes that changes into a more accurate version of sonic Genearations. I notice this, but dont become lucid.

    3: At my house. Night time. Old primary school teacher knocks on the door and passes a letter through informing us she wants to help. My mom insults the letter for being messy and expresses ridicule at how she ever became a teacher.

    4: Still night. I'm making my way through our neighborhood, occasionally taking to the roofs, looking for someone. Quite vivid.

    5: In the fusion city. Been barred from a shop. Go wandering. See my boss in a barbers getting a haircut. H eorders a drink from the barbers in a loud voice I can hear from across the street. I walk on. A vivid scene of standing at the top of an escalator with a pretty girl. She doesn't seem happy with me. After travelling for an hour dream time, I realise that I am so far away that even if I start back now, I can't get back to work on time. I then realise that I don't care and keep moving.

    All in all, an odd collection. More bleak and depressing than my usual dreams are.

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